Law of Attraction: How To Attract Dream Job Using The Law of Attraction? Learn To Use the Law of Attraction Secret to Manifest Your Dream Job

Law of Attraction: How to Attract Dream Job

dream job with law of attraction

How to Attract Your Dream Job Using the Law of Attraction

Does a dream job exist?

If it exists, how do I do my dream job?

Where can I begin my quest for a dream job through the law of attraction?


Recently, many of my friends asked all the above questions about Dream’s dream job.

As I have attracted my Dream Job multiple times, I replied to them with the wisdom that the universe has shown me and then thought there must be many more people seeking this answer, so I decided to put those ideas into words.

I hope it may help many in manifesting their Dream job; in fact, I say the same process works for your dream relationship: great health, miracle healing, and total happiness.

When you are ready to explore your dream job when that desire comes into your heart, look ahead and say thank you to the universe. You may ask why I should say thank you. I just thought about it. My friend, you should be thankful because you have completed the first step. You create the idea of a dream job, and this is where the process starts. If you never thought of it, then how did you get it? It’s the beginning.

I would like to congratulate you because it means the universe is ready to bless you with your dream job.

From this moment on, say, “Yes, everything is possible…Yes!!! Yes!!! Yes!! I am destined for my dream job” (because all of us are destined for it).

How to Start the Law of Attraction Process to Attract Dream Job

You focus on being happy all the time and don’t put pressure on yourself or create desperation to get your job. Stay calm. Stay peaceful like it’s already yours.

Consider this: If you have a beautiful home to live in, do you still get worried thinking, Where shall I sleep tonight? No, right? Because you know you have a beautiful home with a soft bed that gives you a good night’s sleep.

Like this, if you know you have a dream job, why are you worried about it? Stay calm; stay happy with it. A dream job only comes when you are happy and relaxed and know you are destined for it. The day you be grateful for all you have and be happy believing that your dream job is on its way, the very moment your magic starts in the universe

The key is that when you get happy with something even before you receive it means, You said to the Universe You Deserve it.

On the other hand, if you are worried, then you are doubtful whether you deserve it or not. So don’t doubt; have faith.

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Creation of Your Dream Job Mindset:

For Your Dream Job Don’t be scared of competition, recession, or anything; rather, feel happy and tell yourself every day is a great day, no matter which country you live in. “This is the land of opportunity; I am loving it; my dream job is here only and looking at me. And now I am ready for it.” Whenever the thought of a dream job comes to your mind, say this in your mind and let it penetrate your soul. The more it penetrates, the faster it comes.


Start taking action. Make a visual of your dream job, like deciding on:


  • Which profile do you want to work on?
  • which location
  • how much of a salary do you want?
  • which industry
  • if you also like any particular company, you can choose that
  • choose the designation if you know

Then write down all this in your journal and create a vision board on a wall, on your laptop, or in your vision book.

Look at it every day and feel the magic of being happy.


  • Be happy, calm, and confident that your dream job is on its way, and throw away all your worries.
  • Be grateful to the universe for creating your Dream Job and Practice the Law of Attraction religiously.
  • Repeat the affirmation: “This is the land of opportunity; I am totally loving it; my dream job is here only, and it is looking for me. And now I am ready for it.”
  • Make a visual of your dream job and create a vision board or vision book.

The key is being happy in the moment, being grateful for whatever you have, and letting everything change miraculously.

I hope this will be a great guide for you. If there is anything more you want to know, I am happy to help you out.

If you are already working on the job but are unhappy, then check out this post: How to manifest your dream job when you are unhappy with your current job?

Have a Super Awesome Life with all the moments of happiness and it’s happening this moment in the soul of the universe.

Thank you, Universe.

Awesome AJ


how to get dream job

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160 thoughts on “Law of Attraction: How to Attract Dream Job”

  1. Hello Awesomest Ajay Mishra :)
    Really this is the best one and the idea of saying Thank you intially while getting the thought of New Job is Perfect.
    Actually I am wishing for My Dream job and I am reading your this blog 3rd time I suppose and today in the morning I had Job related 3 mails including yours New post for Job Thank you Thank You Thank you .
    Doing Great In your Mission .

    1. Wow, Preeti that’s amazing, you really got it right, being grateful even before we get it if the key to fulfillment. Thank You for your appreciation.

      1. Hello your blog is really inspiring..But i have some issues,please suggest me.

        Actually i resigned my past job in oct 2013(for ex company A),joined dec 2013 company B.
        And left it on apr 2014 for some personal reason,then started my trading in share market and lost lot of money.But now i realized share market always should be secondary source of income.So now i want to start my carrier (job) again but struggling with some issues like

        1)almost 1 year GAP
        2)Less experience in company B
        3)Past one year not working
        4)Need start everything from beginning.
        5)Do i deserve job after a long time.
        These kind of thoughts blocking my manifestation and feel good and gratitude.

