Magical Healing: The Secret of Self-Healing and Healing Others Health with Law of Attraction

Magical Healing: The Secret of Self-Healing and Healing Others Health with Law of Attraction

self healing with law of attraction

Healing with the Law of Attraction and Imagination

How can I heal myself?

Or how can I heal someone dear to me?

So many people often come up with the above questions.

Health is our greatest wealth, yet so many people across the globe are suffering from different health issues.

Every time someone asks me about this, I explain to them the greatest wisdom I understand in this universe: the power of self-healing, the immense power within us that not only can heal our bodies and minds but can also help others.

As I keep guiding people and putting my intention and energy into work, we see the miraculous result. With time, as the miracle healing results start spreading, I keep getting more queries and more requests to explain the process of this magical healing.

This is when I realized that so many people are looking for a solution to speed up their healing or create hope when all their hope has been lost. It’s not only people who want to heal their bodies; many more people want to heal someone close to them.

So here I have compiled this post as a guiding post to practice self-healing and healing of others with immense power within our bodies. This process is based on the Law of Attraction, affirmation, visualization, and imagination. This total process is built upon the infinite power within our body and the ability to amplify that power to create miraculous results.

So far, this has created magical success in healing and I am sure this will help you achieve your healing objective too.

When it comes to concern about our health or that of someone dear to us, it’s natural to feel worried from within. But worry is not something that is going to help us in this process, but believing in miracle power is.

As a believer in the universe or the Law of Attraction, you must know that anything is possible for the person who believes. Now, to apply this magical health and miracle healing power in your life, you have to set the power of the law of attraction. This is a definite step-by-step process with immense faith and a clear intention to create a miraculous result.

The Four-Step Process of Achieving Miracle Healing:

  1. First:  Building of  Belief
  2. Second: Expression of Gratitude
  3. Third: Creation of Feelings with Affirmation
  4. Fourth: Sending Healing Energy—White Divine Light Process


This healing process works on the principle of the Law of Attraction, and the primary focus is creating the belief that “yes, you can.”

You are gifted with the immense potential to heal anything and everything in your life miraculously.

Your soul is gifted with the infinite power to heal itself from any pain and suffering, from any emotional bondage and insecurity. You have all the power to heal yourself.

Your body is built as a miracle machine to heal any physical challenge. Any disease, whether mental or physical, can be healed, and even any challenge you are facing from birth can be healed.

If you believe, you can unleash that miraculous healing power within your body.

This miracle power within you not only heals your own body, but it can send you through space and heal others too.

Heal Your Heart Meditation Program


Gratitude is immensely powerful. It is so because when you feel grateful, you become positive. When you become positive, you bring happiness to life. Your happiness is the greatest medicine on earth.

You have to practice gratitude all through the day. Be grateful for everything and everyone as much as you can. It’s a practice, and the more you practice, the more grateful you will feel.

How do I practice this gratitude in this case of healing?

  • Express your gratitude to the doctor and nurse treating you or the person. Say thank you every time you meet them; even say thank you when you don’t see them either. If you do not feel like telling them too much, say thank you in your heart for them.
  • Be grateful for everything, like the room in which you live or are admitted to a hospital (in case of a severe condition or accident), the bed you are sleeping on, the oxygen you are taking, the air you are breathing, the food you are eating, the medicine you are taking, and the clothes you wear.
  • If you are practicing healing for someone else, you should feel grateful for all these things you are doing with him or her.
  • You should ask the other person to practice this gratitude for everyone and everything on a daily basis. If they do it with you, this will make the process super quick.
  • If the other person is a kid or doesn’t know Law of attraction, then ask them to say thank you for a game before doing everything, and most importantly, to say thank you for water, food, and medicine before eating. You can tell him or her that it’s just a fun game, and if he says thank you all this time, he will be a superhero. Give him an example of any superhero or cartoon he loves, may it be Ben 10, Superman, Ninja, etc. Remember, kids, the power of intention is very powerful, so if they start doing it as a practice, it will create a miracle within their body.
  • Everything has energy if you are extremely grateful to everyone and channel all energy to heal yourself or another person. So give the utmost gratitude to everyone and everything.
  • Also, if anyone else in your family understands this process, ask them to do the same. Collective effort always gives quick results.


