Your Success Doesn't Eliminate People, It Attracts More Awesome People

Your Success Doesn’t Eliminate People, It Attracts More Awesome People


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Message From The Universe For You

On the journey of success, often you have been asked: “isn’t your success eliminating people from your life?”.

Some people believe in this idea, that everyone around them is average, may it be friends, colleague or relatives, as they take their adventurous path, as they start tasting success, will these people still exist in their life?

While some others been told that being successful in life is a lonely place. Being successful means you have to get rid of other people in your life who are not so successful, being successful means others get jealous of you and you have no more friends in your life.

If you also heard this advice or often find these doubts in your mind, then here is your answer.

These above perceptions of success journey and successful people might be true for those who believe that success means struggle, success means crushing other to climb up and success journey means fighting with others every day to take possession of power and money.

But for a person like you, all these perceptions are false.

For a dreamer and believer of the Universe, for a follower of happiness wisdom, for the person whose success path build upon the steps of gratitude, he or she doesn’t have to worried about losing people.

This journey is built on passion, love, gratitude, and positivity. There is no fight or cruelty with others, there is no competition or jealousy for the fellow travelers.

Yes, you fight but your success journey is about fighting with inner fear and insecurity, with negativity in the mind and worry in the heart only. It’s only an inner fight and as you win inside, you come with more happiness on the outside.

In this journey you live in happiness, you move with gratitude and on the way, you don’t discriminate anyone but you love all and bless all.

You stay strong and you never yield to the negativity of others. In this journey, certainly few people get eliminated if they never want to be happy or positive and these are the people not eliminated by your success but because they never want to become abundant in their own life.

You have to believe that, if you are true to yourself and you are walking the path of success on the principle of Universal wisdom, no one gets eliminated from your life, but you attract more awesome people into your life.

This journey is not only a journey that lights up your life, but it lights up the life of everyone around you.

Your journey is a blessing journey that let others see the positive light and let them join in.

Don’t agree with the belief of people’s elimination from your life because of your success but tell them that you travel on the path of success and happiness in such a way that it inspires more people than discourage them, it let more people see the light than living in the darkness, it let more people fall in love with you then hate you.

Everyone will find their happiness, light, and abundance, they will be grateful to you for taking the courage to invite success and magic into their surrounding.

Your success doesn’t eliminate people, it attracts more and more awesome people into your life.

The Universe


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