How to Achieve Phenomenal Success in Exam using Law of Attraction

How to Achieve Phenomenal Success in Exam using Law of Attraction

exam success with law of attraction

Do you know how to achieve phenomenal success in your exams using the Law of Attraction?

Do you want to discover how the Law of Attraction can help you achieve your dream results in your exams?

Do you wonder how to use it for your studies and phenomenal exam success?

Most of the students are well aware of the Law of Attraction and are using it in their lives, but most of them are clueless about how to use it for success in exams. Your search comes to an end here. All your doubts and questions will be answered in this article with a guided, step-by-step solution.

So far, this post has changed the lives of thousands of students across the globe, and if you have resolved to use the Universal Secret of the Law of Attraction for your success in studies, then it’s worth reading.

Many times I have been asked by students from different age groups and diverse fields if they have an important exam ahead, and they are clueless about how to use the Law of Attraction principle to achieve awesome results. Many of them share that most of the books or movies on the law of attraction talk about how to attract money, love, health, or a job, but none of them talk about exams and results.

After helping hundreds of students and guiding them to utilize this universal wisdom in the right direction to achieve remarkable success in exams and normal studies, I am writing this post to reach many more students who are waiting for this guidance.

Whether you have a school, college, or university exam, or whether you have a professional course test like the GMAT, GRE, SAT, engineering, or medical entrance test, Whether you have a university admissions test or a competitive exam like the IAS, IES, or CA, Whether you have these exams after a week or after a few months, there is a certain way of working with the universe. If you work in alignment with the universe, you can produce results far better than what you have prepared for.

Many people complain that the Law of Attraction has failed them in exams, and they don’t believe in it anymore.

Where do people go wrong about the Law of Attraction in exams?

The most common remark I found in various forums is that many students come and say my exam is a few days or a couple of weeks ahead. Now I want to use the law of attraction to get the best result because I haven’t studied or prepared throughout the year. The next question is: shall I visualize all day that I am getting the best result and I will have that right? The law of attraction will help me, for sure.

And my answer to them is no; the universe doesn’t work this way to give you everything without doing anything. Don’t think of the Law of Attraction as a quick-fix formula; just visualize for a few days or weeks without studying and expect miracles.

The same thing happened after a few weeks; the result got published, and they started telling everyone that the Law of Attraction doesn’t work, and that’s why they have failed.

The Law of Attraction is the most natural law of the universe and works all the time, so if you don’t do anything all the time and expect miracles, then you get nothing because you are doing nothing, so you are getting nothing.

What is needed is affirmative action, yes! The law of attraction works in synchronization with affirmative action.

If you take affirmative action and follow the principle of the Law of Attraction, then you can achieve remarkable success. Even the result will be far more magical than you prepared for.

What is affirmative action?

As a student or as a professional competing for an exam, your action is your preparation. Your preparation to the best of your knowledge and skills with extreme optimism is your affirmative action. Preparing to the best of your capabilities means you are telling the universe that you are ready for success and that you deserve it.

If you don’t study, if you don’t prepare, how do you get the feeling of deserving success? And if you do not feel deserving, how can you receive success?

No matter where you are, no matter how many days, weeks, or months you have left for the exam, if you decide today to have only succeeded in the end, then go give your best and give your greatest with happiness and optimism. Take this affirmative action to magnetize the universe for your success.

People take action still, but why don’t they succeed?

Always remember that many people have great knowledge and skills; they prepare to the best of their ability, but still, they fail. Why?

Because they lack faith and confidence in themselves and their preparation, they prepare with doubts and appear for exams with fear. As a result, they perform much lower than they prepared for or get so nervous during the exam that they can’t recall the knowledge from their brain.

I am sure many of you have experienced this in life. The most common experience is that the moment many people leave the exam hall and feel a bit relaxed, all the answers flash in their minds, and they say, “Damn! I have studied this well but couldn’t recall it. This sounds familiar.

When the result was published, you got a performance below your expectations, and you wondered why this always happened to me.

Yes, this is where you have taken action, but you didn’t get the deserving result, and this is exactly where the Law of Attraction comes to your rescue to get the result beyond your preparation.

how to achieve success in exam

How does the law of attraction create remarkable success in exams?

Affirmative action aligns with the Law of Attraction, and visualization gives you remarkable success.

Now I am going to guide you on what you should do to be in the right alignment between preparation and the law of attraction.

The first thing that you need to understand is that “if you keep your calmness and optimism high, you can create a miracle.”

The second is to accept the responsibility for where you are now and be ready to start the journey. Whether you have your exam in a week or a few months, whatever has been done, whether you have prepared well by now or not, is already your reality. So accept that and get ready to create the miracle.

