NEW PASSPORT Manifestation using Law of Attraction & Gratitude

My Law of Attraction Manifestation Story

“Believe in what you want so much that it has no choice but to materialize”

This is a post about how did I manifest my renewed passport that got stuck in the midst of formalities than usual.

The object of sharing is that you will get to know how to approach things that got stuck for some reason. You can replicate these processes and methodologies to manifest your desires uninterrupted.

When my old passport was about to expire, I applied for this new passport knowing that getting a new passport or renewing a passport has become very easy these days because of the government’s proactive approach toward it.

So with high on positivity, I started my process and realized that getting the passport done is easy like a cakewalk for people who have continued living in one address for a long time or at least more than a year. However, in my case, it becomes a big challenge since I kept changing my address because of my work. So caught up in some issues related to my residential proof.

As per rule, I have submitted all the documents and thought that everything will get sorted out in the next 20-25 days and I would get my renewed passport within the prescribed time limit.

When I found that things were not moving at all, as the first step of police verification was still pending after a month, that supposed to be completed by now. So I did everything that was required to initiate the process that includes calling the Passport Office, the Police Station and the concerned officers who were assigned for my verification. After all this, my verification got done but nothing moving.

Again it got on hold for another month at various level and no status updated on the website. Though all the formalities were done from both the side, however, it not moving ahead without any reason.

Weeks after weeks gone but the status was same.

Then I thought I must use the supreme power I have, i.e. Gratitude and Law of Attraction. So I turn into the Universe and started writing ‘Gratitude Letter’ to all the people who involved in getting your things done and I got the results within a week.

It was magical as usual. So the process is quite simple, watch the video above how to use gratitude and imagination to manifest things that got stuck for some reason or no reason.

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Love & Gratitude,

Awesome AJ

Law of Attraction Coach & Motivational Speaker

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3 thoughts on “NEW PASSPORT Manifestation using Law of Attraction & Gratitude”

  1. With so much of negativity, it is not possible to change yourself. You must let go of what happened in the past and focus on the journey of life ahead with positivity and gratitude.

  2. Thank you Sir for awesome video of manifestion of dreams before come into our hands through gratitude!!!

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