Be The Captain of Your Soul, Achieve All Your Dreams

Be The Captain of Your Soul, Achieve All Your Dreams

Why do you need to be the Captain of Your Soul?

You Have A Big Dream, but others tell You It’s not Possible!

You have faith in the Universe to Guide You, But Others Tells You all these are fake!!!

You Wanted to be Highly Successful and want to live an Abundant Life, But others tell you You Need Luck, nothing else works!!!

If this happens to you more often and slowly its start convincing you, but you know you are more than what others think. Then Read On:

Many a time I face people, who try to convince me about making dream come true is only an illusion or sear luck, living a happy life is much difficult, working in a dream job is impossible, finding someone to love truly and loved back equally is unfeasible.

When I say them “all of this is just a thought away”,  they start arguing and give examples why life is so and if at all someone is living a remarkable life then how good luck was a matter of chance for them.

When I heard of all this, I smiled back at them and say whom you are saying the Universe is not here, The Laws of Attraction doesn’t work and God made us live with a little moment of joy and lot of difficulty?

I am living the example of the Universal Abundance, I am the Awesomest son of the Universe and I experienced the true creation of God.

If they are suffering, living a crippled life means they believe in that and have made it their reality.

Life has given us choices to believe in them, they have chosen theirs, and I have chosen mine.

I have seen challenges, I have gone through the dark lanes of life and I was surrounded by masters of negativity, even at times my mind used to tell me changes are not good and shining of the soul is not real.

I know same is happening with some of you or may happen to others from time to time.

And when this happened to me, I smiled back at those people and at that little-scared mind and say loud


Friends, no matter how dark your night is, no matter how tough your journey is, no matter how convincing your mind is and no matter how painful the people around you are. Stand high and raise your soul and let the Universe proud of You.

Maybe what you want to do is said to be impossible by everyone else; but who knows maybe God is waiting for someone like you for hundreds of years to make that thing possible. And all the great lives that have been lived on this earth have Master their Fate and emerged to be the Captain of their Soul.

The next is You, YES I mean “You”, forget about all that has happened to you, who didn’t care for you, what you couldn’t make it into, forget about all this, because you weren’t this enlighten the soul.

The moment is now, say yourself again and again until the little-scared soul of yours grown as a Super-Soul.

Be the Master of your Fate, Be the Captain of your Soul.

You are destined for all the happiness in this world, the beauty of your soul destined for all the love in this universe and fortune greater than Kings Solomon treasure is waiting for you.

Promise now to yourself, no matter what may come I will hold the light high to enlighten my soul. Every moment of my life is meant to be mad in my own happiness and enjoying days like I have never lived before. The Universe wants to see my enlighten soul achieving infinite Blissful Goal.

The Soul of the Universe, The Laws of Attraction and God is just waiting for this Soul to gift you a life of Abundance with Limitless Love, Perfect Soul Mates, Dream Job, Passionate Profession, Happiest Family, Great Health, Everlasting Youthfulness, Unlimited Wealth with Luxury and Exotic Vacations.

Why let all these goes, when all these became yours “easily and effortlessly”. Believe it and receive it.

Let’s Say it loud “I am the MASTER of my FATE, I am the CAPTAIN of my SOUL”.


Thank You, Universe.

Awesome AJ

Stay Motivated, Stay Awesome.

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5 thoughts on “Be The Captain of Your Soul, Achieve All Your Dreams”

  1. I too get grabbed by the negativity sometimes and feel that it all depends on Luck but really I have experinced miracles many times too.
    I feel charged up with this and want to give and try try try again for the abundance life has to offer me .
    Thank you thank you thank you :)

  2. That’s Great Preeti , take your life in your hand with unshakable faith on the Universe and on the Lord and live all your Dream. Stay Blessed :)

  3. Ajay Sir,i scored less in b.e so unable to get good job.relaties and all degrade.all my friends are earning 5 times my salary and going abroad.all make me feel like loser,wat do i do

    1. By being negative and low you won’t get anything. If you got low score it mean you didnt study well. So take responsibility for yourself but dont get envy of other and follow my dream job post and build your life. Success will come to you.

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