How Can I Be Grateful When Life Is Hard? Here Is Your Answer | Law of Attraction Q&A

How Can I Be Grateful When Life Is Hard? Here Is Your Answer | Law of Attraction Q&A

how can I be grateful - law of attraction

You know how important it is to feel positive, be grateful and focus on what you want rather than all the bad things happening to you.

But many times you face challenges and find it difficult to be grateful and positive. You feel like your life is full of bad things and you wonder ‘how can I be grateful when life is so hard?’

Though your logical mind may be agreeing to your point however deep down you know that focusing on problems and struggle will only make things worse. Because that’s how the Law of Attraction works, whatever you focus more, you attract more and you know that very well.

Acknowledging the good that you already have in your life is the foundation for all abundance. ~Eckhart Tolle

You want to come out of your struggle and misery, you want to turn the wheel of time in a positive direction and you want to take things on a happy journey but your life hit you so hard that you become clueless on how to find something positive in such situation.

I know you have the power and desire to move your life in a positive direction but you need a new perspective to see what is still working right even if when things are going wrong, what are the things you are still blessed with even if you have lost something important.

To give you that new perspective, I would like to share a conversation that will definitely help you stay in the positive flow of life and be grateful.

Recently one of our Law of Attraction Program participants asked this question to me.

Law of Attraction Q&A: How Can I Be Grateful When Life Is Hard?

Participant’s Q:

Hello AJ, frankly speaking, there is nothing I could be grateful for. I couldn’t find a single moment for which I need to be grateful. Last one year was really a difficult year. I am struggling with a bad job, depression, lost my grandpa, friends backstabbing. I don’t feel like being grateful.

Many of you can relate to this question but here is the answer I want you to read which will definitely help you at difficult times.

My Answer:

Yes, I can understand that you had a bad year but here are the things you are forgetting.

You have a bad job but still, you have a job and you are not unemployed. It means you still have a better chance of manifesting a dream job than finding a job while being unemployed.

You have a bad job but you are getting a salary at the end of the month (no matter how small or average or big it is). It definitely helps you pay the bills or take care of your expenses. At least you don’t have to borrow money from your parents.

No matter how hard it is to do your work at the office, but you are definitely getting some experience that you can put on your resume and start manifesting your dream job.

Even if you have a bad job, be grateful that you are not employed and you have the power manifest your dream job.

You are in the depression but still, have the motivation to make your life better that’s why you are in this program. That’s why you want to change your life. Deep down you know that you have the power.

You should be grateful to your positive spirit rather than focusing on the depression.

You may have some health issues but still, you are alive. It means you have the power and opportunity to heal yourself and live a healthy, joyful and beautiful life.

Yes, you lost your grandpa and it was difficult for you and no one can bring him back but you must understand that you didn’t have control over it.

Even after losing your grandpa, you have your parents, you may be having siblings and other close people who still love you. There are people in your life who love you and want to see you happy, positive and successful. They still want to see you as a winner and they will be proud of you.

Yes, some friends backstabbed you but it’s good that you see their true colour now and broke with them. You don’t let such people do similar damage to you for the rest of your life. They are not the only people exist in the world and it’s not the end, still, the world is full of positive and good people and you can attract good friends, not fake friends.

You have cried over the friends who backstabbed you, but still, you may be having many good friends and there are many others who feel blessed to have you as a friend in their life.

Everyone has issues, everyone faces challenges and difficulties in life but always remember it’s not the end. We all lost many things but when we look at what all we have and what all we desire, we feel immensely grateful for them.

You must remember the Law of Attraction, if you keep focusing on what you have lost and what went bad then you will keep losing and struggling. When you stop focusing on what went bad and look for what all good things, people, and relationships you still have and be grateful for them, you start attracting more good people, things, and opportunities in your life.

Law of Attraction Q&A - How Can I Be Grateful

So be aware of the signals you are giving to the Universe. Give good signals and you will receive many more good things in life because you deserve to live a positive, happy and successful life.

In the end, you must remember anyone can be miserable and it’s easy to find all the negative things of life but the true gift of life is going beyond misery and manifest magic in life. It doesn’t take any more effort to think a positive thought and be grateful than thinking a negative thought and feel miserable.

You can shift your focus, you can find hundreds of things to be grateful for and you can build a positive life.

Look for the good things in life and be grateful


Be Grateful For What You Have and Attract What You Want – Law of Attraction Formula

I wanted to share the above conversation with all of you because I know so many of you get sidetracked with negativity. So many of you get stuck with problems and find it hard to be grateful, positive and happy about the life you have and the life you want.

But I can tell you, YOU CAN DO IT.

When I started counting my blessings, my whole life turned around. ~Willie Nelson

You can be positive, you can be grateful and you can have a joyful life.

Watch this video to know the 7 Scientifically Proven Benefits of Gratitude

Count your blessings, be grateful for and live a happy life.

Remember, you have the power go beyond misery and manifest magic in life.

Love & Gratitude
Awesome AJ
Law of Attraction Coach

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  1. Wonderrful, I just needed this dose to get over my overwhelming emotions. Thank you for sharing this useful conversation.

  2. Thank you Thank you Thank you AJ for Such an awesome Article Zillions of thanks,,Your every article brings me so much clarity in loa and happiness to my self magic dust on you

  3. Hi Aj… After finishing my gym first in the morning what I do is read your mail.. This mail is a cup of coffee for me… You know what practising gratitude now became a self talk to me.. I am not feeling I am practicing some being gratitude became a self talk to me I am always in happiest version of my self.. Gratitude is always within me and it keeps me very light….i am grateful to you aj and tools and techniques.. Thank you.

  4. Thank you AJ for this beautiful morning positivity…yes i am grateful for all the good things around me despite of all the & gratitude towards u…♥️♥️♥️

  5. Heartily Thankful and immensely Grateful to AWESOME AJ Sir n Team for doing so Wonderful work…u r Helping everyone,Guiding people’s in living Amazing wonderful life..
    This is the Phenomenal Work for Mankind’s…
    Always your Articles and stories are highly inspiring,Solving our many problems, showing Paths and Raising a positive hope for Amazing wonderful Magical Life…
    All ur programs are phenomenal and Awesome.
    #Thanks Thanks Thanks
    Thank You Thank you Thank you Awesome Universe,God,Magical Angle for such awesome mentor in life..
    Heartily Thankful and Grateful for all your Efforts.
    ~Raj Kumar

  6. Thank you so much AJ, it’s really great thing, I am practicing gratitude, at the time of before going to bed . It gives my soul peaceful and happy and also positiveness tnkq so much AJ sir

  7. Every day your email with positivity and a motivating story is like positive dose you give to us .. to be happy and grateful for everything.

    Thank u Thank u thank u Thank u Universe for introducing me to Awesome AJ.

  8. You really are awesome!! Aj thankyou for helping me tweek where i was not doing the manifestation correct ..u say things in a very simple way &that has now started to help me feel happy and forever gratefull.. :) love n light to u Aj x

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