AJ’s Awesome Action Tips: Work like this from now on

  • Be happy and confident, and no matter how big the exam is, do your study in full faith that you are going to do your best on the exam and get your best result.
  • Take an hour or 30 minutes off every day and think of the most probable areas your heart says may come up in the exam. Prepare them as best as you can. This is the process of using the power of intuition to guide us to guess what may come. This is the universal way of working.
  • Every time you open a book, a chapter, or a page on your laptop or computer, say to the book and yourself, “I am confident and I have strong faith that this is my best study, and I am going to do the best in this exam.”
  • Every day, take 5 to 10 minutes from your schedule and meditate. This will connect your mind to the infinite intelligence of the universe. You can do this meditation in the morning, evening, or before going to sleep at night.
  • As you finish the meditation, visualize for a moment that now you are studying with happiness and you are getting everything stored in your memory.
  • Have Your Vision Sheet: Take a piece of paper and write down the result of the exam you want to achieve. Example: Likewise, whatever your desired result, write it down in big font and paste it in front of your study table or cupboard, or make it your laptop or desktop background.
    • If you want to get 80% on your semester exam, then write down, “I scored 80% in my semester exam.”
    • If you want to top the IAS Exam 2015, write down, “I am the IAS Topper of 2015.”
  • Every time you see it, rather than getting doubtful and scared, say thank you and feel happiness. This will program your subconscious mind to make you fully confident and infuse the deserving feeling within every cell of your body.
  • Also, you can Google a dummy result sheet of the same exam or make a copy of someone who has given it before, write down your name and the exact result or marks you want in the result sheet, and paste it near your vision sheet for the exam. It works like a miracle. I have seen many people who did this get the closest result to the dummy result they prepared for.

If you prepare for your exam with happiness and confidence, you will surely get a great result, but if you let doubt and fear surround you, no matter how much you study, you will get a lesser result than you expected. Also, if you don’t study and expect a miracle to happen, then that also never comes true.

The Law of Attraction is about being confident of the best result even before you get it and giving your best effort every moment of it, believing that you are destined for greatness. So the whole universe works to give you the result you want.

Keep studying well with happiness and optimism.

If at all you failed before in such competition, but today reading this in a quest to win your dream this time, I must say that when you understand it right, the whole universe comes to make this rearrangement of exams for you. There is no accident in the universe; everything happens for a reason. Though you have failed before, when you understand it now, it means the universe is allowing you to do it in the right way with extremely good preparation and the utmost positivity to succeed in the test with flying colours.

And in the end, have this in mind: no matter what others say, no exam is big, and no way are you small for it. If you believe in it, you are the most deserving person out there in the arena.


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Thank you to the universe for this enlightening wisdom.


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  1. thanks a ton for this. Have my post graduation exams next year June . Shall use these tips. Awaiting more posts on this topic. Thanks .

    1. Sangeeta….Zillions of Thank U for all the appreciations and gratitude .. You always inspire alot.. God Bless You .. .. I will definitely post the further way to create miracle at job and iterview.. May the Universe fulfill all your Dreams . God Bless You


    2. Hai sir,
      I am appearing for civil services 2018. I want to know how to give affirmations to mind on clearing this exam with specific service I want…
      Can I Say – I secured xyz rank in CSE 2018 exam or
      I am ranker of CSE 2018 exam.
      I am confused in framing right affirmations….
      I read somewhere.. that affirmations are to be in present tense…. so if I use secured – it is past tense right… please help me with correct and accurate statements…

  2. Thank you Thank you Thank you for your guidance AJ. I am working in Pharmaceutical company and pursuing my Part time MBA finance 2nd yr today i got my exam time table it would start from 26th Nov 13
    I was thinking a hour before. How to use gratitude for exam i want to be topper this time. I practiced gratitude for completing my first year. I am very much inspired by your post i was thing today how to manage job and studies but now i m more confident. I will do my best and nice to know that you are gong to write on How to Achieve Phenomenal Success in Interview/Job Interview with Law of Attraction” and “How to transform your weak area of studies in to your strength using Positive Affirmation”. I am looking forward for a new job in finance department where i can learn and earn good. Make better career opportunity. Every day when i start my work i said ‘I love my job thank you for keeping me emploed. My dream job has come for me as you post for one of the magic practices.

    Give me some tips how to attract soul mate. I am practicing it. Give me ur ideas it will help me more.

    1. Hey Shradhha….Zillions of Thank U for all the appreciations and gratitude you send in my blog and in the magical group…and I am sure Magic will Bring More and More Magical Moments at your professional and personal life everyday ..Keep making wihshes and be happy for its realisation before you see it in physical reality.. God Bless You .. .. I will definitely post the further way to create miracle at job and also guide you in manifestation of your perfect soulmate. …You are amazingly confident and powerful.. let your magic flow everywhere. Magic Shower on You.. May the Universe fulfill all your Dreams . God Bless You

  3. Piyush Shrivastava

    Thank you bhai for this incredible post . Although i know each and everything except intution power concept you mention in this post . But now i understand it that sometimes i don’t know why (previously) i do any nonsense activity and suddenly after sometime something regarding that nonsense activity appears in front of my eyes. Thank you so much bhai :)

    1. Piyush…..Zillions of Thank U for all the appreciations and gratitude ..Yes these things all we know and what I do is I present everything connecting to our everyday quest of Dreams in the most pragmatic from for everyone usa of LOA easily and effortlessly. God Bless You .. .. I am happy that u realise where u wree right and where werent so that now correct that transition on path of success.. May the Universe fulfill all your Dreams . God Bless You

