Stay Positive Stay Strong Day 2


The level of fear and uncertainty around the world is unparalleled. And we have been constantly exposed to information that is creating tremendous stress, fear, and anxiety.

Let us accept the fact that the situation is really bad. So far we have also learned from various sources that what is required to do at the physical level to stop spreading this pandemic. And I believe all of us have been doing it at our end in the best possible way.

However, it is quite evident through the news, social media and messages that people are scared of being hurt, scared of the economy, scared of not being in control, and even scared of each other. There is an environment of fear, doubt, and uncertainty that is affecting us deeply at our emotional and spiritual level.

If you stay in this constant state of fear and uncertainty it will aggravate your stress level to new heights. As you know there is a direct correlation of your state of mind and health. If this keeps continuing for long it will definitely affect your immunity.

Coronavirus is physical and you are taking care of your physical aspects. But this state of fear, stress, and anxiety is emotional. To take care of this emotional distress, you have to be emotionally and spiritually strong.

Yesterday, in Day #1, you made a promise to protect yourself and others, follow self-discipline, follow government and health advisory and most importantly use this time productively for self-development.

Since you have decided to take charge of this situation. Today, in Day #2 of STAY POSITIVE, STAY STRONG Program, let’s learn some new steps in this endeavour.

Fear is a natural instinct and we have learned since childhood that it is normal. But the current situation is more dangerous than usual as the Coronavirus (COVID-19) has a deep impact on humanity.

However, there is another word that is multiple times more powerful than fear. FAITH.

FAITH is one of the most powerful emotions you have. When your faith is strong you can easily sail through any difficult situation.

This is the time to have faith in yourself and trust that this situation will be over soon.

You must understand that:

  • You have the ability to control your behaviour
  • You can train yourself to be emotionally calm, stable, and fearless
  • You can create inner strength and psychology of resilience

To achieve this emotional and spiritual strength, here are the activities you are going to follow today:



Start your day with this 10 Mins Powerful Meditation.

Do this meditation once again in the evening or at night before going to sleep.



After the meditation, do some physical activities of your choice that will keep you physically healthy and strong.

Always remember your mind and body are connected. When you move your body, you help your mind to also flow positively. Same way when you feel positive and peaceful, your body starts to become healthier.

That’s why after meditation do some physical activities and aligned both mind and body.


Activity No #3: AFFIRMATION

Say this affirmation 5 – 10 times with energy.


You can repeat this affirmation as many times as possible in the day. You can save the image on your phone or write it on a piece of paper and read it whenever you want.



We have been constantly receiving tons of information about the situation through news, social media, and personal messages. In return, many share them further. This unlimited exchange of information is only causing emotional distress.

We have to check this constant flow of information at our level by doing the following:

  • Refrain yourself from checking information/updates all the time
  • Spend only 15 mins at max in a day to get information about the current situation.
  • Do not share any negative news or emotionally distress stories on any social media platform.

Awareness is good but instant update about how much damage it caused is totally unnecessary. Let’s become a force that will break this pattern and stop the spreading of fears.



The situation is outside but your state of mind is inside. You have absolute control over your state of mind. So do not let your state of mind depends upon the situation. Rather reverse it.

Let the situation depends upon your state of mind. Because if you control your state of mind and keep it calm, stable, positive and strong, you will win your day at home. Even in this time of lockdown, you can have quality time at home with your family.

How can you do that, when you change your emotional vocabulary. That is possible when you:

  • Change your thought pattern. Focus more on the positive things in life, like your personal and professional goals, relationship, family
  • Change your communication pattern. Start talking more about things that are important to you even when this situation was not there and will go away. This is not the only thing left in life to talk and discuss with others.

I can guarantee you, this will end. But during this time we have to take care of ourselves individually so that we can take care of others and the world.

We have to first transform ourselves from within through our positive thoughts and feelings so that we will transform the world.

Wishing you a lot of positivity and inner strength.

Love & Gratitude

Awesome AJ – Ajaya Mishra

Stay Motivated, Stay Awesome!

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