7 Things I Learned About Life In Difficult Times

7 Things I Learned About Life In Difficult Times

Seven Things I Learned About Life In Difficult Times


Are you going through difficult times? Well, we all do.

In my difficult times, I learned seven life lessons that always helped me grow and stay positive in life. In this video, I am sharing those seven things:

  • There is always an opportunity
  • Not everyone is going to believe in you and help you
  • You will find the ‘Right’ people whom you can count on
  • Don’t wish for your dreams; put your heart and soul into achieving them.
  • Rejection and failure are part of life
  • If you have the drive, you can achieve it
  • When you do the ‘Best’, God will do ‘the Rest’

I believe this will inspire you to go beyond your limits in difficult times, motivate you to stay focused on your dreams, and encourage you to become a successful person in life.

The universe, the law of attraction, and the higher power are always working in our favour, but to become victorious in life, we must stay strong, positive, focused, and driven to make the impossible possible and achieve our goals, desires, and dreams.


Always remember, when you do ‘Your Best’, God will do ‘the Rest’.


With Love and Gratitude,

Awesome AJ

Stay Motivated, Stay Awesome

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2 thoughts on “7 Things I Learned About Life In Difficult Times”

  1. Pratibha Nagpal

    Thank you AJ sir …really u always help me a lot by guiding me in different ways…now I am living with positive attitude …

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