Making Choices at the Crossroads of Life

Making Choices at the Crossroads of Life


crossroads: are you at a crossroad in life

Whether your answer is “YES” or “NO”, all of us arrive at this juncture of life many times. And every time you come to this point, it left you with choices, choices that shape your further journey. No one can escape from making choices. You have to choose any one of the many presented to you. And you choose one and move ahead.

While many people find themselves more often at this crossroad, while selective few have always a smooth ride to their destination.

If you are the one who comes across this point more often, then you must be wondering what those other people do that they have that smooth ride or are they so lucky that this cross-road never hinder their journey. So what makes the difference, the difference lies in making the choices at cross-road. Some people keep making same choices that they truly don’t want to make and they find this juncture every corner of their journey. While the other few make the choices their heart believes in and they choose a path that initially seems tough, but opens a new horizon. Of course, these people also come across these crossroads again in life but their previous experiences made them clear what to do and how to make the choice.

What makes all the difference?

So what made all the differences, no matter where you are in your journey of life and which cross-road you are standing on, all your life ahead depends upon one thing “What choice you are going to take today?” If you take the right one now still you can set yourself on the remarkable journey or else you keep finding yourself at the jumble of life.

In this article, I am sharing the Universal Wisdom of how to make the choice at this crossroad of life.

Every time you come to this point, you see there are multiple roads ahead and there are multiple destinations. You found various advisors besides you to guide you which road is safer, which road is smoother and which road is the real road of life.

Do you seriously believe there are multiple roads ahead?

My Answer is “NO”; always remember at the Cross-Road of Life you have always left with only Two Choices.

At Crossroads – What are the Two Choices / Roads?

The First Choice:

First One is what all others asked you to choose and they support their point by giving logic of life, for the reason of being practical or being normal, they will tell you this is what usually everyone follows or even they narrate the stories out of their experiences.

While some tell you their own learning of life others tell you made up stories of a safer journey, a more practical journey, and a more logical journey.

If you choose this path you will live to be a Normal Human, like anyone around you and maybe end up always asking why this always happens to me? Why other fulfill their desire but not me?  Why I never found my dream job? Why I never found true love in my life and why I never have all the money I wanted, Why I don’t have a beautiful home, why can’t I find an awesome wife or husband, why I always stuck-up at one place when all the people travel the world they want.

And you keep asking until one day you accept this is what life for every Normal Human.

The Other Choice:

There is this Other Choice which needs no logic, which never based on any previous experience, which doesn’t listen to anyone else but to the Inner YOU.

This choice is based on the True Belief of your Heart and Soul. It based on Your Faith in the Lord or the Universe and it takes you to the True Miracle of Life. This path is the path less followed because when you start following this way, you can’t let yourself to be a Normal Human; the very moment you choose this path you transform yourself to be someone else. You become a SUPER-HUMAN.

At Every Crossroads only these two choices exist.

Every time you found yourself in multiple ways to move ahead, tell yourself that there are only two ways, one choice of being a Super-Human and rest all choices of being a Normal-Human.

Two Crossroad

When choosing the extraordinary path, there may be 1000 of people laugh at you, they make fun of you, and they make you scared, but don’t get worried. Because you are taking a Leap of Faith, you believe in the Universe and you are taking your soul on the journey of your dreams.

Maybe those 1000 people are so ignorant that they can’t understand you, so don’t get angry with them, never get disappointed with their views, rather look for one person away from those 1000s who believe in you.

And why he or she may believe in you, because he or she must have known the way ahead on this road of less traveled,  fill your heart and soul with joy that there is one person believe in you and that’s all you needed.

If at all the one person hasn’t shown up yet, no worries these people always show up at right time, as it is said: “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear”.

Like it is said in Law of Attraction “Like attract like.”

All of us stand at such cross-road in Life for sure and when you reach there, choose the extraordinary path, listen to your heart and be the traveler of dreams.

When you take this path of being Super-Human and follow it to the end. A day will come when all those 1000 people around you will scream “OMG how he or she did it”, “he or she was just like one of us some time back or a few years back, but how he or she has all the abundance and why not we”.

But it wasn’t that moment of future when it will be decided what treasure you found and what they don’t, but it is decided in this moment of Present or past when you choose the road which set all the difference between a Normal Human and A Super-Human Called “YOU”

Those of you who went through this journey must have the feeling of extreme joy in your heart, peace in your soul and excitement in your body.

I always believe in this wisdom and share with people who discuss with me about their Dreams and how to make a decision at the toughest moments of life. I advise them to listen to their heart and soul because God and the Universe speak to us through our heart and soul.

Always choose the remarkable journey of life, not for others but for you and your own happiness.

Be the “Master of Your Fate, You are the Captain of your Soul”

May the Universe be with you on every cross-road of life and I will hear more stories of your remarkable journey soon.

God Bless You All.

Awesome AJ

Stay Motivated, Stay Awesome.

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22 thoughts on “Making Choices at the Crossroads of Life”

  1. Thank you so so much! I made a charm bracelet to count things I’m grateful for everytime I see it. Like rosary. I used beads and little trinkets that meant something to me, and I made the bracelet pretty, because I love pretty things!

    1. That is super awesome Athmaja … Its so beautiful and magical to creating this magical charm bracelet… The Universe will connect your dreams to you through that. God Bless You

  2. wow…awesomee….got this in my gmail !! perfect timing… :) thank you thank you soooo much !!!! :) :) loads of magic dust to u… :)

    1. Tons of Thank You Aditi.. Universe send the Wisdom at right time.. Follow You Dreams .. Happily . May the Universe fulfill all your Dreams.

  3. Hi…thanks a lot. U r post is a guiding light for me.
    I am facing 2 choices 1 CA final (i failed 4 times in it, although i failed bcoz i ws facing emotional issues, n my parents don’t trust me, that y want me to appear in bank PO, all this is so depressing n disturbing)
    other is preparing for bank PO.
    But my heart n soul want to go for CA final i can achive rank simply i want peace of mind.
    Thank u for this post it guided me wht should i choice, due to negative n hostile environment of my home i may hv parted from my dream.
    Thank u thank u thank u
    plz give me suggestions n advice.

  4. Infinite thank you for reblogg my post. I send my wishes for your endevour in inspiring so many. Stay Motivated, Stay Awesome

  5. In my childhood I had read a story where 4 children of 4 different religion were fighting on the issue of language of God.
    Finally after fighting they ask one saint. The saint ask them who told you to ask me. Child replied nobody, it was my thought.
    Saint ask what is the language of that thought. Child replied the same language I am speaking.
    Saint said exactly God delievers the scriptures in the heart of messengers.
    The voice of heart is voice of God.
    For every moment of life inner voice is best choice.

  6. thaknuuuuuu sooo much. from past so many days, i was struggling to find out which path to choose. i am truly grateful to u for dis post. dis is exactly i wanted to know. and i must say, i truly believe “that one person away from those 1000s” for me is YOU.
    thanku thanku thanku :)

    1. Thats right Guneet more often people find themselves at the Cross-road of life ..but being conscious of our own-self and the infinite gift of Universe we really be someone exceptional and gifted. I am sure now you go ahead more confidently. The whole Universe is with you. Zillions of Gratitude to you.
      Stay Blessed. :)

  7. Wow.. Perfect Timing… I was just thinking how to decide, how to choose… and you bring the solution… Thank you, Thank you, Thank you so much… :-)

  8. Thank you sir,for the wonderful inspiring message,it changes me alot got this message at right time when i needed the most.I thank you alot for being a part of my life for helping me .Thank you so much sir.

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