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Most Important Relationship Advice You Must Follow If You Want To Heal Your Relationship

most important advice to heal your relationship

Are You Trying To Heal Your Relationship?

Are you attracting your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend back into your life?

Are you trying to heal your difficult relationship with your partner?

Are you trying many things but still not getting a positive result in healing your relationship?

If your answer to the above questions is YES then this post is for you. Make sure to read until the end because it’s going to speed up your relationship healing at jet speed. You will also listen to a very powerful Relationship Healing Success Story.

First, you must remember that Relationships are meant to be awesome, amazing, blissful, happy, magical, and meaningful.  However, we come across a lot of people who have been struggling with many relationship issues. Therefore, I would like to discuss this in a very direct way which I feel is the core of any relationship in trouble and it should be understood and addressed in this way, from the Law of Attraction perspective.


Most Important Relationship Advice You Must Follow – Heal Your Relationship Using the Law of Attraction

There are so many tools, techniques, and relationship advice available on the internet but if you are not getting a positive result then you are missing the biggest block of relationship healing. It doesn’t matter how many positive practices you are doing unless you stop the negative programming of your subconscious mind, you won’t be able to succeed in your relationship healing.

Here are FOUR IMPORTANT RELATIONSHIP ADVICE that you must follow:

1. Stop Consuming  Negative Things About Relationship

I have a BIG ADVICE for those of you who are going through Relationship issues. Stop consuming things that talks all about the negativities, pain, and sadness of relationship like Movies with sad love stories, listening to sad songs, and especially stay away from Arijit Singh’s sad songs.

Stop watching those TV series or web series that talks all about break up even if they are funny. Stop reading novels or stories which talk about only bad things of relationships and break up and betrayal.

Stop watching programs like Big Boss which only shows people conspiring against one another. Stop watching those family dramas and TV serials where they show only people in close relationships are fighting or betraying or creating problems in one another life.

And stop watching those stand-up comedies where they make fun of break-ups or love relationships. These days the media, news, and social media are full of such negative content and often they portray it in an entertaining or funny or emotional way and people watch it.

But if you are healing a relationship or desire to have a Magical Relationship in life, stay away from all these because these things are programming your mind continuously about all the bad things of love life and happy relationship. And if you consume such negativity for long,  then no matter how much you say that you love your Boyfriend or Girlfriend or how much you love someone or how much you want to be in a great relationship, nothing will work for you because subconsciously you have been programmed only for negativity, pain, and suffering.

When you look for some quick solution, seek some advice, do some process, and still wonder why he or she is not responding. And this happens because you have been feeding so much garbage or negative beliefs about relationships that even those one or two positive activities of yours would not work in your favor.

The Law of Attraction is always responding to your strongest vibration. So no matter what you say outside, what actually matters is what kind of beliefs you have in your mind.

Deep down you have been programming yourself negatively, therefore you have been manifesting pain, break up, and unhappy relationship.

In fact, every time you watch such shows or movies or listen to sad songs or read sad novels and stories you make it difficult for you to heal your relationship.

This is like, you moved two steps forward in a positive direction and then went back ten steps in the negative direction.

Always remember you can’t have a positive thing with a negative belief. That’s why unless you stop programming your subconscious mind with these negative beliefs about relationships, it’s impossible for you to heal your difficult or broken relationship.

2. Stay Away from Negative People

Another important advice is – if you are going through a difficult relationship then stay away from other people who are in the same boat.

Usually, when you are going through a break-up or having a broken relationship or struggling to heal your relationship in such a situation you attract people with similar issues and they become your good friends. Though this friendship seems to be soothing as both of you are struggling with the same issue but you are not aware that such friendship can ruin your chances of healing your relationship to a great extent.

If you have been friends to discuss good and positive things about relationships and help each other to only focus on positive and happy aspects of a loving relationship then it’s absolutely fine. And you should keep such friendship.

But you have to be careful as such friendship build in bad times often with an intention to help each other in healing relationship, end up creating more problems for you. And remember this is the most common mistake people make who desire to heal their relationship.

How to know that such friendships are helping you or sabotaging your chances of healing your relationship?

If both of you spend time discussing your pain and break-up or how your Boyfriend/Girlfriend is making things worse or how he/she is ignoring you or how they have betrayed you in past then you are in the wrong company.

Do yourself a favor, please don’t invest your time and energy in such friendship, because this is creating problems for both of you.

You may feel bad to distance yourself from such friends because when you discuss such problems regularly, you become closer than ever before but you must decide ‘what’s most important for you?’

If you value the loving relationship that you desire so much to heal then you have to take a tough call and for the good of yours and your friend stop discussing such negative things, otherwise, stay away from them.

If you want to discuss with a friend or relative then discuss only with someone who is having a magical relationship and only share positive or happy things about relationships.

It’s always better to find a Coach or Mentor who can help you stay positive and focused on healing your relationship.

Heal Your Heart Meditation Program

3. Stop Taking Advice From People Who Are Struggling In Their Relationship

Another biggest mistake people with difficult relationships make is taking advice from those who are struggling with their own relationship.

