You Are The Money Magnet

You Are The Money Magnet

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You are blessed with an abundance of your life. Whatever may be your current financial condition or your family background, if you really want to know how much money you are blessed with, how much wealth you are destined to make, then my answer is “Unlimited”.

Because you are a Money Magnet.

Yes, you are a money magnet irrespective of your age, sex, religion, profession, society, and country. If you are yet to find that spark within you, if you are yet to find the secret of unlocking money magnetism, then you are missing something, you are yet to start believing the ancient secret of total abundance.

I must remind you two of the greatest wisdom about Money:

-Money is not Evil, Money is Divine.

-Money is not an object, Money is an Energy.

If you want to attract money but you are telling others that the economy is going down, the government is terrible, money is evil then how can you make millions. If you think when you get millions of people around you will try to take undue advantage of you and you start being fearful about money. If you become jealous when someone else says they made a million in their business and you try to do anything to have more money. This is not affirmative action. When you attach these negative emotions to money, you actually lose them, it may seem you are earning but that’s temporary, it will never stay with you.

If you want to be a Money Magnet in a true sense if you want to attract abundance money then do it in a divine way, start taking affirmative action. Affirmative action is feeling that life is in abundance. Whatever money you have, be grateful for it for having it and able to spend it when needed. Whatever your intuition ask you to do, do it more passionately and more productively. If you want to build a business, a second income or a new venture do it with a happy heart and enjoy every moment of it believing that money is coming to you abundantly.

Stop worrying about payment and dues, focus more on receiving that is affirmative action.

Always be ready to offer an excellent product or service for the money you are making from your work or business. At the same time never get hesitate to pay someone who is offering you a great service or product that help your life become better. Always spend money happily for good things and focus on receiving more happily.

Once you start taking these affirmative actions, you take yourself with the deep feeling of believing and receiving. And when you do this, the miracle start happening and the universe starts gifting you the abundance. That’s when you possess yourself a divine magnetism for wealth. That’s when you possess money Magnetism.

You Are The Money Magnet.

The Universe

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9 thoughts on “You Are The Money Magnet”

    1. Jacquie Tibong tibong is not evil. Money is divine. Money is not an object. Money is energy.
      I feel like a money magnet already after reading. Thank you AJ

  1. I was saying to myself i am a monry magnet this whole morning and when i scroll thru FB, i saw your posting. What a fantastic day!
    Thanks awesome Aj!

  2. Hello
    Thank you for calling me as money magnet, now i am really feeling like i am attracting more money every day from unexpected sources

  3. Money is not Evil, Money is Divine.
    Money is not an object, Money is an Energy.

    I am a Money Magnet.
    Money is always flowing into my life, in an Avalanche of Abundance.

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

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