Most people understand everything and try to believe that this miracle is possible, but they keep worrying from the inside. This worry is the greatest enemy of this process. Getting worried is normal, but this worry never lets you have the feeling of healing; it will never let you acquire that positive feeling within you.

While your feelings are the power that lets you invite the miracle energy within you, how do you overcome this challenge of worrying?

This worry is coming because you have never believed that you have this kind of power that can do a miracle. So we have to establish that belief and feeling within us, and that can be done with affirmation.

  • Affirmation is a powerful scientific technique to program our subconscious mind and create new beliefs and feelings with practice. It is a powerful auto-suggestion that creates focused feelings towards a clear intention.
  • Use an affirmation like this for yourself: “I have infinite power within me; my body is a miracle machine, and I am getting healed now. Every cell and tissue in my body are beaming with life, and I am getting cured perfectly at this moment.”
  • Use the same kind of affirmation for the other person: “He/she is strong, powerful, and energetic. The divine energy is healing him or her now, and I can see the positive transformation in his or her body. Thank you for letting me use this power to heal him or her. He/she is perfectly cured now.”
  • Use these affirmations, especially before going to bed at night and the moment you wake up in the morning.
  • Also, you can ask the other person to use self-healing affirmations while you do the other affirmations.


All of us have immense energy within us, and if we channel it in the right direction and to the right place, we can heal ourselves. In the same way, we can send the same energy to others and heal them.

I was unaware of this healing process. I have been practising the Law of Attraction, gratitude, and positivity for a long time. A sudden accident opened up this process in my consciousness like a flash of intuition, and from there I started spreading it.

I believe that was the way for the universe to let me acquire this power. I realized this when I hurt my spinal cord in an accident a few years ago. I was living alone in my apartment, and the pain was only getting worse. I was trying to somehow overcome the pain that evening so that I could see the doctor the next day. But with time, the pain only started getting worse.

In that situation of extreme pain, I asked the universe to show me the way so that I could at least handle this for that one night. From nowhere, I feel the intuition to sit for meditation.  While in the meditation, I found this idea in my mind to invite the divine white light from the universe into my body to heal it. As I started doing it as guided by my intuition, I experienced the release of pain. By the time I woke up the next morning, the pain was gone, and I was completely fine.

I thank the universe immensely for opening up this powerful wisdom of self-healing to me. From the next day onwards, I shared this experience with many friends, and many of them tried to heal themselves from various pains.

After a few months of that incident, one of my friends from the US got to know about this experience of mine from one of our common friends. She was suffering from severe pain in her knee after an accident, and she was not able to walk for the last few weeks. She reached out to me and asked whether I could send her some healing energy to heal her knee. That day, I visualised for her, followed the same procedure as I did for my spinal, and sent her the healing energy for her knee. The next day, she called me up and said she had completely healed. She was able to dance the next day.

That’s the moment when the universe made me realize, through this friend of mine, that not only can we heal ourselves, but we can heal others too. I was surprised by the power within our bodies because I just healed a person in the US, sitting in India.

That same procedure you can also follow and not only heal yourself, but you can heal others too.

Healing Process for Others

So what you need to do with this energy-sending process is:

  • Many times in the day, you can imagine a light going from your whole body to the place of injury, pain, or problem and healing it.
  • In the same way, you can imagine the energy from your whole body going to the body of another person and healing his or her body with energy.
  • If it’s a case of accident or injury, concentrate the focus on the place of pain or damage to heal that particular body part.
  • If it’s a whole-body illness, like any kind of fever or disease, that affects the whole body, then let this healing light spread all over your body. Let it cover your whole body.
  • If you are practising the same for others, then do it as per the need, either sending healing light to any specific place or the whole body.
  • Imagine that this energy is filling each cell of your body or another person’s body with the power to heal.
  • Next, imagine a white divine light coming from the universe or nature around you, covering your whole body, and healing you. It’s like a healing blanket of white divine light covering your body completely and healing it.
  • Imagine the same for the other person: a divine line from your body is going and covering his or her body completely like a healing blanket, and it’s healing their every cell and tissue miraculously.
  • Also, other people in your family or friends can understand this, you can ask them to do this sending energy practice. Collective healing is always powerful.