If you are struggling in your love relationship, if you are going through a break-up, if your partner is ignoring you then remember not to take any advice from someone who is struggling in his/her relationship. And remember the point No.2 – Not to make new friends who are struggling in their relationship.

Also please don’t give advice to someone who is struggling with his/her relationship. This is very common. So many people read books or watch videos on how to heal their relationship using the law of attraction but rather than applying religiously they start giving advice to others who are struggling. They feel good by giving such advice.

Though this giving and receiving help/advice sounds positive and soothing, but this is the worst thing you do to your manifestation process.

If you are healing your relationship then focus on it. Do not take advice from or give advice to people who are struggling with their love relationship.

If you take any help or advice then take it from those who have successfully healed their relationships or from a Coach or Mentor who helps you heal your relationship and do not feed your mind with negative beliefs.

If you learn some process or law of attraction techniques from a book or video or a program them first use it religiously in your life before you jump in to share it with others.

Always remember healing your relationship is what you desire the most. So focus on it and do it for your own happiness.

4. Focus On Healing Your Relationship, Not On Struggling

Like I have mentioned above if you are struggling in a relationship then be selfish and focus only on positive sides of healing your relationship.

So many people get into the habit of saying that “their relationship is their greatest pain” or “they can’t live without the person” or “why is it so challenging for them to be in a happy relationship?” or “relationship is their biggest challenge in life.” Remember if you are talking in this tone about your relationship then your focus in on the pain, suffering, and challenge and you are nowhere focusing on healing your relationship.

Let me remind you of the core principle of the Law of Attraction “whatever you focusing on is becoming your reality.” It means though you want to heal your relationship but as you are speaking more about the pain and challenges so you are unconsciously making your relationship more challenging.

If you think about your relationship then think as many positive things as possible. Keep telling yourself you are healing your relationship and it’s going to be magical.

If you talk to people then talk to people who have an absolutely great relationship because that’s where you get positive vibes.


Heal Your Relationship Using Law of Attraction

Law of Attraction: How To Heal Your Relationship

Now as you are clear about what’s blocking your magical relationship manifestation, I want you to remember the following key points speed up your relationship healing:

  • Remember the Law of Attraction is not just about WHAT ARE YOU ATTRACTING BUT WHAT ARE YOU GETTING ATTRACTED TO?
  • If you keep getting attracted to all the negative things no matter how funny, entertaining, or emotional, you won’t be able to manifest a happy relationship.
  • For a happy relationship, consume things that only talk about happy relationships and nothing else.
  • For a healthy and fit body, you must consume healthy and nutritious food the same way for a happy and positive relationship, you must consume only happy and positive things on relationships. Only watch videos/movies/tv shows and read books/novels/stories/articles that are Positive and Motivating. You can watch funny or comedy shows but make sure they are funny or entertaining in a positive way and they don’t mess up your positive beliefs and manifestations process. You have to be aware of what you are consuming.
  • When you follow this advice and stay away from such negative programs or stuff and friends who have the same struggle, your life will change drastically in just a few weeks’ time.
  • If you are doing practices like affirmations or visualizations or gratitude but still crying for your relationship, and not able to feel positive then the main reason is you are making some or all of these mistakes knowingly or unknowingly.
  • Always remember your Magical Relationship and Life is more important and magnificent than those TV series or Sad songs or Stand-up Comedies or the friend who is struggling in his or her relationship.
  • First, take care of your vibration then your life and relationship will get on track.

Though some of the above advice may seem difficult to implement but remember I have helped 100s of individuals healing their relationship. And those who have followed the above steps diligently they have seen such progress that they have never expected before.

Watch the video below and list to a magical success story of attracting love back.


You are already learning so many best processes through Law of Attraction programs, videos, and posts to achieve your goals but only if you follow the above process you will see exponential success in your relationship.

And the above advice is not just for healing your relationship but the same holds good for people manifesting all kinds of things.

Say NO to all the negative ideas and beliefs about relationships so that you can say YES to Your Happy and Positive Relationship.

Remember you deserve to live the most magical relationship and only if you are dedicated to focusing on the magical sides of relationship you will definitely manifest the most beautiful side of it.

You deserve to have a happy, positive, and loving relationship.

Love & Gratitude,

Awesome AJ

Law of Attraction Coach & Motivational Speaker

Magical Practice Program by Ajaya Mishra

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  1. Thank you so much AJ Sir, for opening our mind frames .Really you clearly in this article have described where we are lacking in manifesting our relationship. A very positive direction you have shown to us. Tons of Thanks to You Sir, Deepa

  2. Thank you so much AJ Sir, for opening our mind frames .Really you clearly in this article have described where we are lacking in manifesting our relationship. A very positive direction you have shown to us. Keep spreading light. Tons of Thanks to You Sir, Deepa

  3. I was always thinking if there was such a magical way to reach our goal. And here i got you anxiety happy to show us the way how anyone can achieve their goals . with their inner power. Thank you soooo much AJ sir.

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