How To Take Inspired Action For Your Dreams To Come True - Law of Attraction

How To Take Inspired Action For Your Dreams To Come True – Law of Attraction

inspired action law of attraction

We have been emphasizing on practicing Law Of Attraction tools and techniques and taking right inspired actions. Today you will be learning about inspired actions and how it is beneficial for your growth in any area of life.


What Is An Inspired Action?

The major difference between action and inspired action is that simple actions can be anything with no purpose or without any vision, whereas inspired action is the actions that you take to make a vision come true. Any actions without vision and inspiration in any area of life is not going to yield any great outcome. Also, visions without any action are merely daydreaming. It is the inspiration driven actions for a vision is what is known as inspired action.

We all here on the planet earth are born to fulfill our visions & dreams overcoming all the hindrances that come on the way, may it be by society, self or anyone. Once you have the courage to overcome these obstacles and you focus only on the goals and dreams rather than focusing on the obstacles all the things in the universe start to get lined up. You start getting solutions for every problem, to pass this test and reach the destination of success.

When you think, feel and take action happily, positively and with inspiration then you let the law of attraction work in your favor positively and that’s when your action becomes inspired action.


How To Take Inspired Action?

You need to first find out what is that you want to achieve. Until you are very clear and focused on your goal you are constantly sending different signals to the universe and hence you confuse both yourself and the Universe to make your dreams come true.

This confusion happens when you are deciding your goals based on the opinions of others. You are not sure what you want to achieve in life or unable to have a clear idea of the success and you dwell on the opinions of others and let them choose a path for you. You may be influenced by family, society, friends, relatives, etc. In today’s world, it is difficult to listen to your own self as there is a comparison, competition, the idea of success has been changed.

In order to listen to yourself, you have to sit quietly alone, you need to listen to your thoughts, you need to know yourself. You have to practice this till you are able to listen to your thoughts intuitively. You need to clear your thoughts in your head, may it be by taking a walk, run, meditate, spending time in nature, etc.

This is when a revelation of new ideas, solutions, and other amazing things comes to you. This is when you start listening to the universe by removing all other clutter from your mind. This is how you connect to the divine universal energy.

Follow the above steps when you are confused about any decisions in life, when you are stuck in this world and your inner self feels unhappy, When you want to follow your own path of success, when you need guidance from universe & when you need to find peace within yourself.


Always remember when you have the vision and get the inspiration to take the action, you will take INSPIRED ACTION.


Watch the video below and learn how important it is to take inspired action for your manifestation using the law of attraction.


When you believe in your dreams and become absolutely positive, your power will significantly higher.

When your thoughts, feelings, and action will be aligned with your dreams along with inspiration, you will have the manifestation.

If you want to understand all about the law of attraction and how all the tools and techniques work correctly then you can join our powerful program TRANSFORM YOUR DESTINY.

You have the power to achieve your dreams.

All the success to you.

Love & Gratitude,

Awesome AJ

Stay Motivated, Stay Awesome!

Transform your destiny

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  1. Elly sustyaningrum

    Good Morning Ajay.
    Aj I wanna to tell you. During 4 months, Our relationship, my boyfriend and I are hanging. because missunderstanding from him about me. He tought I have an affair with other guy.
    during 2 months I am strugling about our relationship and all gonna be OK. by LOA,Affirmasi etc.
    2 days ago I sent him message by Whatsapp. I told to him, wanna to building a happy relationship again in good level for our future, but he reject and angry then block me. He said, he does not like and does not love me anymore.
    I just calm, AJ. and smile. I do not know.I felt happy,since for long time no talk with him. I do not care what he saying, but I am happy, at least he reply my message. He block me then. but my mind saying, he unblock me soon. Yes! after 2 hours, he unblock me. (YES! THANK YOU,THANK YOU,THANK YOU)
    Yesterday morning I sent him text again, just say “good morning” but he did not reply until now. It’s OK.

    Ajay, Do you know why i am so efford to get him, I wonder AJ, my mind so strong about him. Every i wake up in the morning, my mind sending signal reminding about him, like a bell.
    AJay, I am optimist to get him, I believe The Universe. Every day I am visualisation about him, hungging, having nive conversation, walking in the beach…and I did 55×5 , 3 times already and while I am doing my work, I am doing affirmation too.
    Ajay, I m Happy, Joyfull, and Gratitude

    AJay…I need your advice more..
    Thank you AJ.

  2. Samriti Chauhan

    Thank you Universe (God)and Awesome AJ and
    Thankyou so much for everything
    Zillion of thank you from bottom of my heart

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