How 28 Magical Practice Can Change Your Life? And Why You Should Do It With Me?

How 28 Magical Practice Can Change Your Life? And Why You Should Do It With Me?

What is this 28-Day Magic Practice, and why should you do it?

This magic practice is one of the most phenomenal exercises in the world of the Law of Attraction, and it was developed by Rhonda Byrne, the creator of The Secret, The Power, The Magic, and now The Hero. This practice is based on her phenomenal book, The Magic. This is a journey of 28 days filled with the power of gratitude. These practices will guide you to erase your negative beliefs from your heart, mind, and soul and develop an optimistic outlook on life. This journey will let you welcome a miracle into your life with the Power of gratitude.

This 28-day magic practice is truly phenomenal. It will give you a direction to create a truly abundant life and allow you to live and feel gratitude.

“Whoever follows it religiously experiences the magic in their life.”

As you complete this 28-day magical practice, you get impregnated with gratitude in your subconscious mind to the extreme; your body vibrates with the power of positivity, and your soul enlightens with love.

How can the 28 magical practices change your life?

This 28-day magical practice helps you train your subconscious mind with a power of gratitude and positivity to attract abundance into your life.

This magic practice can create an abundant life by showering your life with the following gifts:

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Why should you do the 28 magic practices with me?

You may be thinking, If I have or can get “The Magic” book, then why should I join AJ’s course?

I have completed the 28 Magic Practices easily and effortlessly several times before creating this course for all of you.

While interacting with many men and women across the globe on various forums, “I found something surprising.”

Most of them believe in the Law of Attraction and have The Magic Book with them, but they find it difficult to complete. Many of them tried to go ahead with the practice and mostly failed at different stages; some of them failed on the 3rd or 4th day only, while a few others failed on the 11th or 12th. While it is most important to complete the 28-day Magical Practices in one go, they found it difficult.  Many of you have experienced the same thing before. Isn’t it?

While some others have completed but couldn’t experience the magical feeling either, they receive the desired result.

As a result of these failed attempts, many of them stopped doing the magic practice.

If you are going through any such experience, then your search comes to an end here. Cheer up now!

What do I find? Many of them lack proper guidance and understanding of the practices. As a result, they lack the enthusiasm to follow it through to the end. Like most people share, they start the practice without writing down their top 10 desires. While others don’t understand how to express gratitude in a few exercises, Like this, they found many challenges. As a result, they gave up.

The key is that the practice is explained from a universal perspective, but all of us have to customize it for our own lives. If it is clear and easy, then only you can enjoy doing it.

While there are significant others, they need a push and guidance on a day-to-day basis for these 28 days to take them through. Normally, following any new process is difficult, and we all need a guiding hand to keep showing the path till we reach a level from which we can walk by ourselves.

These are the findings that give me this inspiration to develop these 28 magical practices simplified to help and guide people like you on this 28-day magical journey easily and effortlessly.

In this 28 Magic Practice Guided Course, I have made the practices extremely easy and clear for everyone’s understanding, and I will guide you to customize the practice as per your needs. I offer my special tips to follow the practice magically, and I give you the push by sending the magic practice each day to your inbox, which will guide you on how to do the practice and keep you in the flow daily.

Also, you can discuss your experience with me and your fellow magical travelers on the Facebook group and pages dedicated to this magic practice.

This is how this awesome course of mine helps you on your 28-day magical journey.

In our last practice sessions, I guided more than thousands of people, and the results were phenomenal. Most of them were able to complete their magic practice with me after several failed attempts by themselves. Finally, they experience the magic in their life and find the Miracle power within them.

With my awesome understanding of the magical universe and the law of attraction, I am explaining here the simplest method for following these 28 days of magic practice to get your desired result.

If you are looking forward to starting these 28-Day Magical Practices, then you are at the right place.

On popular demand, we are going to start the guided training course again. Remember, this time is far bigger and more magical. You will find more awesome tips and more magic in each practice. More surprises are waiting for you.

Join thousands of others on the phenomenal “28 Magic Practice: Guided Training Course.” Enjoy this phenomenal, life-changing course.


Magical Practice Program by Ajaya Mishra


I have infinite gratitude for you. May the magic be with you.

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

Love and Gratitude,

Awesome AJ

Law of Attraction Coach and Motivational Speaker

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    1. WOW.. Thats fabulous Jen … Enjoy the Awesome book “The Hero” and what would be more magical than starting your Magic Journey from Your B’day .. Beginning of a whole new year with Magic inviting all the abundance into your life.

  2. Hello AJ I wish to subscribe to your 28 magical practices simplified but I am not much of a computer person and no longer have a facebook account. How then can I avail this opportunity? Please help. Thank you Regards Ankita

  3. Rightly said Romy continuous practice is the key for sure..and keep the subconscious aligned to deliver everything you want .. thanks for sharing your thoughts and experience again. Thank You.

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