Follow these four steps and see a miracle happen.

Sending energy to yourself or him or her from your soul is very powerful. If someone is in a severe health crisis, then please ask as many other people to send healing energy as you can, because the collective power of healing energy is 1000 times stronger.

If you are going through any health crisis or anyone in your family and friends, then infinite healing blessings are for them.

Thanks, Universe, for showing us this wisdom.

Tonnes of gratitude to you.


Magical Practice Program

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116 thoughts on “Magical Healing: The Secret of Self-Healing and Healing Others Health with Law of Attraction”

    1. Thank you a lot dear A.J.
      I want to share my problems with you here.
      I am going through immense mental pain bcoz of my unwanted marriage life. All the time I’m in an irritating, disturbing, painful feelings and going through really bad times. That pulls me back from pursuing my dream of doing PhD abroad. I intend to do GRE, think of doing it, somewhere I believe that I am able to do it but always there remains a confusion in me. Actually, not confusion it is one kind of fear.
      In addition to this, whenever I think and try to do anything as an initiative of processing my dreams to come true or want to put actions in work I’m always drawed back. Or my works of processing or initiative gets stopped and postponed. I’m in a mental storm, plz help me to get out of this hell like feelings. Plz I need your effective guidance to get out of my painful struggling condition. Plz help me. May God bless you dear.

    1. Thank You Shyamoli for loving this work. Yes Universe guide me in the most simplest manner to use LOA in everyday life to transform simple life into phenomenal one. Thank You Thank You Thank You

  1. Thank u so much Ajay ji for the simple illustration n application of LOA….m going to practice it from now onwards n start healing myself…..Thank u thank u thank u….

  2. Dear Mr. Ajay,
    This was such an awesome post..just what I needed at this moment. Am suffering from Arthritis, and no treatment has helped me in curing this..over time I have started to believe that this is incurable and I have to pull on with this knee pain till the rest of my life. Though I am a positive person, somehow this ‘can’t be cured’ belief has stuck with me and i guess that’s what is stopping me from using my self-healing powers. After reading your post, something clicked. I have to change my belief and heal myself. Thank you very much for this inspiring post. If I have any doubts can I write to you for clarification? Hope you would help me in my journey of self-healing. Thank you once again from the bottom of my heart! May you be blessed with all abundance in life!!

    1. Dear Priya..thank you for finding your way to this post. This itself says that possibilities of self-healing you have attracted for you. Yes I am saying with 100% confidence follow this religiously and you will see miracle. May be soon I will post your miracle story also. Remember our body is immensely powerful. Have any doubt, let me know.its a pleasure for me to help people chnage their life, achieve miracle healing and live their dreams.

      Stay motivated and stay awesome

  3. Thanks a million for your kind words Mr. Ajay. I have already started to practice self-healing. My eyes filled with tears when I practiced heart is brimming with gratitude. It just takes a moment to shift a belief and your whole life takes a turn instantly..Yes, soon you will be writing my story too..Thank you for your help. Stay blessed!!

  4. Thank you soooooooo much, u dont have single idea that what u have done right now i was searching like a hell to solve my problem, bt in a miraculous way u gave me this solution. God bless u sir so much…….

    1. Tons of blessings and gratitude for finding your way here. This has changed so many people’s life go ahead start healing .. change life.. and share your story with me will inspire more people. Thank You

  5. Dear Sir,
    Thank you so much for this post, But i want to ask you – ‘Kya hum ye Magical Healing power’ hamare dreams poore karne ke liye bhi use kar sakte hai ya nahi. Jaise ki aasman se devine light aaye ….aur hamare dreams poore ho gaye…like this..

    1. Yes Neha .. definitely the same process can be followed for any thing.. Its totally powerful and life changing . Keep practicing and share your experiences.

