Law of Attraction: What is The TRUE Meaning of LET IT GO

Law of Attraction: What is The TRUE Meaning of LET IT GO

Law of Attraction and Let It Go

“Let It Go” is one of the most important concepts in the Law of Attraction that one must understand to have a positive mindset, to generate positive vibrations about anything, and to manifest anything and everything in life. However, it is one of those concepts that most people get confused about.

As a believer in the Law of Attraction, you often hear or read phrases like “Let go of your dreams, and they will come true.” But you get confused, thinking, “If I let go of my dreams, then how will they come true?” That’s the moment when you get confused and ask yourself, “What is the true meaning of letting it go?”

Here is my video post exploring these meanings and factors that made you confused.

What is the true meaning of letting it go?

In this video, I am discussing the true meaning of ‘Let it Go’. Just to summarize, ‘Let It Go’ does not mean letting go of your dreams. On your journey of pursuing your dreams or life goals, you come across many hurdles, including both internal and external. The most critical ones are the internal obstacles, such as

  • Fear of failure
  • Self-doubt about your abilities
  • Getting frustrated about ‘how’ and ‘when’
  • Negative feelings and thoughts about your dream and yourself

These obstacles are obvious ones, and most of us go through them. These are parts of the journey. However, what differentiates a winner from others is that the winner never lets go of his or her dreams. Not even for a single moment.

Therefore, you must think about your dreams all day, every moment, and whenever you face obstacles like those above that distract you from your aim, you have to be strong and fight back to deal with yourself. The negative side of yourself.

Like obstacles, the universe has blessed us with internal tools that help us get over them. Tools like

  • Positive Affirmations
  • Gratitude
  • Positive Thinking/Mental Attitude

Make your journey successful. These are the keys to achieving your dreams.

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2 thoughts on “Law of Attraction: What is The TRUE Meaning of LET IT GO”

  1. I am finding this course amazing, letting go of the negative thoughts that seen to creep into my brain the hardest to let go. Although only on day three I am noticing the attention of people towards me…..excited for the weeks to come….

    Life is awesome!

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