Why Is The Law of Attraction Working Against You

This post is going to discuss one big myth in the Law of Attraction. We receive thousands of emails asking

Why is the Law of Attraction working against me?

and this was the primary reason behind this post. It is really important to change people’s understanding of the Law of Attraction.

There is so much confusion about the concept, and it misleads people in many very dangerous ways. The popularity of the Law of Attraction as a philosophy is increasing, and many people are learning about it every day from various sources available and interpreting it in their own way. This self-learning sometimes leads to questions like the ones above.

If it’s a myth, then what is the truth?

What people think in general is that the Law of Attraction is either working in their favour or against them. Either they have manifested many things using the Law of Attraction or they use it to manifest certain things and fail. We get across this kind of statement daily.

To start with, we want to make it clear in the simplest form that the Law of Attraction does not work in anyone’s favour or against them. Like any other natural law, it works equally for everyone, not less or more. We are aware of all the laws of nature and they are working all the time for everyone in the same way, irrespective of their stature, place, and state of living.  The same principle applies to the Law of Attraction as well.



So Law of Attraction is not working in your favor or against you. In reality, it is working for you. It is up to you to use it. Knowingly or unknowingly, you may be using it in your favour or against yourself.

Why does it work like this?

Law Attraction works mysteriously like any other mystic in this world. Remember this: the Law of Attraction responds to what goes inside you. If you feel happy, positive, and good about yourself, you will get good results; you will attract only happy, positive, and good situations in your life. And if you feel the other way around, then the reverse will happen. With fear, anxiety, and stress, you will attract more of them.

Therefore, in the Law of Attraction, they always say that whatever you want, you must feel deserving of it. Otherwise, you will never get it. When you are not sure about yourself, how do you expect the universe to bless you with that? At the same time, we are so sure about the bad things that it is bound to happen.

So use it wisely, use it in a positive direction, and positive things will happen in your life.

We always suggest people “read more about the Law of Attraction; learn more about it so that one will understand the concept properly.” We also direct them to our Free Law of Attraction Course available for FREE, to learn the basic concepts related to the Law of Attraction and try to use it properly so that they can manifest their dreams and goals.

It is a very basic concept of the Law of Attraction that everyone must understand so that they can use it most positively. You must share this post with your friends and family so that they will learn about these misconceptions. Help yourself and others.


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  1. Raj Kumar Pahade

    Very nice video Aj sir..
    Really it helps us a lot…
    And LAW OF ATTRACTION works Definitely….according to you.

    Your all teaching and video are essential and helpful for me.
    So I just wanna say ..THANK YOU SO MUCH AJ sir..

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