  4. Awsum article awsum aj…lovd it…it cleared many of my doubts abt d law of attraction n hw it wrks …evn i used to think dt v cn hv evrythng widout doing anything by simply visualising it…thnk u thnk u thnk u for dis great insight…u r a blessed soul…

    1. Hii Sonakshi… Infinite Gratitude to you for all your appreciations and gratitude ..I am happy that the way I present everything connecting to our everyday quest of Dreams in the most pragmatic form of LOA to use easily and effortlessly helps you to teh core .. …. May the Universe fulfill all your Dreams . God Bless You

  5. ..Thank u soo much sir,
    because..this…is..what..the max..people..wanted to know….
    I was also this, i hv an experience..abt..this,
    when…i hv..many shor my exams..
    I always do that…
    ….i..also..make..idea..frm my inner voice..that..which part..may exam..
    the answer of my intuation..was always right…..

    I recently gave..the exams of my 4th..sem of bca..
    Only in 10 days i prepared..
    And..the syllabus..was..min..of.2.months…
    But i selected..the imp parts..and..exact…before..half an hour …to entering the exam hole..
    I always do..this
    by eyes.. notes,or book..frm anywhere..
    Which i see…first..
    I again revise that topic..
    It has also fr
    max. Time..
    I hv shared..this..
    To boost the confidence..of the students who r new to..LOA
    ..u..hv….also a strong belief on
    you hv shared..
    The vry vry imp…topic,…
    ..thank u so much :-)

    1. Hii Gourav.. This is an incredible share and at the same time I send infinite gratitude for loving my work and let me know that really what i was expecting is true so many people look for this wisdom to help them realise their potential and I am truly inspired all the experience you had.. thats amazing and very true this is how our intuition guide us and this is how Universe help us if we are ready and believe in it. Thank U Thank You ..Thank You

  6. Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuu sooooooo muchhhhh… You have answered all my questions… I was so sure will get the best guidance n yes I am getting it…. Thank you thank youuuu thankkkkkkkkkkkkkkk youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu sooooooo muchhhh Ajay…. Lotsssss of love and blessings to youuuuuu friend…

  7. Thank u thank u thank u..
    ..i m always ..grateful to u..sir,
    ..thanks fr adding me ur group.28 magic practice the secret by rhonda byren
    .thnx fr adding me on ….ur fb profile..
    Thnx fr everything..:-)..
    ,i m also ur rply in my inbox..i know..u will rply when..u will free..
    So….i can wait..sir,
    ..i just want to say ..that..
    :-) :-) :-)

  8. thankuuuu sooo much sir for the wonderful post..!!!!!
    i oly hav 1 doubt is how to use de daily 1/2an hour o 11 hour to increase the intuition..!!!
    like how to think of what are the most probable area that may come in examination..!!
    pls help me out with it sir..!!
    thankuuu soooo mch once again sir..!!

  9. Dear AJ thank you this post very helpful. I have an exam this winter, and I really would like to achieve the highest score, and as you said I should write it down, but I am actually a little afraid to go for the highest score, do you think I should just go for the second highest score? thanks

    1. Hi Mj,
      Tons of gratitude for all the appreciation and don’t be afraid of having the highest score, if you have fear it will be difficult for you to be even second. Remember your competition is with no one, it is with you only and your challenge you to be the best you can be. Universe is with you, focus to be ultra-high performer in you effort. Stay Motivated, Stay Awesome

  10. Anuraag Bhaskarbhatta

    Thanx a lot Awesome AJ. i have applied law of attraction and have realized that life is simple and awesome if you r on the right track. there’s one more personal i wanted to ask. is there any way i can contact you personally thru email or smething to putforth my query.
    U r awesome and keep up the gud wrk.
    I am a 20 yr old engineering student from mumbai.

  11. Thank you so much for this wonderful post…i have already written my CA exams n my results will be out in 2 months…can i use the LOA to pass my exams ( i have already written them) if so how? i had already started using the LOA during my exam preparations but not exactly as how u have askd to..thanku so much :)

    1. Hi .. I am glad to know you use LOA well during your exam. Definitely you should use it now for your perfect result.

      Everyday practice gratitude for your best result for receiving it.
      Express gratitude for all the people evaluating your paper for really understanding your answers and giving you good score.
      Print a Result sheet of the exam with your name and the marks you desired to score and have it near your bed or study table and when you look at it feel that you are getting exact marks and being highly successful.
      Also write gratitude to God or Universe for giving you a truly abundant life with the amazing career and result you always desired.
      Be happy all the time. Enjoy life to fullest and you get what you want.

      Stay Blessed..move the whole Universe with your intention.

      1. Thank you so much for the quick reply. I am truly grateful.will follow this for sure. thanks a ton :) I have a doubt suppose a person hasn’t used the LOA during their exam preparations and suppose their exams went badly ie say a person has already written their exams and the exams did not go well and he got to know about the LOA only after writing the exam can he use the LOA to get the desired result? if so how? your reply would be really helpful.Thanks a ton :)

        1. Hi Tons of gratitude for all the love and appreciations. Regarding your question if someone has already performed badly in exam and applying LOA afterward will change the result. The answer is no. if someone hasn’t performed well then he cant change the result with LOA, but yes understanding of LOA and practicing it make him or her understand how the Universe work and how action and power of attraction go hand in hand. So it may not help improving the result of the exam already given , but practicing LOA and understanding it help them perform phenomenally in many more exams of life ahead. After all life is not about one exam, its about so many exam at every mode. The key is that sooner or later you understand the Universe and geared up for a better life. Its definitely make you a much better person who can create happiness easily and effortlessly.
          Isn’t that awesome in itself?

