Stop Living Your Fear and Start Living Your Dream

Stop Living Your Fear and Start Living Your Dream


stop living your fear and start living your dream


You are here in this life for discovering the true bliss.

You are here to find the hidden treasure in your soul.

You are here to unfold the immeasurable happiness that gifted to you from ages.

You are here to follow your passion and walk on a journey of your own.

You are here to create abundance and live your dreams.

You are here to brighten your life and inspire the Universe.

As you started your journey of life the universe implant divine desire in your life and those desires become as dreams in your eyes.

Your purpose here is to live those dreams because that is the way to live in bliss, that is the way to becoming happy and that is the way to spread the love and light.

To fulfill your dreams, you have been gifted with immense power and potential to realize them.

But to challenge you on this adventure of life, you got one more force from you and that’s fear.

The immense power, of living your dream, is far greater than the fear. But most people make the fear so powerful that they stop living their dreams.

So many people everyday living in the shadow of that fear and cursing their life asking why their dreams are not coming true.

Rather than living the infinite possibilities of fulfilling their dreams, so many people busy in pumping their fear into a giant of immeasurable strength.

Start thinking about how your deserve your dream job than thinking why it is difficult to find it, think about how magical it is to meet your perfect partner than asking why people are falling in love, start enjoying the magic of being in a loving and happy relationship than giving power to people who are failing in it,  image the unlimited money that you are attracting than talking about lack of money, start talking about the magical healing power of your body to keep you young than talking about why stress and illness has become such a big problem for you.

Stop your fear, Stop right this moment. The fear is nothing but a balloon that you pump every day and it has grown so big that it occupies all your life and you left with little space to breathe happiness.

If you are feeling that you are living far away from your dreams and a giant balloon of fear has occupied most of your life, then step ahead today with a small needle of courage and burst that balloon.

This is the beginning. Maybe in just one day, the balloon can’t be burst completely. But if your resolve to take a step ahead and keep bursting it with the needle of courage, you will surprise in few days or weeks the balloon shrinks to a minimum.Then you will have more space to breathe happiness, you will have enough space to build your dreams.

Things may not change overnight, but there is always a beginning. Start taking the courage of needle for each area of your life every day and start busting a balloon of fear every day.

As soon as you start doing it, you will be the start living your dream job, magical relationship, miraculous health, ageless body, and timeless mind, money magnetism and unlimited abundance.

Start living your dreams and not your fear. Burst the balloon of fear and make space for complete bliss.

The Universe

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7 thoughts on “Stop Living Your Fear and Start Living Your Dream”

  1. Sandhya Venkatesh

    Hi Ajay,

    I came across your blog this morning. I read few posts back to back. You are doing an awesome job. The posts are motivational. I am now going to read more posts. Thank you so much for inspiring me to be fearless. Yes, Ia m going to carry the needle of courage with me all the time. Whenever a balloon of fear appears I am going to burst it with the needle. Isn’t it rightly said fear is False Evidence Appearing Real.


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