The Science Behind Gratitude - A Quick Guide

The Science Behind Gratitude – A Quick Guide

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What is the science behind gratitude? Why gratitude is so effective in creating a positive life? When the world is full of things that make us unhappy, frustrated, angry, sad and disappointed. How can we live a life without cynicism? How to start a day with hope, optimism, happiness and positive energy.

The Answer To This Is Simple But Profound: Daily Gratitude Practice

You know negative attitude is bad for you. If you see the world as mean and frustrating, you find more of it mean and frustrating.  Whereas gratitude makes you happy and healthier. If you can find genuine reasons to be thankful for your life or the world around you and put your attention there, you are going to experience a happy and beautiful world out there. It’s just a matter of looking at things.

The benefits of gratitude practice are endless. Does this mean living a life in a state constant denial when the world around you is full of mess? Do you have a hundred justifications to worry and feel bad about it?

No, not at all. It is being proved by scientists, research institutes, spiritual gurus and our 28 Magical Practice Practitioners time and again that practice of gratitude has deep positive impact on our physical and mental health, enhance positive emotions, deepen our relationships and helping us to stay happy, focused, become more productive, feel more alive and live life more out of life. The list is really big and the more you practice, it actually gets bigger.

So you must be thinking that “I know all this and find it impressive and motivating at first but when started practicing gratitude, it does not last more than three or four days.”

This is because, motivation is priceable and in general, if we do not consistently get motivated, tend to slip away from any good habit that we are trying to inculcate including practicing gratitude.

So what is it that makes us start, not only gratitude practice but to continue for a long time.

When You Understand The Science Behind Gratitude

1. Gratitude changes your perspective about life.

You may start writing gratitude for things specific to you but with time you will notice things that you never noticed before and you genuinely become grateful to new things that expand your horizon in life

2. Gratitude makes you more focused and goal oriented.

With time you will notice that your focus is more and more and positive things about you, your life and things around you. This develops your tendency to take your personal development more seriously and sincerely. When you become focused on your own development in a positive way, you start achieving your goals easier and faster than before.

3. Your life’s experience gets enriched.

With the benefits of gratitude, you become more sensitive, compassionate and considerate towards others. This not only improves your relationship with others, it also develops a great sense of satisfaction and fulfillment inside you and you become happier and livelier than before. You can feel your positive aura and people do notice your better self. This is real magic.

4. You start living a magical life.

With better perspective about life, being focused, happy and productive, better relationships and fulfillment, you start living a magical life. Your confidence in you enhanced, you start setting big goals and start manifesting them. You become successful in everything that seems impossible earlier and above all, you start growing every day, personally and professionally.

Sure the world is full of challenges and we can justify it without even taking a second. But when we understand that we have the power to change our world, we definitely can make a better world for ourselves. An attitude of gratitude does not sound good but when we inculcate the habit, it actually makes life better. Thankfulness is good, it is good for you and blessings to others around you.

So start practicing gratitude today, start living a magical life today. The power is in your hand and you can make it happen when you think you can.

Love & Gratitude,

Awesome AJ

Law of Attraction Coach & Motivational Speaker

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  1. Its really wonderful and its working positively. Thank you so much Ajay for motivating me in a constant regular interval. Don’t know how to express my gratitude to you and the Universe. No words to express my gratitude. Thank you so much. Thanks a lot Ajay. Tons of Thanks to you and the Universe. My life is changing in a positive way and I am excited to receive my dream job soon. I am overwhelming with joy. Thank you Thank you Thank you.
    A Zillion Thanks,

  2. Awesome AJ is awesome. All his writings are amazing . After I completed his 28 Magical Practice course, I have been telling every second person in my office , watsapp, domestic circle etc about the teachings. All are happy. Thanks Ajay bhai

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