In this video post, I am elaborating on “Why you should have complete faith in your Dreams” and “When you have complete faith in your dreams, how it becomes much easier to achieve it.”

So we talk, listen, discuss, read and watch a lot of about dreams. Trust me on this, consciously or unconsciously we do have some sort of dreams in our mind which we want to pursue.

Why are so many people not living their dream?

Now the question is why so many people not living their dream? This has many reasons. However today we only discuss only one aspect of it, which is about your faith in your dreams. Because, unless and until you have complete faith in your dreams, you will not be able to make 100% sincere effort.

It is a general fact that very often people consider their wishful thinking as their life’s dream. In reality, they really not ready for it pursues, do whatever it takes and ultimately they fail.

This is a sheer waste of time and energy. And if you involve in this kind of illusion for a long period of time, failing in everything will become your habit. You will never get to know, why things did not work and you failed again and again. You start considering yourself become a loser.

Take a stand and understand.

So stop wasting your time. Try to observe what are your real dreams. Understand the difference between wishful thinking and a real dream.

Work on your dreams so that one day you will achieve it and live a life you always longing for. Imagine the life of your desires and dreams. See yourself in that state. Just thinking about it is so exciting, so how much exciting it is going to be when you live the life of your dream!

Love & Gratitude,

Awesome AJ

Law of Attraction Coach & Motivational Speaker

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12 thoughts on “Either You GIVE UP or HAVE FAITH in Your DREAMS”


    Really awesome, Highly Inspiring clip…Would go a long way showing direction in life….Thanks a lot for the awesome inspiration….Warm Regards….!!!

  2. I hv blind faith on my dreams… I hv faith I gurantee universe helping me sending his angle guardian to help me fulfill my dreams. Awesome AJ is one angel your mail hits right on point and we believe our dreams are fullfilled. Happy wonderful day. Transformational Tuesday just transform many life’s. God bless ajay abundance of happiness peace love success and all highest goods

  3. I have strong and blind faith in my dream of healing my relationship with my husband.Universe is blessing me with divine guidance and support and very soon magical manifestations are bound to happen.Infact,it is happening right now in universe and I have strong faith that I will receive positive communication from my husband.Thank you,Thank you,Thank you

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