Law of Attraction: Why Do Bad Things Happen To Good People

Why do bad things happen to good people?

This is very interesting as well as a revealing aspect of human psychology.

There is no clear definition of good and bad for anything and everything.

We all have our own definition of good and bad based on our experiences, learning, and morality. Most of the time we labelled or perceived something good and bad is very personal in nature. Therefore, it happens that what is good for you is not good for your friend or colleague or others. Unless and until something written or establish in society very clearly, we do not accept. And there are many who question that also based on their own personal reasoning.

Sometimes people do define good and bad at their convenience and the term or perceptions arrived at loose assumptions. Therefore, so much confusion exists.

Mostly it ends up being a personal thing in our society. There is no clear definition of good and bad for anything and everything.

In this video, I am discussing one such concept which as highly misunderstood and derived purely from personal experiences and perspective.

The Incomprehensible Truth

In your everyday life, you see a lot of examples where you know someone who is a very good friend or colleague or a relative or even a family member but he/she experienced a very bad situation or bad thing in life. This makes you very uncomfortable, sad and shocked many a time. You are unable to comprehend that how come this unwanted thing happened to this nice man/woman.

If you believe in Law of Attraction, you must have known that ‘Like Attracts Like’ and ‘Whatever you focus on it will expand’. The same way people think so much negative about people and things around them that it ends up attracting negative things and people into their life.

General Pattern of Think Negative:

  • First, thinking negative about our environment, our society, and our country
  • Second, thinking negative about others in a personal relationship and in office. Criticising our friends, family member, colleagues etc.
  • Third, thinking negative about ourselves. Being self-critical, keep finding fault in ourselves and at times we even extend it to our near and dear ones like son and daughter

These negative thoughts, attract more negativity into your life and ultimately it manifested into bad things. So be careful about these thoughts.

Not necessarily you take negative action in the physical sense, thinking is also an action in the Law of Attraction. In fact, thinking is the first action you take whenever you start something.

Good Things Do Exist

When you realize this and start replacing any negative thoughts with a positive thought. Things will change.

When you start believing that something good can happen, there are many things good about others, society, country, and the environment. Good things start happening.

Keep believing in the Universe, good people do exist, good things do happen and most important is do not be harsh on yourself, you are good.

Let me know in the comment, whether this video helped you understand the law of attraction and life better.

Love & Gratitude,

Awesome AJ

Law of Attraction Coach & Motivational Speaker

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