Nothing lasts forever. So this will also go and we will back to normal. However, the question is whether you are prepared for the future.

This is Day #4 of the Stay Positive Stay Strong Program. In the last three days, we have been preparing our mind, body, and soul for change, challenge, and opportunities on our way.

And we strongly believe Self-Discipline is the key to creating a life of strength, power, resilience, and fulfillment. Therefore, we will continue our effort to bring some order in daily routine and establish self-discipline in life.

Furthermore, to make this program more powerful, highly effective and easy to do, we will follow these guiding principles:

  • Your emotional and spiritual strength is more important than anything else at this point of uncertain time
  • Tools and strategies to help you fulfill this objective will be given more importance
  • When you take care of your state of mind, it will be easier for you to take care of the rest of the things
  • Activities will follow an order so that you can easily incorporate it in your daily life

In Day #3, we went on a self-discovery mode and made a list of our personal and professional goals. Further evaluated our habits and rituals and build a strategy to achieve our goals.

We will keep adding more steps in days to come to help participants to achieve this objective.

Today on Day #4, we will take a look at the opportunities available and how to leverage it.

You Have An Opportunity

When you are stuck at home, you must have been feeling lazy or bored or anxious or restless and not able to cope with the slow and purposeless days. Unless you have planned your day with activities.

Some of you must be spending a lot of time in consuming entertainment, news, social media, etc. Some of you may be getting bored out of inactivity and disruption in your daily routine. Some may be anxious, fearful and having uncomfortable thoughts.

It is wise to set the flow of your day instead of letting yourself flow in the day. Some planned and productive activities will help you have a better day. You have an opportunity to divert your time and energy to prepare yourself for the future and add value to your life. This is your opportunity to use your private time in a more organised way.

Tony Robbins always says “It is what you practice in private, that will be rewarded for in public”.

Do not miss this opportunity. You can work on your career, business, relationships, health. Plan, strategies, ideate and conceptualise for your future. Use your positive mindset with the right thoughts and emotions. Always remember, you have to conceive an idea to achieve it. So it is always in the mind first and then on the surface.

Here are the Activities of the Day #4:


Do this meditation once in the morning and again in the evening or at night before going to sleep.


Do some activities to stay physically healthy and strong.

Activity No #3: AFFIRMATION

Say this affirmation 5 – 10 times with energy. You can save the image on your phone and read it whenever you want.



Activity No #4: OPPORTUNITY

Here are some ideas that will definitely add value to your life during and after this phase. Take some time and work on these ideas today in your private time.

  • How to prepare yourself for future challenges
  • Find out some training programs that enhance your professional and personal skills
  • Work on your relationship goals. Reconnects with your loved ones
  • Work on your Business/Career Goals and Strategies to Grow and Succeed
  • Work on your emotional and spiritual goals
  • Work on your body

No matter what is happening outside, you know that this will be over one day. You have this feeling that you can do something for yourself even in this troubled time. Listen to your heart who is strong, fearless and ready to make plans and learn for growth.

Believe in yourself and train yourself to be prepared for the future. Stay positive and stay strong.

Love and Gratitude,

Awesome AJ – Ajaya Mishra

Stay Motivated, Stay Awesome!

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