Faith In God Includes, Faith In His Timing

Faith In God Includes, Faith In His Timing

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Walking on a path for long is never easy, it becomes a true test of your patience and perseverance. But when you follow a dream, when you go in search of your treasure of life, you shall be kept going until you find it.

There is only one truth exists in this universe while some dreamers able to manifest their dreams there are significant others who couldn’t. May it be you are following a fortune, dream job, happier relationship, love of life, great health, miracle healing or simply happiness, no matter what you are following many a time you find yourself on a long path of manifestation. What differentiates between the person who finally manifest their dreams and who couldn’t? It’s their FAITH.

Walking on this long path of manifestation, one has built iron walls of faith that couldn’t be shaken while others gave up on the greatest weakness call DESPERATION. These people who lose faith are the one who couldn’t stand the test of time when their patients lose the brake, their desperation takes the ride and they reach a sign says “GIVE UP”. The moment they agreed with this idea of giving up, their journey comes to an end. That’s the end of their dream adventure.

Most people get themselves into this storm of desperation because they couldn’t trust the timing of God.

If you have put your faith in this power that governs life, once you geared up to fulfill your dreams, no matter what may come just hold on and trust the timing. God can see far ahead than anyone so he knows what’s the best timing for you, just trust him and keep following your dreams.

No matter how long it takes to accomplish your desire, your work is to stay grateful and happy always. When you have patience and gratitude even seemingly unbelievable desires came true.

Everything you desire is meant to be true because it’s not only your desire, but it’s the desire of God. That’s why you should trust God and his timing. Give all your heart and soul feeling gratitude and have patience, everything is meant to be true in front of your very eyes.

Be grateful for what you have in life and keep going, never give up on your dreams, never ever give up on your faith on God and give up on one thing “your feeling of desperation”. When you throw away your desperation and trust God for his timing, your dreams come true even before you asked for.

FAITH in GOD includes FAITH in his timing.

The Universe

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33 thoughts on “Faith In God Includes, Faith In His Timing”

  1. Avinash Gudapati

    With all my heart and soul, I trust universe & almighty to fulfill my one last wish of soul. Your guidance helping me time to time maintaining patience and gratitude. May the universe and almighty fill your life with abundance in all aspects of life.
    Thank you buddy, Infinite gratitude to you, universe and almighty.

    Stay blessed, keep rocking.

    May this universe filled with Abundant Happiness.

  2. I trust universe and universe has always kept me awake ,energized and alive .thank you ajay ji for all your articles ,guidance and efforts to remind and to keep all of us in a gratitude level
    thank you thank you thank you

  3. Hi Ajay, loved this article. I read all your blogs and find them really inspiring…
    I was going through a lot of stress lately as my boyfriend’s wedding was fixed with someone else due to family pressures. Last three months were really tough. I cried, didnt eat, didnt took a toll on my health. I would pray but would always feel time is slipping away until the day i heard Ester-Hicks audio on focusing on what you want as if you already have it..I decided to let God take his time in manifesting my desire and let him test me, my faith in him and my love for my bf.. i know i will win..and started being grateful for everything..and lo..last week my bf told me he has called off the wedding!!! We just need to have faith in God and in our prayers and at the same time believe that God will give us what is best for us.

    Thank you for being there always to guide us, motivate us…

    1. Thank You Prajakta for sharing your story and transformation. Indeed life give you a test and if you go ahead with faith and gratitude you will able to manifest your dreams. The Universe is always with a dreamer. never loose hope, shine high with happiness.

      God Bless You . May the Magic be with you.

    2. exactly!!! it sounds familiar… I can feel your feelings… exactly the same scene of my life
      yepp!! keeping patience & faith especially during rough phases is really the toughest…
      LOVE WINS!!!
      & AJ, you always deserve all blessings for being what you are …

  4. Brilliant write up!! summed it up really well! I am enlightening myself through your blog! :) God Bless YOU!!! Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you

  5. Vidushi Bonomaully

    Thank you so much Ajay! Whenever I feel self doubt creeping up on me, I get these posts from you and this makes rekindles my faith in God, the universe, my dreams and me!!! Thank you so much!

    1. Thank You Vidushi .. The Universe is always taking care of your doubts and fear..this work of mine is a connection between magical people like you and the universe. thank you for being here. Stay Blessed

  6. Hello Ajay Ji this is The best article I have read on this Blog.
    Thank you very much for sharing with us.
    Thank you for motivating and inspiring us.

    1. Tons of gratitude to you Suraj for your magical appreciation… Faith in God and Timing inspire us to kee following our dreams. Stay blessed always

  7. Wow …It is so true it is Gods time not our time…. We get so caught up in I want it now..that we forget who really is in charge….wonderful as always…I thank you AJ for getting me back on track again….May God Bless You …Again Thank you for all you do

  8. Yes to wonderful time of God in theLord´s salvation to give revival too and outpouring of the Holy spirt that last time in love from the father to give second chance to all who believe Christ ,thanks and bless,keijo sweden

  9. Dear Ajay,

    Thank you so much for best article. It gives lots of positive vibrations & uplift my faith in universe. I am on my way to find my dream job in automobile industry. I am sure get in very soon. Once again thanks you & bless.

  10. Dear AJ,

    It’s very inspiring.. Thank you so much. I have full faith in God’s timing.. I am blessed to read your blogs n thanks to God for giving me this opportunity to get so much inspiration from you


  11. Amazing post AJ….beautiful message drafted so well, in a perfect relation to our practical challenges while working on ourselves…on our life journey…Thanks a ton for sharing

  12. Thank you thank you thank you so much for such inspiring post. Really loved it, saved it. Perfectly explained everything. Really thanks a million trillion zillion. Stay Awesome Stay blessed :-)

  13. Sarala Jagannathan

    Loved reading this post..but some desires take almost an eternity to get fulfilled like good health for my mother and getting the love of my do i make these things happen..I have waited for years now for them to manifest.

  14. Thank you so much for this post Awesome AJ.
    It really saved me from frustration and not having faith.
    Thank you ,Thank you,Thank you ….
    God will provide me the best and i have faith in his timings.

  15. Thank you.. Thank you.. Thank you aj.. For this wonderful article.. It has answered all my question.. Given me a deep sense of peace.. And knowing that I completely truly deeply trust in his timing.. Thank you aj for explaining in such simple words that hits you so hard and right on spot.. I always get something motivational from this website.. Mostly spot on.. Thank you thank you thank you.. May God bless you leaps and boundz..thanks for helping each soul out here in our journey.. Making it so inspiring..

  16. Thank You Thank You Thank You AJ..Awesome Awesome Awesome article everall my dreams are on my way ..
    Zillion percent faith On Universe

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