  12. Dear AJ, thank you for this inspirational page. Is there some kind of affirmation to believe you are clever enough for an exam? My problem is dont feel clever enough to write an academic paper. And is it possible to change the situation just three days before handing in the paper.
    Thanks Marianne

    1. Thanks Marianne..for loving the work..and yes affirmation works wonder to create confidence within you to be the best and give best in exam.

      As I understand you are lacking in confidence that you can do great in the exam. Use following affirmation few times a day, specially before going to sleep:

      “I am confident, well prepared and well equipped with all the knowledge and skills required for the my best performance. Always exams are easy and effortless for me. My memory is so powerful that now I confidently reproduce everything I have learned, in the exam. My results are always magnificent because exam is very easy for me. I am the best, my exam are always best. Thanks to my amazing confidence, knowledge and memory power.”

  13. thanks for the wonderful article…i have my CA Inter exams in three months i have to start studying .people say thats not enough time but i really really want to pass the exam and get a rank…is it possible with the law of attraction and if so how?? i would be very grateful if u reply :)

  14. After having not qualified(came to know through internet) in any exam,can I attract good scores through manifestations especially when I have not yet received the official score card?Is there any way?Please explain Ajay Sir.

  15. Thanks a lot sir, i was in need of an explanation like this,.. i’am really grateful to you, thank you, thank you, thank you.. :)

  16. Its a lovely post ! I wish every examinee go through it & have incredible & desired Success . It always works for me :)

  17. I followed this article and did everything that I can, I was confident before exam.. but I made some stupid mistakes in the exam..can I still manifest my desired result??

  18. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I’ve always believed in the law of attraction but lately i’ve been feeling a little down. After reading this, all the questions i’ve been asking myself for years have finally been answered. Now to go and ace my A/Ls this august :) . Again thank you very much for your wisdom!

  19. Dear AJ, i have to hand in a project in two weeks, and i really need at least a B, and i have been Working very hard and Tried to believe i Will get a B. Today my supervisor told me the project is only a C and she didnt Think i could change to a B in two weeks. How Can i change the situation a still get a B? I hope you Can help. Thank you:)

  20. your words of wisdom has given me positive attitude, self-confidence, and saying good bye to all my fears and embracing only success. Thank you!

  21. Thank you so much sir. I have my precious dreams to cherish. Will love to do it under your valuable guidance

  22. Million thanks AJ I m preparing for upsc but it’s that I get panic a lot during exam n bcuz of that my mind become uncertain plz suggest me what shud

    1. Hi Mithila,

      Thanks for all the appreciations. This article is meant to make students and aspiring candidate aware about the fear and panic due to exam and how that is unnecessary. Everyone is meant to focus on their own success.

      To gain more confidence I suggest you to make a vision board for success and practice the affirmation given above.

      To over come your fear and panic start practicing Meditation and that will help you discover the inner strength.

      I will post more magical particles on Meditation. Keep following this blog,

      Thanks, Success is waiting for you.

  23. Hello Ajay. I have been reading your messages. Have been of great help to me. But sorry this time I am going to raise a question. This article is awesome. Rather I will say more than awesome but I disagree to use this by a Chartered Accountancy course students….
    Point 1. After so many of attempts I have come to the conclusion that it’s matter of good luck to clear CA exams…no were in your article luck factor is cleared…
    Point 2. After attempt to attempt students subconscious minds fills with “this cannot happen uptill ICAI doe not decides to pass us inspite of efforts” “I am not lucky” “Reserved nature during exam preparation days and before results because negative people will affect us” “seeing failures frequently” “vast portion”
    and many more
    There are many more points which i cannot write down here….
    so i would instead request you to know the course and write an article for CA students help..I am saying this because you are a good writer and I was searching an article which can help me…this was one i found ….you are guided to help …may be…
    A grateful girl

    1. Dear Sonia,

      Thank you for appreciating this article and at the same time coming with the believe and notion most CA student having in India. I have seen many CA student failing again and again. And I am grateful that you come up with some of the most belief they are challenging with.

      To your 1st point that this article is not enough for CA exam is not agreed to me. I belief this article is well enough for any kind of exams and there are people form diverse background of Civil service to Medical, IIT & CAT exams aspirant followed it and achieve success the students including CA also, also this doesn’t work in India only there are many student across Globe has got success because this is not any exam specific it’s universals and work anywhere.

