[NOVEMBER] Awesome Adventure Monthly

[NOVEMBER] Awesome Adventure Monthly


Dear Awesome Nation,

Magical Greetings!

As we are welcoming Delightful December, I would love to share my adventure from last month.

But before I dive into what all I did and learned in November, I would like to thank everyone for all your amazing response to this new initiative Awesome Adventure Monthly.

After I published the October edition, I received many emails from all over the globe. With this new initiative, so many of you have joined me especially in the Habit Breaking & Habit Making challenge and improved yourself significantly.

Here is my adventure through November 2016.

Quote of the Month:

“The Journey is the Reward.” – Steve Jobs

This quote is so profound that it always reminds me to focus on the present and enjoy the process then only focus on the destination. We often focus so much on the destination that we forget to enjoy the journey. But as you understood more in life that the journey is actually the joyful experience that you are seeking you will know that “Happiness is the secret to success and not the success is secret to happiness.”

Challenge of the Month (Building New Habit or Breaking Old Habit)

# Breaking Old Habit: I continued the NO – Whatsapp mode in November also. It’s been more than 60 Days.

# Building New Habit: I am practicing Meditation two times a day and each time at least for 15 minutes. Though I practice meditation for a long time but not is a structured manner. So in November, I decided to practice it once in the morning and once at night. And I could able to do it all through November in spite of traveling, workshops and holidays. Most of the time I end up doing more than 15 minutes.

# Habit I couldn’t complete: I tried to build another habit of brisk walking continuously for 30 minutes every evening. I could able to do it more than 21 days with few gaps in between. I will try to build it again. (And I do fail in life. Remember I am a Human ..haha .. do not worry if you fail, get up and try again…)

Book I Read

The Power of Awareness by Neville Goddard.

The movie I watched:

I watched two interesting movies this month, one English and another Hindi.

# English: Doctor Strange

It was an amazing movie about the supernatural phenomenon of Multiverse, Kundalini, Time Travel, Astral Projection and much more. This is the only superhero movie that talks about all the things that we believe in and practice.

#Hindi: Dear Zindagi

It was recommended by many of my mentees and I loved this movie. It’s a story about a girl overwhelmed with emotional baggage in life and how she found a Therapist/Mentor who helped her in finding her true self and become free from all her baggage.

Blog post of the month:

Miracle Do Happen in the Real World – A Success Story. If you missed it somehow, do read it.

This is a story everyone must read and understand how life changes with Magic of Gratitude.

Video of the month:

How to Manifest Your Dreams using Law of Attraction 

Magical Win of the month:

# We were getting a lot of request from last one year to start a Youtube Channel in Hindi and finally, we did it in November. If you know Hindi then subscribe to our YouTube Hindi Channel here.

(We are publishing highly powerful videos with equal pace in our YouTube English Channel as well. Subscribe to our English Channel here.)

I believe this series will inspire you to reflect back on your own adventures of life.

Also, love to hear if you had broken any old habit or built a new habit in November. And what’s your plan for December? Do share your journey with us.

We have only one month to go before 2017. And I believe you will become more awesome than ever before in December 2016 with unlimited happiness, success, and abundance.


Love & Gratitude,

Awesome AJ

Law of Attraction Coach & Motivational Speaker

MYLA Manifestation Program

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