        Please help me to overcome these limiting beliefs to get my dream job as i need it very much.


        1. These are only negative belief in your mind. Remove them and go for your dream job. I have seen people getting dream job even after 2 years of gap. So focus on what you really desire and you will get it. All the best.

    2. this is such an amazing ajay sir. visualising my dream job and saying thank you at that time giving me such a positive vibes .thank you thank you thank you sir. waiting for 17 sept when you will come to my city jaipur.

  2. Yes Ajay ji I am really thankful for all the secrets explained in a very simple and easy way. I Got Nice Office as I already said my office shifted in middle of city in big commercial complex. My Son Got nearly 80% in 12th Std. For all these I m Thankful to Universe, God, all four directions, and special thanks to Ajayji for showing me and guiding and directing the proper path of life. Now I request everyone for the blessing to get admission for my son in Good Reputed college. Blessings and wishes require for my son to get admission for BMS [ Bachelors Of Management Studies

  3. Thank You Very Much For This……Thank U,Thank U…………Very Much…..My Dream Job Is On The Way………..Thanks

  4. Hi .. Its a pleasure to see your comment and I would happy if you quote from my work as long as you provide the credit and source back here.

    Thanks a ton.

  5. Hi..Its a true pleasure to see your beautiful message and I am sure as we spread this universal happiness through our blogs we will have more people like us and we can create an amazing sphere of happiness on the web. Thanks a zillions for your beautiful appreciation.

  6. Thank you. I have my dream job in what I love .Health, Fitness and Nutritional supplements and it is my own business. Now to attract customers to my wonderful products that have got me to my ideal weight. I know they are awesome and need to share with the world.

  7. Very nice post. But how can we make a vision board for a job as it is not a materialistic thing. For example if I want to attract a car, I can very well have a picture of a car on my vision board. But how do i do this for a job? How to make a vision board for dream job? Wat kind of pictures should I collect. Please help.

  8. Thank you so much ajay ji, Through this article I think you give perfect action plan for how to get the dream job. Lots of people know the LOA But when it times for action some people are confuse. So this article gives good help for people who wants to manifest their dream job.

  9. tnku sir…its awesome….but i want to ask u something….agar kisike 3 dream jobs h…mere khne ka matlab ki agar mai step wise chalna chahata hu….jaise mai 3 jagah kam krna chahata hu….phle jaise mai ek cmpany mein kam krna chahata hu…fir 1 saal bad dusri cmpny mein fir uske 1 saal bad 3rd cmpny mein……to is tarah ke liye ki tarah law of attraction ka use krna chahiye….pls tell me…sry for hindi…but i m not so good in english.

  10. What do I focus on when I dont know what I want to do.I do know I want a job that I can work from home and stay home with my kids earning enough to support me and my kids.Possibly a business but not sure what ? What should I focus on.I need help !

  11. Dear AJ
    Thank you for the article. It is really motivating.
    I am practising gratitude daily and already use gratitude as I have got my dream job. I need some help here.
    I got call for a job in January which now became my dream job. Actually I attended an interview for same on June where I didn’t get selected. Now on January again call came from consultancy firm which made me hopeful and happy. Also I was leaving next day to abroad for job hunt which I cancelled for this. Again with two weeks differences from two different consultancy firms came for the same offer came. Which increased my hope. Now no call and I came to know that one of my Sir know a person working in this company in a high position. He said me to send my resume. I have send. But now altogether no information from anywhere.
    Actually this job is roaming around me. So j think my LOA is working. But somewhere I am going wrong.
    I visualise 4 times a day that am getting the job. I use gratitude as I got this job. I said to some that am working here. And i nrver allow to think anything negative.I am hearing daily to “deep sleeping pgm for dream job”audio while sleeping.
    What else should I do?? What am I doing wrong?? Should I do something more. ??
    Please AJ please help me. .

  12. Dr.Sunil Rathore

    Dear ajayji great and miraculious effective tips.
    subconscious mind power is the healer, it remove the blockeg and there is flow of health, and sound sense.

  13. Dear. Awesome AJ. I’m glad & feeling magical with all ur motivations. I’m thank u for this wonderful help. For this awesome share of words for those who are desperately searching good job. I also want to share something about me, I am 24 years old & still struggling hard for financial security. & from childhood my deep feelings was to become a successful businessman & politician to serve people those who are suffering hard. It would my pleasure if you write few words for guidance

    1. Thank You Harshad and I am happy for your dreams and definitely you can fulfil them. Do read my post on money magnetism it will help you for finance issues and listen to my podcast on Law of Attraction. If you want more structured guidance please join 28 Magical Practices – my on line course or My Mentoring Program. Thank You.