      Next is what you said that it need luck to pass the CA exam and You have failed many times so you and many student felt so . I heard this always ..but again I am not agreed to this also. Coz there is nothing called luck.. luck is a sum total of Inspired action and pure confidence on own self. The one who cracked any big exam and go ask them they never say its luck coz they knew its a combination of Work, Believe and Confidence. 2nd if it would have been a lottery and they pick just 3 luckey winner than we may have called luck but not here in exam. Ask yourself, isn’t every years students passing this exam ? How many student passed ? Suppose 100 students then accept that to pass this you have to be in top 100 only nothing less. If you heard of the AIMMS, India’s top Medical College .. it has only 100 seat every years to the top 100 student only get seat not a single more. so accept that if you are not clearing it means you haven’t reach there. Time to prepare better and give your best.

      Regarding the other point like reserved nature, lack of confidence and lacking positivity before exams and result, I accept that these are the challenges and everyone face this and these are well address in the article how to make yourself confident and what kind of affirmations to follow and all. Please read the article again.

      I definitely accept your suggestion to write an article about CA exams and in fact I will publish the interview or discussion with a very successful CA and now a renowned teacher teaching CA students on how to make it happened and why student failed year after year.

      Thank you for your insightful questions and wait for the upcoming post.

      Thank you.

      1. Hello sir Geetha here! I’m also a person doing CA.. I do agree with all what u said but even I have a small doubt about one thing that- in your article u have said that no matter how many weeks or months you are left with, just believe in yourself nd be confident.. The law of attraction works.
        But in CA people say that it needs atleast certain reserved time to prepare for rank.. says it requires minimum 6 months preparation to get Rank..
        So can we expect any miracle which can work within 2 or 3 months ??? Can we create miracle with short span of time with all our 100% hard-work??
        Plzzz do suggest me AJ as I’m ready to take this challenge nd work on this LOA.. but can something work in short period is my doubt.. plzzz do help me as I have my CA exam in 2.5 months and I’m already using 55*5 nd two cup method for it..

        So pls let me know what else I can do to get the best results..

  24. Siddhant kulkarni

    Hey AJ read ur post its super awesome but i really need ur help. my boards will he there within a month’s time and the main exam jee for which I’m preparing is in April can u plz help me abt this where to start from now plz. _/_

    1. Hey Siddhant Thank You for loving this post and finding it useful. As you have exam in a month of time, make an action plan now. Decide what are your strength and weak area. Make a plan to devote yourself extremely all these month to maximise your result.

      Also keep focus on your positivity, keep affirming that you are fully prepared and you can learn stuff very fast and your are a genius , make a vision board of the kind of result you want and start devoting and it will increase your faith to super high level.

      Tons of magic to you.

  25. siddhant kulkarni

    Hi AJ. My name is siddhant and i think u can help me. my boards will be there within a month’s time and the two main entrance exams of my life i.e jee mains and advanced will be there within 2 and 4 months resp can u guide me coz im really very confused how to use loa in my studies plz reply AJ asap… plz…

  26. thank you bhaiya for coming as a blessing in disguise into my life . I’m so grateful to God for blessing and helping me through you. I’ve my medical entrance in may and I’ve complete faith and belief that i will be pass it with flying colours . i owe you and your blog :)
    thank you again and may the happiness be with you.

  27. Now i know i am going to achieve my biggest goal of my life!
    thanx a tonn for guiding me and for gave me goosebumps.

  28. Thank you so much, I know that universe never says no, but thanks to this post I can organize my thoughts. In two days I have very important exam and I just know that with the power of universe I can be calm and wait for my dreamy score. Thanks for everything! Lots of love! xxx

  29. Ajay Sir,
    Thankyou for this article. It’s quite helpful.

    I am a CA student. Exams are coming and even after trying my best feeling as if I am nowhere.. Trying to be positive and while searching how to apply LOA for studies I found this article. I get scared, fall and then get up and try.. This has become a routine.

    Will try to follow what you wrote in this article..

    I read a comment of a CA student and your reply that you will be writing an article on the same. Can you please share that link if possible?


  30. Thanks alot Ajay! This helped me for a huge exam in the past and I was looking for this post since past week. I am so happy I found it again. I really appreciate your posts and inspiring others. I have an exam in a few days, I have prepared hard and I’m SO glad it went amazing!

    1. Hi Aishwarya.. Thanks a zillion for sharing your experince and I am glad you found this article and it helped you great way. Massive success to you ahead in life. Thank You.

  31. I really liked this post. I saw a comment of a CA student and there your explained things to her giving example of AIIMS. I have AIIMS entrance test on 1st June 2015. I study 4 hours daily. I use all your tips mentioned here. Can it help me get there? Please reply.

  32. Sir, regarding ‘gratitude’ can i just write it once in my notebook giving thanks to the universe and looking/reading it daily instead of wriring it down again and again…..

  33. Hi.
    I Have very important exam in 59 days.
    I want to study hard for it and Keep my postivity High.
    I want to study bcos i love it and i want to give exam bcos it is my aim.
    But i have time period of 59 days for tough exam..
    I hope i Can do it

  34. Thanks a lot man, I’m going to sit for my trials next month and im not the brightest of students. I feel that this will help me through the exam that I’m going to sit and the many others that will come. God bless you. I’m 15 and Malaysian. You can check out our PT3 exams. Its quite a tough ride.

