Diwali Prosperity Week | Win of Light Over Darkness

Diwali Prosperity Week | Win of Light Over Darkness


Diwali is a widely celebrated festival in India and many parts of the world. Diwali is celebrated by people from many faiths and religious beliefs. There are many legends associated with Diwali for ages. And these stories and celebrations have the central theme of win of light over darkness. That is why Diwali is called the festival of light.

So this whole celebration signifies the removal of darkness from life and brings light into life so that you can live a happy, prosperous, and abundant life.

Diwali is considered to be the most auspicious time of the year. The whole universe vibrates at a higher frequency during this time. Because of this, we have an opportunity to tap into this higher vibration in the Universe, receive that higher vibration and ingrain that higher vibration into our mind, body, soul and in our life so that we can raise our vibration to receive happiness, joy, prosperity, wealth and abundance into our life.

The darkness of life can be anything, a financial loss, a physical loss, ill health, sadness, a bad relationship, or any kind of negativity that affected your life badly. You can not fight darkness with darkness. You can only fight darkness with light. Therefore, it is the time to receive that light from the Goddess Lakshmi, the Universe, or the higher power you believe in.

We have been organising Diwali Prosperity Week for the last four years. With the Awesome Tribe members, go through a week-long celebration to raise our vibration and receive light from the supreme.

Here are two success stories from the Awesome Tribe members, who shared their positive transformation and achievements right after the Week.

Diwali Prosperity Week Experience


Respected AJ Sir,   

Thank you very much for arranging such a program.  I am very happy to be able to participate in a program like this. It was one of the greatest blessings of my life.         

I have heard the word Diwali before. I did not even know the legend. When AJ Sir posted about such a program, I wanted to participate in it. But inside there was a negative thought. This is a religious program. I can not join in, I do not even know what Diwali is and how I will join.

I first tried to find out what Diwali is. I found and read the story through Google. Then I wholeheartedly joined in the desire to participate.

I joined this program only to change that one negative thought inside me. And I had a lot of benefits.

I am a nurse. I attended such an event after my night duty. Not even sleep was disturbed. I got positivity on the very first day. The whole time of the day was blessed.

My Experience


(1) The negative thoughts inside me disappeared from the first day. If I had not participated in such a program, I would have had such a negative thoughts inside me. I always pray to Ganesh Maalakshmi constantly. I was able to turn the great darkness inside me into the light.

(2) What I have not yet thought deeply about is what is abundance, and prosperity in my life. I was able to find a lot of answers to that.

(3) Daily affirmation and meditation were very beneficial.

(4) I was able to buy a gift for myself.

(5) Currency visualization worked wonders for me. The second day of currency visualization. my mother’s sister called me from abroad because it was my birthday on the 26th of this month, and they remembered me and called me quickly. Then she said, “I am depositing some money in your account. If you to buy something before your birthday. She deposited fifteen thousand rupees in my account.” This made me very happy.   

Unexpectedly I got that much money. To me, this was a big surprise.

(6) I was able to share my success story with Aj sir. Ma Lakshmi gave me such a blessing through this program. 

(7) AJ sir was the first person to wish me a happy birthday this year. Thank you very much, Sir.

Thanks again Sir and the academy. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

diwali-prosperity-week 2

Hello AJ Sir and Team

I would like to share my small experience with you. I attended Diwali Prosperity Week and as per AJ sir gave me the guidelines regarding my profession it worked so amazingly.

My clients are happy with my makeup work I have started getting orders and all my clients are getting satisfying results and I am feeling blessed that my clients are happy. 

I am so grateful and thankful to you AJ sir and also the Diwali program cleared my blockages as the meditations are super powerful and I think this was the best and perfect decision of mine to attend this Diwali prosperity program. 

Lots of love and success to you ❤ Thanks a lot

A glimpse of the Diwali Prosperity Week Celebration

Win Of Light Over Darkness

The idea of removing darkness from life and lighting life is possible. You must understand and realise your negative and limiting beliefs. Work on yourself to ignite the light within through blessings of the supreme.

When you work on your vibration, you can create your light within. You can fight any darkness in your life with your positive vibration. Law of Attraction provide tons of powerful tools and strategies that help you to raise your vibration and brighten your life so that you will shine with success, happiness, joy, prosperity and abundance.

You have the power within. You need to realise it. You need to win over your darkness with your light.

We wish you the best of success, happiness, prosperity and abundance.

Loads of love and gratitude.

Awesome AJ – Ajaya Mishra

Stay Motivated, Stay Awesome!

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