Happiness Does Not Lie In The Future But The Present

Happiness Does Not Lie In The Future But The Present

how to be happy in the present

Message From The Universe For You

You are never living but always hoping to live because you want to achieve so many things to become happy and live your life.

In this deferred happiness plan, most people are living in unhappiness. 

Are you one of them?

Are you waiting to get your dream job to be happy?

Are you waiting to get married to become happy?

Are you planning to buy your dream home to become happy?

Are you expecting to lose few kilo of fat to feel happy?

If you are doing so, then you are living in a delay mechanism of happiness.

In this way, experiencing happiness is a distant dream.

You must understand that happiness doesn’t belong to the future but the present.

Yes, you must experience happiness in the NOW.

But remember happiness in the now doesn’t mean you should not have dreams for future.

As a marvelous creation of God, you must have a clear and compelling vision for future. You must plan for your wonderful future.

But don’t live in the wanting mode all the time. Don’t wait to become happy only when you achieve those dreams.

If you do so then, it will be tough for you to achieve those goals also.

Set your big dreams, set your beautiful future, and create a fantastic image of tomorrow. But learn to enjoy the TODAY.

Always remember, “Happiness lies in the journey and not it the destination.”

You must set a destination, but you must enjoy every single step of the journey.

When you enjoy every single step towards your goal, the Universe makes perfect arrangement for you. You find extraordinary people and situations your way.

Always remember your life is an ocean made of infinite drops known as the NOW.

When you start being happy in the NOW, you attract more opportunities to make you happy both today and tomorrow.

When you become happy today, the Universal law of attraction magnetizes more happiness tomorrow.

With your happiness, the soul of Universe gets nourished. With your happiness, you add your magical story to the book of the Universe.  And with your happiness, you brighten the path you are walking.

Make every moment of your life shine with happiness. Learn to become the man living in the now and not in the future.

Stop being the one who is happy only when dreams come true. But be the one who is so happy now that making dreams come true become totally easy and effortless.

You are the Universal adventurer who will make every leap count. You are the dreamer who is ready to enjoy every step in the journey. You are the superior being who will overcome every negative block on the way.  And you are a divine creation to spread more happiness.

No matter who you want to be, start being happy in the now.

If you wish to become a best-selling author, then don’t wait until your book gets published to become happy but become happy writing even a single page today.

If you want to be a great actor or singer, then don’t wait till you make your debut but become happy in doing your rehearsal today.

If you wish to be a millionaire entrepreneur, then don’t wait till you hit the million-dollar mark to become happy but become happy working on your business plan today.

If you are healing a relationship, don’t wait till you can make the relationship beautiful to be happy but start being happy from the moment you started putting gratitude into action.

If you want to manifest your dream job, then don’t wait to become happy only when you get the job but start being happy the moment you decided that you are getting your dreams job.

This present moment is your doorway to your fabulous future. Live this moment in happiness and stay assured to live your future with success, happiness, and abundance.

This Happy moment is your Gift of Life that is why it is called The Present.

The Universe

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11 thoughts on “Happiness Does Not Lie In The Future But The Present”

  1. Hi A J,
    What a joy to read yet another motivational piece.
    Thanks for sharing these life changing tips!
    I like it when you said this:
    “If you wish to become a best-selling author, then don’t wait until your book gets publish to become happy but become happy writing even a single page today.”
    Oh! That’s really an uplifting thought!
    May You Have Blessed Day Of Rejoicing!
    Season’s Greetings :-)
    Keep Sharing
    ~ Philip

  2. Every day i read minimum 5 post and i feel so lucky no. 1. I don’t know how you meet me but i know this gift for me from universe in the form you. Thank you ………………………………………

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