7 Reasons Why 92% New Year’s Resolutions Fail – And How You Can Succeed

7 Reasons Why 92% New Year’s Resolutions Fail – And How You Can Succeed

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Have you set some resolutions for this year?

Let me guess, you want to lose weight, spend less this year, get organized, stay fit, consume less sugar, quit smoking, and become less stressed. I am sure if not all then some of these are on your resolutions list.

Scranton University has done a wide survey on New Year’s resolutions and has found some amazing facts and figures for us.

But what is most astonishing is that ONLY 8% of PEOPLE SUCCEED IN KEEPING THEIR RESOLUTIONS. And rest 92% fails. That’s a huge failure rate.

In fact, 58% of people failed to continue their New Year Resolutions beyond the first month itself.

For years I have been asking people NOT TO SET NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS because they never work. And now we have even statics supporting it.

Knowing that only 92% fail in keeping their resolutions must be surprising to you but if you understand the psychology behind it then you will understand easily. That is why I am giving you 10 reasons why Resolutions failed and why you shouldn’t make New Year Resolutions.

7 Reasons Why New Year Resolutions Fail

1. Most of the New Year’s Resolutions are focused on the negatives.

For example, quit smoking or losing weight or spending less or controlling on your shopping habits all seem to be positive on the outside but actually, there are focused more on a negative aspect that you don’t like. And your brain is so designed whatever you focused on you get more drawn to it.

2. Usually, New Year’s Resolutions are not really yours

This may sound confusing because you have set the resolutions and how can’t it be yours, right? The New Year’s Resolutions is not really yours means you have set the resolutions because that’s the trend or some of your friends are setting the same resolution.  For many people, they got into the flow with others and pick a few resolutions from people around them and as these are not your resolutions you bound to fail.

3. Your Resolutions are not clear

Clarity is power and New Year’s resolutions are not usually clear. When you set the resolution as “I want to lose weight in 2018” then it’s not at all clear that how much weight you will lose or what ideal weight you want to achieve.  The same way when you set the resolutions of spending less or getting more organized is all not clear so it is very difficult for you to achieve them.

4. New Year Resolutions with no plans

Most people set new year resolutions but with no plan on what they are going to do about it. For example, if you plan to lose weight then you must consider planning your daily schedule with healthy habits. If you want to make more money then you must have to add one or two ideas that you are going to explore so that you will find the way forward.

5. Setting way too big resolutions with no small steps

Another reason many people failed to stay with their resolutions is they set big resolutions that actually going to transform them which is really good but they don’t identify the small milestones they will achieve as steps to their big goals. When you don’t set small steps to your big resolutions, you eventually lose focus and motivation.

6. Not considering the change of thinking and behaviors to achieve it

Always remember, “if you keep thinking the same thoughts and keep doing the same things then you will keep getting the same results.” That’s why any change you want to do in your life then you must aware of the new kind of thinking and behavior you need to cultivate.

The subconscious mind is responsible for the greater change in your life. So most people set new resolutions but they keep having the same thinking before so the re-programming of subconscious never happened and eventually they go back to their old self and failed in keeping the resolutions.

7. Lack of Guidance and Accountability

For every major change or accomplishment in your life, you need to have a structured plan and be accountable for your progress then the success will come. So many people set resolutions but then they don’t seek help or guidance from others who have done it or from a coach or mentor. Lack in seeking guidance results in poor planning and eventually failed. Also, you need to be accountable for your progress. You can have an accountability buddy with whom you can share your progress or again you can have a coach or mentor or a program that will help you stay in the flow. Such an accountability program will help you correct whenever you go out of the flow and letting you know what’s working best for you.

If you want to succeed with your New Year’s Resolutions first you must make the goals and then ask yourself are you making some of the above mistakes in setting them or achieving them. If you understand this process and set your goals right then you will be among the 8% people who succeed this year with their New Year goals.

Now you are clear why 92% failed in keeping their resolutions backed by the scientific study by the University of Scranton’s Psychology Department.

Also, the research shows that by the end of January already 58% of people have broken their resolutions. It means by now already 58% of people are off the track from their 2017 Resolutions, no wonder they never thought about it considering the above seven factors.

Goal Setting to Goal Getting

It doesn’t matter you have set some new year’s resolutions or not, even your resolutions are still alive or you have already broken them, the key is what you are going to do from here is the key.

Follow this action plan to make this year the most successful year of your life:

  1. If you have set some resolutions this year then evaluate each one of them considering the above 7 factors.
  2. Convert Your Resolutions into Positive Goals. If you haven’t made any resolutions then set goals now.
  3. If you are ready to make this year Awesome then you must join our online audio program available in our Big Manifestation Academy. Register now the Make Your Life Awesome Program.
  4. We don’t believe in just Goal Setting, we believe in Achieving them. That is why we have created a Structured Program that will help you achieve your goals this year. If you are serious about achieving your GOALs then join our DREAM 2020 Program here.

Become a Goal-Getter this year.

Love & Gratitude,

Awesome AJ

Law of Attraction Coach & Motivational Speaker

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