The Universal Law Is Working For You

The Universal Law Is Working For You

Believe in Your Dreams

Message From The Universe For You

If you think you have or be something then only you believe on that. If you think when you have it or when you become what you want and you be happy. If you wait for the thing to happen so that you can believe in them and on your ability to accomplish them, then you need to understand the universe doesn’t work this way.

In the Universe everything works in this way:

Believe that you are made of your dreams, you are destined for them. Then act as you already have them, as you are living the dream life. You don’t have to tell others that you have become this, but you have told yourself again and again in your mind. You may not have it all in physical for now, live them in your imagination and feel the feeling of living the dream life. Your imagination and feelings never need anything in physical they are the driving force that transform thought into things in the real world. So believe in what you want and act as if you already have or become the same. If you want to be a multimillionaire, act in your mind that you are. If you want to be an actor, act if you already a star, if you want to be a singer, act if you are giving your performance every day, if you want to be a doctor or scientist or programmer act if you are living the life and enjoying it. If you want to have a loving relationship, a beautiful partner, and a happy family, start acting it you have all, even if you are living alone now. If you want to heal your body or mind, start acting that you are fit and powerful, living in complete youthfulness, if at all you are taking medicine or therapy.

Shift yourself from wanting or asking mode to act mode and you be surprised when you start living like this, that life will come true exactly the way you want. The acting became your natural life force after all in the movie of life you are the lead actor and to make it a grand success your practice in action is most vital. From today act as if the person you want to be and things you want to have and see the whole universe takes you there. No change and no expectations of this law.

The Universe

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5 thoughts on “The Universal Law Is Working For You”

    1. Hi Soniya.. If you facing visualization..then create a vision board or vision book for your dreams and everyday spend some time looking at all the pictures and feel the happiness. Slowly those pictures feed into your sub-conscious and your visualization will be see yourself in your dreams. Its need little practice for you, but its easy. You are destined for all your happiness. Stay motivated , stay awesome

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