  35. AJ…..u’r the Best sir, thanks a Zillion Million times for this post,the law of attraction lands me here automatically. …the LOA attends to my immediate desire for success by leading me here…. I read it allover again for almost an Hour….I wrote everything down in my New diary….God bless u too…..u’v pointed a Finger of Success to me, the World will point Multiple fingers of success, prosperity, blessings to u too…..Ur post gave me a clearer insight to LOA……I’m renewed with this….the post should be named ELIXIR-OF-SUCCESS in examinations……

    1. Loads of Gratitude and success to you Akin. Massive success to you and yes the law of attraction is making the arrangements. This is truly the Elixir-Of-Success in Examinations.

  36. Alexis Jennings

    Thank You SO much AJ! This posting was EXACTLY what I needed. I take my GRE July 22 and am feeling extremely more confident and relaxed I will do well. I relate so much to this post!!!! I use the law of attraction and gratitude so much in my life and it works amazingly! I was looking to relate it to academics as well and I stumbled upon your post!

    I can not thank you enough for this post and what you do!

    I am honestly eternally grateful and indebted to your kindness.


    Alexis Jennings

  37. Hey thank yu thank yu….thnx a ton Ajay….I hav my post grad entrance exam in 3 months….and according to me to haven’t even started and was way behind my colleagues….was really scared and tension wasn’t letting me move ahead….dis is exactly wat I needed today….thnx allot… u hav removed that mental road block I had…..n I m sure I can b confident and start workin wdout qorryin much abt results….

  38. thank you for my score of 243 on the step 2 ck exam!! i feel great that i scored a 243 on the step 2 ck exam! i worked very hard and had faith every step of the way in my abilities!!

      1. Dear AJ, I wanted to join your Magic course. When is the next available date? Please guide me according. I have been wanting to do it for a long time but each time I think I don’t have enough time in my life to dedicate to this. But now I have decided to make time. Thank you very much.

        1. Dear Aish, You can join the course today itself. Coz now due to all demand from people all over the globe, I have created the system that anyone can start the course any day from the beginning and without missing anything. Lets Start.

  39. Thank you, thank you, thank you AJ for this awesome post! God bless you for getting in my way and everything..!!

  40. Thanks a lot Aj Sir… :) now, am perfectly clear about, how to exactly use LOA in every walk of my life, including studies… :)

  41. Sir, I am studying for competitive exams but I often loose my focus and concentration while studying.I study hard when I am focused but after some time I loose my attention and waste a lot of time and then I become very sad and depressed that now nothing good could happen with me and my future is in dark.Can I manifest focus and concentration through law of attraction? also most of the time some things like a severe disease become an obstacle in my studies, I know this is all because of my negative thinking but I am not able to improve.Please help me sir.
    Thank You

    1. Follow the action plan in this post and everything will change. If you ask me what more you should do without following these then I must tell you unless you follow it religiously you won’t see improvement. So start practising on a daily basis.

  42. Hi Aj, I have civils in December (7 papers). After 1st round I had 115 days then I studied for a week and thought there is very less time. After a week I stopped and something very unfortunate happened and I couldn’t study for 21 days. Day by day time is passing by. Now I have started again and I have only 90 days. Only one question keeps on popping “will I be able to make it?” and I am so far behind than others. I have used LOA before in life and after reading this article I did get some confidence but this time I don’t know what is happening. I still feel I have less time and I have to start some subjects from scratch. I am thorough with the basic books. Please help me. I have to clear this exam.

    1. If you are going through this confusion then I believe you haven’t read this post well. It’s not about what other are doing it about what you are going to do in the time left in your hand. If you give ur best.. you will get what u deserve. So dont waste time and put ur heart and soul into work. All the best.

      1. Hi Awesome AJ, Kudos to you! Your reply is a true eye opener and means a lot to me. I re-read the post again. I had already read it many times-got motivated and it faded away BUT this time I realized it was really me who did not want to start and was surrounded by fear and doubt. Now no more of it! Started with the AFFIRMATIVE ACTION + LOA + the tips you have provided, and the Universe has given me the opportunity which I AM using to my fullest. My interaction with you and coming across this post is a sign of the Universe. Thank you is not enough for this but still THANK YOU! You are a great mentor, guide and a friend. Keep writing and keep motivating us! And thank you for the quick reply.

  43. Hello Sir, I have the most imp exam of my career 2 months ahead and your post is simply awesome! According to me I hadn’t even started properly for the exams…was really scared and tension (less time & large syllabus) won’t let me go ahead…but now all mental blocks are cleared and I am following each tip you mentioned. Just the right thing I needed now! Law of attraction got me at this post. Now I am pretty confident and can study without worrying about the time left and results. An infinite amount of thanks to you and gratitude to you. You bring success to others and success will definitely shower more on you.


  44. thank you so much aj awesome sir
    I will prepare for my exams nd get an awesome result ….
    I know form now i am the topper of BDS 2015 batch ….
    thank you thank you thank you sir…..