  6. Good day sir
    I want to improve my eye sight, because now i am using contact lenses for seeing clearly, I have -13 and -10 vision in both eyes, please give me advice to cure it permanently, how long it will take

    1. Dear Abdul,

      thank you for finding your way here. This process has helped so many people heal their body and many health challenges. SO you can follow the complete process and do white light meditation for your eyes and I am sure it will heal your eyes. About the time frame can’t be defined because that depend up the level of your dedication to do this practice. If you do it well and happily then it will heal your eyes permanently and very soon also.

      Tons of positive vibes to you.

  7. I m suffering from serious arthritis. My legs are bent due to this from the knee and the deformity is fixed. Doctors said i would not walk anymore,ever. But i had a strong belief that a day would come definitely when god will send someone who will help me getting out of this painful hell. And i think he sent u for me. I m starting this healing process from now onwards. And i hope n believe i will walk again. Thank u god . And thank u my angel of god. Thanks a lot for giving me a hope and reason to live. Thank you.

    1. Yes .. Jasz .. Its possible.. if you heal the soul within with gratitude the body will heal.. there is infinite power within our body..if we chennalise we can heal ourselves.. Universe is with you ..and the power of God is flowing in ur Body ..practice the process and live your healthy life..

  8. Thanks Ajay for sharing such wonderful process of healing thy self and others.

    And yes at a personal level i also experienced this process very powerful for me and others but dont you think this isn’t the right thing to use for others as we heal them with our mind we are taking their karmas into our lives????

  9. Thank you sir , But one doubt in self healing , that white healing light should come out from our own body , from any part like head or so…from where it should start. it sounds silly still i am confused . i Have a fibroid in my uterus , i really want to do self healing.Please help me.

    1. Thank you, Bindu for reading and asking this question. The healing light can start from any part you feel good about because we have the divine energy all through our body. But some people feel that their energy is high in their head so they start feeling the energy spreading from the head while another feel that its the heart that has the energy source. So anything is fine, feel free. If you have no idea where to start then definitely start from head or heart. I believe you are clear now. Tons of magical healing vibe to you.

  10. Dear Awesome AJ,

    My dear father is at the hospital right right now and his kidney isn’t working efficiently! I came across your blog and read about the law of attraction for healing others… I’m trying everything you say in the blog and I believe that my father will be healthy and is getting healthier by the minute. In God I trust and believe that miracle healing in possible. Please try with me!


    1. Dear Hessah.. Tons of healing vibes to your father and I am also sending my healing energy to him. Tons of healing vibes. Have faith everything will be fine.

  11. AJ
    Many thanks for this reminder. I am suffering from severe neck inflammation and as a result having arm pain, visual issues, eye pressure, and the pain has spread to my leg in that I have trouble walking. I’ve tried everything- PT, changing my diet. I have a gratitude journal, visualize, meditate, the works- I feel like I’m missing a piece. I need a miracle.

  12. pankaj raghunadhabhatla

    thank you AJ for this awesome technique. I strongly believe in it when I do meditation . Your techniques are awesome.
    thanks again.

  13. I am grateful for this information it has helped me & I also sent energy to my friends and they got healed..
    Can we heal broken relationships through magical healing and dbivine white light? Can we also get back into the same love relationship?
    Please let me know the process I’ll be grateful to you!!

  14. I am very thankful to you awesome AJ. For sharing this awesome information I feel it law of Attraction and I m thank to the universe for giving me all happiness. God bless you AJ.

  15. Hey aj, my father’s got lung cancer that is pretty widespread but he is doing perfectly fine despite all of this and we will be starting treatments next week. I am a doctor and also a practitioner of meditation, i will try this everyday. I would be grateful if you and anyone you know could take a few minutes and send energy for the best to happen. Thank you from the very bottom of my heart.

  16. thanks Aj sir. can i heal any mentalproblem also for example OCD? PPlease please reply me. how long should we pass energy in one sitting?

  17. I am so grateful for this information. This technique is really helpful. I am a cancer survivor. By mercy of Almighty, I am completely ok. I will practise this so that I always remain cancer free. I also would like to heal others. Very thankful to you awesome AJ. I would be grateful if you and anyone you know could take a few minutes and send energy to me so that the rest of my life I remain 100% disease free.

