Law of Attraction Q&A: What Can We Do To Accelerate Manifestation

Law of Attraction Q&A: What Can We Do To Accelerate Manifestation

Accelerate Manifestation

What an interesting question, isn’t it?

I’m sure many of you must be having this question in your mind. We keep getting so many questions related to Law of Attraction, Subconscious mind programming, manifestation and many relevant topics. So we have decided to start a new Law of Attraction Q&A Series.  In this series, we will be sharing the questions asked by people like you and the answer that I receive from the Universe for the same.

I believe it’s much better to answer such questions here than just writing back to the questionnaire in the email. Because so many of you must be having the same or quite similar questions. And as we share the answer here on the website it will benefit to our Awesome Nation.

If you have any question related to our topics, you can ask in the comment section and we will answer them in our upcoming posts.

So here is our first question on this Law of Attraction Q&A Series.

Law of Attraction Question: What Can We Do To Accelerate Manifestation?


This is a very interesting topic. There are two major keys to Accelerate Manifestation.

  1. Minimizing the Resistance as much as possible to step into the Receiving Mode and then
  2. Take inspired action that you feel like from the Receiving Mode

Manifestation Key#1: Minimising the Resistance as much as possible & Step into Receiving Mode

Minimizing the Resistance is the major KEY because many a time you get overwhelmed with your goals, dreams and even the process of manifestation. If something is not getting manifested as you desired then you are definitely holding some resistance to it. May it be in the form of some doubts or sometimes even in the form of asking questions like

“What more can I do?”

“What more can I practice?”

“Is there anything I am not doing?”

Many people fall into this trap because even if they are very positive this “what more can I do?” build a resistance and won’t let you move forward.

Solution: RELAX more.

The key is to RELAX more. Yes, it sounds counter-intuitive but if you are getting too overwhelmed with the process, or unconsciously worrying then you need to RELAX.

However, you must remember that Relaxing is much different from procrastination or worrying and doing nothing.

Relaxing is a totally positive experience when you give your mind, body, and soul a break and relax having 100% faith in the Universe that your dreams are coming true.

Unless you know what you need to do more or what inspired action you have to take, you must tell yourself a story that “I have done all that desired and now the Universe is working for me in the manifestation.”

And channelize that talk more about the vibration of “It’s Happening Now. It’s Happening Now.”

When you relax, you must live in a positive expectation that you are at the highest level of vibration where you are receiving it all.

Manifestation Key#2: Take inspired action that you feel like from the Receiving Mode

Once you tell yourself more and more being in the receiving mode and relax, you step into a very very positive vibrational level. While being in this Positive and Relaxed vibration, if you get some intuition to take inspired action then take it.

But if you are yet to get the intuition to take any inspire action then do not worry. Let yourself know that you are in the receiving mode and the unfolding in happening.

Being more and more in the receiving mode is the key.

SOLUTION: Focus on Least Resistance

As we all have been programmed to do more to get more, so we often get into the mode of trying to do more but we must ‘do something’ or ‘do nothing’ from the receiving mode with least resistance only.

Keep aside any activity or decision that you feel like a resistance and ask yourself “what I can do with least resistance?” and follow that. And that’s when Manifestations speed up like anything.

This is the key to Accelerate Your Manifestation Process and you will be surprised how magically the Law of Attraction responds to you.

I believe this post has helped you what you were missing in accelerating or speed up your manifestation while using the Law of Attraction.

Step-by-Step Manifestation Process using Law of Attraction

If you want to understand the step-by-step manifestation process using the Law of Attraction then I would recommend you to listen to this Video below and understand it clearly.

Also, we are planning to make more videos on the Law of Attraction Q&A and publish it on our YouTube Channel. SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube Channel so that you won’t miss anything in future.

Earlier I have written another post of Quick Manifestation Formula, which is widely loved by all our readers. If you have missed this post then read it now: 5 Quick Manifestations Principles while using Law of Attraction 

If you loved this post then share your feelings in the comment section. Also, let me know if you have any questions related to Law of Attraction and related topics, I will answer them in upcoming posts.

It’s time for you to Accelerate Your Manifestation at the Speed of Light.

Wishing you all the Abundance of the Universe.


Love & Gratitude,

Awesome AJ

Law of Attraction Coach & Motivational Speaker

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17 thoughts on “Law of Attraction Q&A: What Can We Do To Accelerate Manifestation”

  1. Dear Sir Thank you so much for this free course. I knew about LOA but didn’t known the right path. Your daily mails motivate me. I’ll send my success story soon and Sir you’re also a part of my success. Thank you so much sir

  2. Dear sir,
    I want to know that
    What did you (AJ) achieve by the LOA?
    I am interested in your story because you are more important from any other for us.
    Because you are coach for us.
    Thank you.

    1. Thank you for asking. There are so many things I have manifest with LOA fact everything in my life is a manifestation … please see the inspirational story section and you will find many of my stories. Further I will share.

  3. This is very true, we have to RELAX. This is toughest part if the desire is too important for us. The best is to listen to some good music, go watch movie, get busy if u have a job, do yoga or gardening, play with pets, paint, list can go on and on. Here again, one has to take initiative, push oneself. And i say to myself “whatever the current situation is here before my eyes, has changed. I need to get out of my way”. A friend of mine puts it in very simple way, when u put milk for boiling & stand by it, it never boils. Minute u forget & move away, an lo….
    Thank you AJ sir for motivating people like us and putting us on path of super success.

  4. Thank you aj new series of Q & A…after so many practices still there us question remind in mind…is everything done right? ??now I got the answer that I have to relax n say to myself that my work is done..Now universe is taking care of my dreams. ..yes this conversion of self is giving utmost trust in universe. …Thank you aj u always come up new things and it always helping me anyway….Thank you thank you thank you

  5. Omg this post is for me..thank god ..thank you AJ..
    Those 3points are for me..
    I’m always thinking like what cau I more to do that..

    Now I changed my thoughts..
    I alrdy done my’s universe turn to reply me..

  6. Hi sir, your videos and posts motivate me a lot whenever i feel low. Thank you thank you. I ll share my success story of getting my love back very soo. Thank you

  7. Hi AJ
    Yesterday i was thinking how can i get ans of my question from you, where should i contact you to get an instant reply…and here you are with this Q&A session… I m so greatful for this..thank u
    I want to know if i can menifest for more than one thing at a time…can i follow different methods for different things at the same time…
    Plz plz plz ans me Aj…
    Much love and Gratitude

  8. Just amazing it is … actually in the morning itself I asked universe for help regarding my desire Nd I got tru u … thank you thank you thank you … more this kind of motivation .. I m grateful to u ..blessings

  9. I have achieved one of my wish with LOA.
    But m not able to heal my relationship with my love.. I am trying my level hard.. I hope one day it will get healed. And he will purpose me for marriage very soon.
    Give me best wishes AJ..

  10. Waiting to share my success story, AJ! I know it is happening right now, with absolute ease and effortlessly. Thank you showing me the way. The universe sent me to you when I was finally ready to receive help, and I am so happy, so grateful for it. Thank you, universe, for making all my dreams come true!

  11. times tend to think abt fear of smthng happning tht is nt desired….how to prevent tht…pl guide…Thnku Thnku so mch AJ Sir

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