  45. Just love the post and fond my previous version of versity life…cause all these I done subconsciously… And I didn’t know them before..but now the secret revealed…really amazing.. Now just I have to just become my that version..and everything will change… Amazing..thank you thank you thank you…

  46. Thank u aj …u will give me right suggestion in right time…thank u for guiding in exam point of view …really am in the need of that…thank u…

  47. Hi, I have given my exam and awaiting my result.i have done the hardwork and everything that was expected of me. how do I get the law of attraction to work for me now? I have 2 months left until the result.please advise

  48. Hi Sir, your article is great I am a professional student facing failure from past 3 year for the same exam, I dnt know where I am lacking I study hard BT didn’t get the result. Now I m hopeless and I am not in a condition to give exams BT still giving without any preparation only because its my only dream in life tmmwwr is my last exam and I am reading your article today.
    I have watched n applied law of attraction n even get the results for money etc BT its not working for me for exams.
    As per my current condition I am hopeless and dnt kw where I am going for that I even approached astrologers BT still haven’t get any result.
    If u have anything special for me then please share..

    1. Stop following astrologer and stop giving exam with hopelessness and no preparation..that way you meant to failed. If you want to give exam give with strength and positive mind following everything in the post and you will succeed.

      1. Ok, one more thing I want to clarify here, I have gave exams now, so is LOA also works if we attract positive result??
        Even the exams are not that much good, because as per your previous posts and article LOA can give us anything….

        And frm past 3 years I gave my exams with full strength bt get only half of it and I kw I dnt deserve failure….

        Plz help me in this too.

        1. Focus on the positive result only. Moreover, if you give your best with a complete positive mind you will succeed for sure. You must be having some fear during last attempts …now time to remove fear and focus on the positive outcome only. And let the Universe deliver your result.

  49. hello sir, I m studying in tybaf
    and I appear my board exam in this last month. through out the year I have studied properly in my exams but some studies have studied at the time of exams.some exams gone tuff and some exams gone very easyy. I want to achieve good marks for this exam and I m thinking very positive for the upcoming results will I get good marks with the help of law of attraction??? pls help sir

  50. I have given my CA exams and am awaiting my results. Please tell me how I can use positive affirmations and law of attraction to achieve positive result

  51. Thank you Ajay! This is what I just needed. I am aspiring for a specific college and the exam is in 3 weeks. Nothing ever has meant to me so much as this. I have prepared very well and have firmly believed that this is it…I am going to make it come what may…
    however as the exam date is coming closer ….I have been asking myself , have I prepared well enough? I know that this thought itself is not in alignment to what I want to experience….and so it is bothering me. You have put your advise so nicely that it feels that yes I am surely gonna make it.
    Thank you so much! World needs more people like you.

  52. thank you .

  53. Thnkuuuu Thnkuuu Thnkuuuu………..I want to prove myself….Bcz i got fail in last yo last exam due to sm circumstances….After read that….I believe I CAN…..I CAN…..:-) Thankuuuuu

  54. Exactly what i needed, I’ve my engineering entrance exam after 12 days. Thank you AJ! I always knew about the LOA. But never got a sure sort way or concept of making my desires happen. This post clarified me to the most. Now i’m more confident. :)))

  55. hello AJ I just now came to know about this blog
    Btw I have also once used Law of attraction for my Exams
    This was my Bsc Biotechnology 3rd Year exam I was busy in doing my project work and I had hardly few days to do my study for University exams. I followed this method
    I had hardly 20 days and I had to cover 5 subjects (4 Major subjects)
    I just took out 20 Questions from last 4-5 Year papers.
    I keep faith that all this Questions will come in my exam I practiced them very well
    And I gave my exam… Although I was Not sure of the result after I gave exam but in vacations I daily affirmed that I have 71.5%
    To my surprise I have scored 71.1% in my my 3rd year exam.
    Some one was mentioning about the CA exams
    I would like to say that the exams which are more uncertain and have subjective (Written exams )form of exam have highest chances of Law of attraction to work because you dont the the examiner who is going to check your answer sheet
    he might love your handwriting and might give you good marks
    ANything can happen yaar just keep faith (And enjoy Study )

  56. Thank you so much AJ for this post exam success. I really needed this. I’am extremely grateful to have you giving me all this. Aj I just want to let you know that your time is investment, may the univers continue to give you more more vision.
    Thank you, I been feeling good.

  57. Hi AJ,
    Best Article for success in exam. I was planning to start my study again to better my qualification. This will be very fruitful form me and alos for others.

    Thanks A Lot AJ Awesome


  59. thanks a lot sir… i really needed it.. day after tomorrow i have my exam.. and now i am confident that i am gonna it rock it… thank you.. may god bless you…

  60. pleeeeeeeeeeease pleeeeeeeease reply sir
    thanks a lot,
    i really love your posts especially motivational ones
    Thank you thank you thank you,
    I used LOA to my exam and the results are yet to come what are the things i can do ?
    Actually i did everything you explained including making a result sheet with ranks and final points,Please

  61. Prem Chand Hembrom

    Hi AJ… Good Morning, I am appearing for my UGC NET Dec 2016, just three days to go Ie to be held on 22nd Jan 2017, my preparation was not so good till now , also my confidence was low. After going through deeply …To your phenomenal post for passing the exam…My confidence level gone up many a times. I , now strongly believe that my name is on the top of list… Result declared by CBSE UGC NET . Thanks AJ for making my confidence so high … Keep posting….God Bless

  62. hello aj,
    I m really glad that I found ur page.ur such a inspiration and guide to ppl like me.i started seeing great difference within three days of ur course…thanks for everthing…do u have some posts realated to love relatioships?

