Do This If Law of Attraction Is Not Working For You & Start Mainifesting

Do This If Law of Attraction Is Not Working For You & Start Mainifesting

Multiply your chances of success using Law Of Attraction!

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What Keeps You Away From Success

Success means different for each one of us. For some it may be money, for some happiness, for some health ,relationship ,family, etc. We all are running behind success day and night working hard for it but still it keeps running away from us, which brings sadness, comparison, enviousness and other low frequency emotions in us.

It is absolutely natural  but it is a hindrance on our way to success as it causes more resistance within us and keeps pushing us away from our deep desires. The only way to raise your vibrations is being in positive mode. As we know like attracts like which is the universal law. So we have to get rid of envious feelings and start embodying happiness in others  success.

Frequency Chart Of Emotions

The feelings of happiness,joy,peace,gratitude and love are of highest frequency.When we feel such emotions we are vibrating at the highest frequency.So try being in this state as much as possible to manifest your desires.Universe is a mirror image of our feelings, it reflects back the same to us by giving things and opportunities what brings us happiness, joy and peace.

The second category of moderate frequency has emotions like acceptance,neutrality,courage,pride,etc. These frequency neither harm us or benefit us.These are neutral ones.So we should try lifting our emotions & feelings to higher ones which is easier to get from this stage than lower ones.

The third category of frequency is emotions like anger,desire,guilt,jealousy, shame,sadness,frustration,hopelessness,depression,suicidal thoughts,negative self image,worthlessness,etc.When you are under these emotions & feelings your vibrations go very low and you keep attracting same circumstances and events again and again in life.You are never able to uplift yourself.You are just attracting things you do not want.


Implementing Frequency Of Emotions in Law Of Attraction

If you really wish to manifest things and want Law Of Attraction to work for you.You should start being in happy state always as much possible.

Remember, success is not the key to happiness but happiness is the key to success.Till you vibrate at high level frequency and be in positive and happy state,you will manifest no good things in life.

It is always healthy to live and stay around high energy people, it is contagious. Same way, when someone achieves success or any desire he shifts to a high frequency mode and being happy for that person and being in their vicinity increases your vibrations and the chances for your manifestation increases.

Stop feeling envious for others achievement and stop comparing your success to theirs.Stop thinking why the other person is manifesting but I am not.This only pushes you away from achieving your goals & manifesting your desires.

Try feeling if you would have received the same achievement ,how would you jump in happiness. Try to put yourself in that persons shoes and imagine how beautiful the feelings would be.

You can read the success stories of people on our page in different areas of life here

It might be difficult to feel positive when you are in financial difficulties, but worrying about it would only attract blockages in your manifestations. So, start being grateful for however small amount of money you receive, shift your focus from problems to the solutions.(You May learn more tools & techniques for manifesting  money in our programme Raise Your Money Vibrations)

Remember, gratitude is a great multiplier.Being thankful for how much ever little you have,and  advance gratitude for what you will be having in future will multiply your speed of manifestations.

Universe is out there to help you and give you everything you desire. But all depends on what feelings you put out there. Give the universe the direction to work in your favor. If you doubt, universe will start working in that direction .So be mindful of your energy reflection. You receive what you give.(To learn how to make gratitude a part of life and attracting everything you desire you can enroll in our 28days magical Programme)

Everything here in universe is energy which cannot be destroyed it only gets converted from one form to other. From money to feelings , to emotions , everything is a form of energy. So what you reflect is what you attract back to you.

Implement these practices in life and see your life changing magically.

Loads Of Gratitude!

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