#1 Reason You Believe In The Law of Attraction But Not Manifesting - The Key To Your Manifestation

#1 Reason You Believe In The Law of Attraction But Not Manifesting – The Key To Your Manifestation

When You Believe In Law of Attraction But It Doesn’t Work For You!

Watch this Law of Attraction Video to know the #1 Reason You BELIEVE in The Law of Attraction, but NOT MANIFESTING and how to fix it now.

You believe in the law of attraction, you see others are manifesting using the law of attraction but you are not manifesting. And you wonder why am I not manifesting using the law of attraction? What’s wrong with me? In this video, I have explained what is the missing key to your manifestation and how can you fix it by following the exact steps of manifestation.

Reason Why the Law of Attraction Doesn’t Work

When you believe in Law of Attraction and it doesn’t give you results or manifestations while others around you are getting it. Why does it happen? This happens because of the lack of alignment of your thought frequency with that of what you want. You lack trust in the manifestation process. You have negative thoughts,  doubts, and fears within you thinking ‘if you can manifest your dreams or not.’

How To Make Law of Attraction Work For You?

Everything in this universe physical or non-physical, living or non-living is connected and has a particular vibration. It constantly vibrates including us, our thoughts and words, actions, etc. To align the frequency of yours with that of your desires, you should be able to bridge the gap.

Trusting the Universe fully, believing the manifestations will come true, visualizing the outcome with joy, feeling happy and positive about the goals, etc., but to match everything you have to prepare yourself to be in receiving mode.

You will start receiving things when you believe you deserve that dream or goal. You can build this deservingness by practicing many techniques. For example, gratitude. It is the most powerful technique, being grateful for the things you already have, and giving advance gratitude for the things you will receive in the future makes you ready to receive that. It changes you from being negative to more positive in life  &  makes you more aligned with the Universe. Also, it raises your vibrations from present reality to your new reality, making you ready to receive. You come to the happiness state and you start enjoying every moment & being happier.

Start following powerful techniques like visualization, Affirmations, etc. other than gratitude to build faith in yourself and the Universe. Remember whatever you give to the Universe, it gives back to you. If you give happiness & love, you receive the same back. If you give negative vibes & sadness, the Universe responds in the same way. Till you have 100 percent faith that you will achieve your dreams,  with no fears & doubts you cannot manifest.

So, to kick start the manifestations, you have to practice gratitude, think positive thoughts as much as you can, visualize, use affirmations, and other tools & techniques consistently. This is when the Universe delivers and fulfills your desires. To make these techniques a part of life, you have to practice it every day and whenever possible so that it goes deep in your subconscious mind & made a part of living.

Manifesting Bigger Goals With Law of Attraction

After building faith & positivity, you will realize that manifesting the biggest impossible dream is possible but it has to be taken step by step until you reach your final destination. You can break your manifestations in steps to achieve the final goal easily.

You should ask yourself…

“Why is that you deserve to have your dreams fulfilled?”

“How will you feel when you manifest your dreams?”

”Will it feel exciting & good, if yes why?”

More the questions more the feelings and more the clarity on why you deserve to achieve your goals.

Remember there is an abundance of everything in the Universe (Wealth, Success, Money, Happiness, Health, Love, etc.).

Even if you take abundance out of it abundance remains.

So choose the best feelings thoughts, get aligned with your dreams, and take inspired action to achieve what you want in life because…


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  1. Santoshi Pednekar

    Hi AJ , I am a big fan of yours and have already completed heal your heart meditation program and have also currently doing raise your money vibration program.
    In above video you have mentioned About deepest level of gratitude program and 28 magic tools program. May I please know details of these programs and when and where these will be conducted.
    Also after watching your videos I am menifesting a video from you about a small meditation to lose weight. I would be highly obliged if you fulfill this menifestation. My belief in law of attraction would increase to another hight.

    Thanking you in anticipation.

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