Stop Being Sad and Start Being Happy

Stop Being Sad and Start Being Happy

stop being sad and start bein happy

Message From The Universe For You

What’s easy? Being Happy or Being Sad?

More often you may find yourself asking this, isn’t it?

And usually you have been told, it’s easier to be sad than happy.

You start believing that sorrow takes a little effort while happiness takes a lot.

Yes, sorrow takes a little effort and it’s very easy to be sad.

You don’t have to do anything, you have to just acknowledge how miserable your life is and what you don’t have more than what you have.

That’s true. That’s really easy to be sad.

But’s that only half-true.

Because being happy isn’t difficult either.

Actually being happy all the time is not at all difficult, it’s really easy.

Only most people don’t want to believe in it.

Being happy demands your consciousness.

Your consciousness for the blessings you have over misery, your consciousness of the people you have in your life over whom you have lost,  your consciousness for the things you are gifted with over what you don’t have, this is the key to your happiness.

Being conscious of what you are gifted with and what all your life is blessed with is also very easy.

So, like being sad, being happy is also very very easy.

But, most people choose the easy path of being sad & negative than happy & positive, they want to acknowledge their problems more than being conscious of their blessings.

Both are easy and you can be in any of the state 24×7.

It’s a choice between acknowledgment of sadness and consciousness of happiness.

Both have their outcome and consequence.

The key is what you are choosing now and every day to your last day on this planet.

Happiness & Positivity or Sadness & Negativity?

The Choice is all yours.

But, I am The Universe asking you to choose Happiness over Sadness. Choose Consciousness over acknowledgment. Choose the one that made you feel blessed and abundant.

You are the greatest creation gifted with the super-consciousness to choose bliss over blindness.

Raise your spirit, feel the joy, recognize the gift of love and empower your soul. Nothing on this planet can make you sad unless you acknowledge it.

Sadness is no more your only easy choice, now Happiness is your best choice.

Stop choosing sadness and Start Living in Happiness.

Your happiness is not only brightened your life, it will brighten the whole Universe.

Give Thanks, Love More and Smile Often.

Stop being Sad and Start being Happy. Now Being Happy is Super Easy.

The Universe


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4 thoughts on “Stop Being Sad and Start Being Happy”

  1. wonderful inspirational positive article. ”Your happiness is not only brighten your life, it will brighten the whole Universe” thank you,thank you,thank you :)

  2. Thanks a zillion AJ for awesome Message from Universe Loved It a lot☺️Iam Happy Iam Joy Iam Love Iam peace Iam Positive Yes Yes Yes My Happiness Brighten The Whole Universe

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