The world is reeling from the coronavirus (COVID-19) impact. The number of infections is on the rise. While Governments around the world are dealing with the situation. We have to act responsibly and together support and contribute whatever way possible to fight coronavirus.

Now coming to today’s lesson, we will take one step further from Day #3: SELF-DISCIPLINE and Day #4: OPPORTUNITY.

Today on Day #5, we will discuss SELF-IMPROVEMENT OVER ENTERTAINMENT. No matter whatever you want to achieve in life, self-improvement is really important for your progress and happiness. You have already been working in this direction.

In Day #3, you set your goals and strategies to achieve them. Yesterday, on Day #4, you must have invested significant time in writing them down in an elaborate fashion. Identified avenues to channelise your resources to prepare yourself for future challenges and opportunities.

However, many times your efforts go in vain because of many distractions. One such big distraction is entertainment.

Specially in the current situation, when you are at home, TV and streaming services providing tons of options to lure you into endless and uncontrollable consumption. Once you start watching something, you end up watching more. And you feel clueless how so many hours have gone without doing anything productive. If this is your situation, you have to stop it right away. This is a big distraction for your true purpose.

There are many interesting and addictive shows which send mixed messages. Sometimes they are contradictory in nature. Even some shows purposefully popularise mediocrity. Promote ideas that are derogatory, negative, and abnormal. And these programs create a long-lasting impact on your personality, values, and beliefs.

So this is more dangerous than you can imagine. It influences your subconscious and put these mediocre and negative ideas so strong that it requires a lot of effort to re-wire your subconscious mind.

Specially, when you have a purpose, goals to achieve. You want a better job or promotion or recognition your workplace, a more loving relationship, your run your business successfully or crack an exam for a job, higher studies or professional degree.

You must give sincere attention to work on yourself. Give priority to the goals and plans you have created in the last two days.

Jim Rohn once said, “Formal education makes a living, but self-education makes a fortune.” This is very true when you want to achieve more in life. Expect more out of life. Invest your resources on your self-education and self-improvement.

Here are the Activities of the Day #5:


This is most important because your emotional and spiritual strength will determine your success in life. Do this Powerful 10 minutes meditation once in the morning and again in the evening or at night before going to sleep.



Your state of mind and health of your body are equally important. A healthy mind resides in a healthy body. Do some activities to stay physically healthy and strong.

Activity No #3: AFFIRMATION

Say this affirmation 5 – 10 times with energy. You can save the image on your phone and read it whenever you want.




Block an hour or two for today’s Self-improvement Goal setting activity.

  • Review your notes from Day #3 and Day #4. Re-write your goals
  • Ask why do you want to achieve these goals (Career, Relationship, Money, Health, etc.)
  • Review your strategies and opportunities
  • Develop an improved Self-Improvement Plan
  • Identify your distractions and limit it

Always remember the Law of Attraction Principle – Like Attracts Like. In other words, we attract what we are. For example, if you want a million dollars, you have to have the mindset of a millionaire, the financial knowledge, business acumen and self-discipline to own such wealth.

Believe in yourself and prioritise self-improvement over distraction and work on your goals to achieve them. Stay positive and stay strong.

Love and Gratitude,

Awesome AJ – Ajaya Mishra

Stay Motivated, Stay Awesome!

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