Discover The #1 Reason Your Law of Attraction Manifestation Is Taking Long

Discover The #1 Reason Your Law of Attraction Manifestation Is Taking Long

Why is your law of attraction manifestation taking so long?

While applying the Law of Attraction, everyone wants to manifest their desires as soon as possible. Sometimes you become so restless that you want instant results. Due to this restlessness, often you get attached to the outcome instead of focusing on the process, which causes resistance. Subconsciously you push things away from you instead of attracting them. You may start doubting things and even give up thinking that the Law of Attraction is not working for you. But the truth is, the Law of Attraction is working all the time; how you give it direction is what determines the result.

To align with the universe, you have to trust the universe fully, and in doing so, you have to set intentions and have patience.


The Key To the Law of Attraction Manifestation: Patience

Patience is power. Patience is not an absence of action; it is about the timing. It waits for the right time to act, for the right principles, and in the right way. Once you have set your goals, the results may not come instantly; it may take a few days, months, a year, or a few years. This may take time because you are not ready to receive them or the things you are manifesting are not yet ready for you.

Here is an example of Chinese bamboo: when a Chinese bamboo is planted, after sowing the seed in the ground, you have to nurture it continuously for 4 years to see the sapling out of the ground. After these four years, bamboo shoots up to 100 feet high in just four weeks. The same is the case with manifestation you have to work on it every single day, trusting the process with patience. In these four years, the bamboo tree spreads its roots under the ground, but we are not able to see the results. We have to trust that the seed will shoot up and keep nurturing it every day with patience. It had started growing its roots since the day of sowing the seed.

In the same way, the universe makes things ready for our manifestation until we are ready for success and ready to sustain it. Trust the universe; everything will unfold at the perfect time, just as beautiful as a spring blossom.


The Journey Is Equally Important As The Outcome

In waiting, there is always something to learn. Remember, life is a journey. if you got everything you wanted all at once, there would be no point in living. Enjoy the ride, and in the end, you will see these setbacks as the giant leaps forward; only you can’t see the bigger picture at the moment.

Remain calm; all is within reach; all you have to do is show up every day and stay tuned to your path, and you will surely find the treasure you seek. ”It might take a year or it might take a day, but what is meant to be will always find its way.”

The journey is equally important as the outcome. So you have to be patient and trust the process while working constantly to achieve your dreams. Actions put you closer to the outcome; trust your instincts; it is a guided path by the universe.


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Massive success to you! Always remember that you have the power to manifest your dreams.

With Love and Gratitude,

Awesome AJ

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