  18. i am truly grateful for you awesome AJ..
    tons of thank you for your shareing its really helps a lot

  19. Thank you so much for this article. I know this is going to work and I will send you a message as soon as it does. THANK YOU

  20. I have started applying it today for some a minor ailment, i am going to testify soon. I believe it is gone even though i have just started.

  21. Hi AJ, Thank you so much, i don’t know how i missed this article all this day, by chance today i noticed this post and went through it, this is what i really needed in this point of time , have some uterus problem i will try self healing as you have mentioned…Thank you Thank you Thank you Aj for this post. Regards, Bindu

  22. Nice AJ.
    I Got the process of divine light which i red but does not know how to implement. Now i got it from you.

    Thanks AJ

  23. Dear AJ, we cant thank u enough for sharing this amazing knowledge of the power of healing. I am trying these techniques for a few days now. And i must say i feel more confident that i can cure myself completely. And i thank u for that. I am having a lil difficulty in implementing the last step, i.e sending the magical healing light to the area of pain. The more i focus on that area the pain gets worse. May be i am doing something wrong i really dont know! But the first three steps itself make me feel a lot more better, confident, positive and peaceful. Thank so much AJ.

  24. I am suffering from mental illness from Last year. I always thinking that I am mad and I will kill someone. I am in great fear that I will be hearing voices or I will see something which is not there. Can I be completely cured from this thought disorder by LOA

  25. pranita deshpande

    Thanks from the bottom of heart Awesome for this nice post.

    Please send me a post how can heal mental disorder patient? or the person who has no patience, or the persons who are pretending every time purposely?


  27. Thanks AJ… I have just now printed the same and will give this to my mother, my only younger brother suffered a brain injury in an accident two years back, we are trying everything to heal him and make him perfectly fine, if you can please send the healing energy to him and ill be highly grateful to you. He means all my happiness…


  28. Thanks AJ. This post came at the right time as my brother Roderick “suffered” from mental issues and he’s been on my mind the whole day today. Thanks AJ. Thanks Universe for my brother’s healing.

  29. Hello ajay ji..I just had a question that can LOA work on anybody? And why some people don’t find any difference after practising LOA..what maybe the reason?

    1. The law of attraction is working for everybody. Those people are not manifesting what they want because their negative focus is much stronger than their positive focus.

  30. Nalini Prakash

    Thanks a lot Ajay, past 5months struggling from back pain, last I had done MRI scan, my left leg nurve becomes week, I had to go for a surgery. Right now I am fully in bed rest. Please suggest me without surgery I can reduce back pain and overcome nurve problem. Today i read ur article its give me a hope and courage. Once again thanks a lot. I am a middle class person , to bare the surgery cost. Pls suggest me for the best. Regards nalini Prakash

    1. Nalini Prakash

      After reading ur block, instead of spine surgery it have taken 2nd opinion from another doctor , he told me he will incert bone injection , 90% of people will cure without surgery . Thanks Ajay sir for ur wonderful block and my appointment is on this Tuesday at 8 am on 30th may 2017.

  31. Moupia Dasgupta

    Thank you for this super class AJ.. My mom is suffering from nose problem.. Everyday her nose is blocked and she can’t breath properly.. While sleeping also she is facing problem.. For years it is not cured.. Various medicine n doctors couldn’t heal it.. I am thinking of trying this for my mom.. I know she will b fine soon.. Very soon… Thank you thank you thank you so much..

  32. poonam shankarlal shivnani

    My Maa Is Strong Powerful And Energetic. The Divine Energy Is Healing Her Now And I Can See The Positive Transformation In Her Body. Thank You For Letting Me This Power To Heal Her. SHE IS PERFECTLY CURED NOW.
    Thank you Universe For showing This Wisdom and Introducing Me To White Divine Light.
    Loads and Loads of Love and Gratitude Ajay Sir and Universe.