  63. Yusnidar Abdul Rahman

    Dear awesome Ajay,
    Thank you very much, you have given me solution to go for exams well prepared and confident to achieve a pass.

  64. Hi sir I came across ur post today which is much more needed for me…I’m trying to clear medical post graduate entrance exam for getting a md/ms seat…it’s a competitive exam which I’m failing 2-3 times…tis time I wanted to clear it somehow…my exam is in December 2017…I believe in astrology and I was told I can clear this exam only in 2019 or 2020 which would be too late as I’m already 30 now…al my frnds are settled n finished their pg sir…plz tel me how could I proceed and remove al sorts of negativity from my mind…for my desired branch of md/ms I shud aim for a rank less than 500 atleast sir…my previous ranks were 30000, 40000 like tat…I’m afraid to have a vision sheet of rank 100 or 200 which I don know if I could make…around 1.5lakh students appear for nearly 26000 seats…plz do give me ur suggestion sir…thanks

  65. Am taking an online Web Design course starting in May and finishing in August.
    For me “I am confident and I have strong faith that this is my best study and I am going to do the best in this exam” is also now among my many mantras that I say to myself everyday.
    Thank You! AJ :D

  66. poonam shankarlal shivnani

    Great article Ajay Sir..
    “Universe is Rearranging” for me as only I DESERVE IT.
    Loads and Loads of Gratitude and Love.

  67. Sir, your words are magical! I’m a 12th STD student and a strong believer of the LOA. Till date I have achieved some things which I never thought I could only because of the law of attraction.. I’m not really a hard worker but reading your post today really makes me feel like studying hard with optimism and keeping allignment with the universe.. Sir my only concern is that the time left for the exams is less that is 10 months.. that is why I am a little scared! But sir your post has made me undertake the challenge! Thanks a ton to you sir! Your words have brought a ray of hope in my life! Thanks a lot !

    1. Thank you for being here and building up your faith. 10 Months is enough time to create the success you desire. So stop doubting and worrying and start manifesting. Success will be all yours.

  68. I have my Advanced levels next week and I’ve been using LOA ever since i started revisioning and stuff. Wish me luck guys I’m going to be a topper from my state. Things are going really well by now. To be honest i can’t wait till my exam day and i feel like i have studied each and everything that coming to my exam. I’m totally excited. Thank you Ajay sir for all the inspiring posts. I will definitely give a reply to this saying my multiple choice question results as we only get that result asap we finish our exam. Be back on 19th Aug. Wish me luckkkkkk

      1. Hello awesome AJ thank you thank you so much for this post .m working hard and consistent for my one of the job entrance exam which is just 1week ahead I’m working hard with full potential and together manifesting that I cleared it and got job in the respective organisation I know I will make it 100% true ..Thank you

  69. Hi aj thank you for such motivational post I have exams in another 15 days it is a very important exam of my life and it’s tough too. I try to stay positive but subconscious mins always sends negative thoughts . How to get rid of those negative thought . As the portion is vast and now only 15 days are left this kind of negative things comes in mind how to get rid of it and stay always positive .
    Thank you for all the blogs
    Thank you
    With regards
    Anshuman Maitra

  70. Thank you AJ. Awesome post. This is what I am looking for. Now I am ready for my interview. I did it. Yes yes yes! I got it. I got my dream job. Thank you universe!
    Zillion Thanks,

  71. I will be taking GMAT in March and I am grateful for this great post because now I totally believe I can achieve a perfect score of 800. Please do tell me how can I best attract that score and use the vision sheet!
    Infinite Thanks sir!

  72. Hello sir I gave an exam of upsc civil services prelims yesterday 2018 but I was very nervous and marked so many wrong answers so can I use law of attraction now to clear this exam and will it work and can I get positive result?

  73. Very much impressed sir. I want to start a startup , I did homework for that but dont know what is dragging me back , couldnt start . How to encourage myself and how to initiate please guide… And one more thing my PU studying daughter is not concentrating .Though she has the caliber and potential not utilising that. How to bring change in her as it is turning point of life? How to get good result and opt for a proffessional course? Thank you sir

  74. Hi Aj!!!
    A much needed motivation at the right time. I have my exams within 2 nd half months…. And since I started my preparation, i came across your videos on youtube…. I have already started practicing few tips like writing down my gratitude, cheering up myself with positive affirmations as discussed by u in ur videos…. Nd here is another article on the same… Feeling soo blessed nd motivated at the same time. But once or twice a day i come across the fear or say anxiety about exam result due to some failures in the past… plz help on the same…This time i just can’t miss my exams… I really need to clear them.

  75. I’m grateful that I came across this post. Thank you very much AJ for this insightful wisdom which I’m putting to use immediately, starting right now! Because, success is going to come running into my hands and I better get prepared for when it does! I will top my entrance exam and that is no less than creating a miracle. I’m meant to reach great heights. This is my opportunity to achieve that and I’m grateful for it.
    Thanks again!

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