Hidden In All Your Misfortune Is Your Good Fortune

Hidden In All Your Misfortune Is Your Good Fortune


hidden in all your misfortune is your good fortune

Message From The Universe For You

Hidden within every storm is calmness.

Hidden within every flood is dryness.

Hidden within every storm of your life is the peace that you desire.

Hidden in all your misfortune is good fortune.
When you can not control the storm in your life, just let yourself go with it. Be in peace and harmony with it.

No storm can last forever.

Let the storm pass, let the misery go, let the suffering come to an end. Because of no misfortune last forever.

To let this storm pass, surrender yourself to nature, to the divine source and stay flexible.

Don’t complain, don’t cry, don’t get hopeless, because all of these weaken your soul.

Just hold on to life, hold on to your faith and hold on to the true strength of your soul.

Fill your heart with peace, mind with possibilities and eyes with enthusiasm to let the storm pass on.

Let this storm wash away all your fear and insecurity, let this storm take away all your weakness and desperation because when this dirt from your soul get clean, you will be left with only possibilities, enthusiasm, and divine action.

Remember “Hidden in all your misfortune is your good fortune”.

The Universe

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  1. I can’t wait….I’m very exited…thank you for all your blessings.. On Jul 13, 2014 6:23 AM, “Awesome AJ | Universal Wisdom To Fuel Your

  2. Truly awesome pos.Thank you for sharing. Its very very inspiring. God bless you lots for helping infinite people every nw n then in infinite ways. Zillion thanks again

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