  33. I am so excited about this post Iv been waiting for this as m fighting breast cancer I cnt wait to heal myself. I jst feel awesome thank you

  34. Dear Awesome AJ; I have a 9 year old type 1 diabetic son for 8 years. You can estimate how long Ive been looking for a cure on the net. I wait no cure from scientists now. I think they wont bring it to the market even they find it. Nowadays Im seaarching for miracle cures. Im trying healing sound videos Im praying for a cure day and night(since his diagnosis accompanied with coma.) I will aply your steps. Thank you for sharing. Could you also please send him healing energy that I cant suscess.His name is Muhammed Kaya YILDIZ from Turkey/Diyarbakir(he has a picture in my hotmail adress. thank you god bless you respected sir. a mum…

  35. Thank You for This Post, i have asked for a miracle to help my boys and then received this post, LOA at work!!!
    My twin boys have severe speech delay and went for all sorts of test, have been in therapy for years but no one can diagnose them, all say one day the key will just unlock and the sentences will flow, they will i believe that but i want them to flow now, they will be 9 next month and all i want is for the mind to unlock and let the words flow, Thank you AJ please send devine light to my boys Joshua and Luke, I thank you in advance for helping me heal them, JOSHUA AND LUKE IS STRONG, POWERFUL AND ENERGETIC, THE DEVINE ENERGY IS LEADING THEM NOW AND I CAN SEE THE AMAZING IMPROVEMENT IN THEIR SPEECH,THANK YOU FOR LETTING ME THIS POWER TO HEAL THEM BOTH, THEY ARE SPEAKING PERFECTLY ON THE SAME LEVEL AS THEIR PEERS AND IS CURED NOW.

  36. Hellos AJ,

    My daughter who is 6 year old has been detected with alopecia areata since July 2017 and we did start with alopathy treatment of steroids which dint work. Hair fall is severe and no of bald patches are increasing. I am ready to do anything which could help my daughter get back her hair. Can you please and also guide me in self-healing. Please please please help

  37. Sir can I cure my old grandmother through meditation. She is suffering from stroke and has paralysis on the right side of the body.

  38. Thank you awesome sir ..this is the only word through which I can show my immense gratitude for you..though I searched another word also in dictionary BT I couldn’t able to find another word that can replace the word Thank you … exactly the same word which u have taught us ..Sir I have a wish that I could succeed the government job teaching exam going to be held in July…I wanted to get very good rank …I am already in job in another school , I always grateful for this institution also in which I spent 10 years..Bt now this is the last chance for me to attempt this exam..I know this is very long massage bt ..I promise you in the next Post I am going to say THANK YOU to express my gratitude nd I also wanted to know the people about my success achievement in your blog …I request you to please tell my story also ,even I m not going to crack any civil service exam Bt this government job is very precious for me …not for money bt to get respect for my self , my husband can never let me down as well as my in laws my parents can feel proud of me …Sir as in ur early posts u told us about how to prepare FOR EXAM..I am following my current school will open from Monday and I will get little time for study ,sir I promise you that even then also I will do hard work with lots of positivity ..And thousand times I will say to my self that …Thank you thank you thank you God now I am PGT political science… Thank you thank you thank you Universe for this amazing Job..namaste sir.. Millions of Thank you…may you read it or not but I believe u will give me yours precious Blessings

  39. Thank you so…very much for your healing blog. I want to know
    from you. – is white light coming from the sky or from universe (both same I mean.) And after that it will come to my crown chakra and the whole body in and out covering me healing all the cells and blood purifying . Pls clarify and for a day how many times we have to do this. Secondly can I heal others directly asking Devine white light to heal them with visualizing. I mean without from my body it goes to other person.?. I followed your LOA course. It is superb. Thank you so much and my heartfelt gratitude to u and your team . God bless with you good health wealth and happiness.

  40. hi,
    my daughter is 2 years 2 months old. She has been recently diagnosed with ASD symptoms. I need your help to pass on the healing energies to her and simultaneously help me from coming out of sad and depressed state. Help me out pls.

  41. Roshith Valiyamannil

    Dear Ajay
    You are so wonderful. I have read Secret, Power and Magic of Rhonda Bryne. But you give a very organised and step wise procedure to get the manifestations and is literally “Awesome”. Nowhere has this clearly and in very easy words LOA manifestations are depicted. All the blessing will be with you and let all the success be with you. Bless you

  42. Thank you AJ for this wonderful, amazing, miraculous healing technique which I was not aware of. You are a blessing not only to me but also to many thousands out there who are watching this post. Many blessings, thank you AJ

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