  14. Dear AJ
    I am following your tips in manifesting my dream job. I am using gratitude and visualization religiously. Also everytime my thoughts are only about my new job, colleagues, meetings,my achievements etc.
    I heard letting go is very important as well as proper action.
    So can you please help in what should I do regarding letting go and actions.
    Should I only visualise once and don’t think about it. Or keep on focusing my dream job.

    1. Dear Sharanya .. you are doing great. One advice is to check if you have fear or negativity that is stopping you. And you got the wrong notion about LET GO , please read the True meaning of Let Go in this blog and your all doubts get clear. Thank You

  15. Hello sir,
    This is Gourav. I wanna apply this attitude of gratitude In my life but how to do it don’t know

  16. thanks a lot ,,again a magical article ..feeling immence happiness from within ..thankyou so much for motivating my soul :)

  17. Dear AJ

    Thank you for the post. Each time when I have some doubt I just come here and go through the article which make me so confident.
    I heard affirmations are good. I have a doubt that whether it should be in past tense one present tense. I always affirm by saying “I am truly and immensely grateful that am the manager of xyz company”. Is it wrong should i make it like ” I am grateful that the manager job in xyz company is getting closer to me”
    Please can you clarify regarding the affirmations.

  18. Wow, this is amazing, I keep following these affirmations and I was getting myself offers, I will be more positive and try more.
    Thank you again. Tons of Gratitude.

  19. I had taken 28 magical course.i want to take it again.what is the course fee for previous participates ? Is it 1000 Rs. ? If it is 1000 rs, then how i can join by paying 1000 Rs instead of 2000 Rs ?

  20. Dear AJ,

    Ur AWESOME!! :) Another great post from u that shows clearly which way to follow to manifest ur dream job. I think I am already having a super job, but I hope that through this procedure I will manage to finally get my DREAM job..!

    Zllions thanks to you!!

  21. hey hi awesome ajay :) :) :)
    believe me today i actually needed somethng like dis…coz i was almost loosing focus and hope…and i jss read ur mail…i felt so happy reading it…thank yu for such an awesum write up…it has pepped me up…for my new job i wil b having an all india pg entrance n i needed some energy pumping to start with books again….thank yu for ur msg… :) :) … gonna start studyin full fledged from tomorrow :) ::) : ) …..thanks allot :)


  23. **••._.••*VĨŃĔĔŤÃ ŔĂŃĨ*••._.••**

    ••._.••**AWESOME POST••._.••**
    “This is the land of opportunity, I am totally loving it, my dream job is here only and looking me. And now I am ready for it”.

  24. thank you ajay…you make me so positive , but i have a problom that i already mail you. please replay.. and help me. thank you.. thank you… thank you…

  25. Thank u so much AJ….this post is eye opener for me to getting my dream job. however in ur previous blog I was getting explanation of 1 to 28 magical practices. but now I am not getting it . could u please send me the link? Thank u Thank u thank u so much………

  26. Thank u so much AJ….this post is eye opener for me to getting my dream job. however in ur previous blog I was getting explanation of 1 to 28 magical practices. but now I am not getting it . could u please send me the link? Thank u Thank u thank u so much………

    my comment is not successful….it is showing “duplicate comment is recorded” plzzzzz help me

    1. Thank You Tanu. But I couldn’t understand what you have asked for the 28 Days magical practice course. And the duplicate comment message you are getting because you are trying to post the same comment again and again.

  27. thank you thank you thank you aj awesome , thanks a lot to share wonderful secret tips you are really great , i am feeling so…happy…so possitve. I am feeling that my all dreams is going to fulfil. thanks a lot….

  28. Parmeshwari Shinde

    This is the land of opportunity, I am totally loving it, my dream job is here only and looking me. And now I am ready for it

  29. AJ,
    this post on the 9th day of this course is like a blessing to me at just the time I am planning a change in my job.
    Thank you AJ
    I t might sound as a repletion to you. but I have to say this that ….
    Any amount of gratitude, billions, trillions, zillions will not suffice to express my ‘ACTUAL’ gratitude to you. Its beyond any measure.
    Indeed, there is so much of positivity all around me and within me, especially since I started this 21 day course of LOA.
    My sincere blessings to you for now and forever. Please continue it, you never know whose life you are changing with this SECRET.

    1. I am extremely grateful to you for sharing your magical feelings and gratitude. I feel so blessed to create this positive change in your and millions of people around. It’s a blessings to all of us from the Universe. This Blog itself is a gift for me and magical people like you. We are keep continuing the journey. Thank You, Thank You and Thank You.

  30. Hi AJ thank you for another interesting topic. This is one of the most relevant topic in my life.
    I will migrating to Canada soon. My dream is to be a librarian. I am an engineer by profession. But i love books. So i want to be a librarian. I am going to start to apply your technique to attract the dream job and i believe i will receive it.
    “This is the land of opportunity, i am totally loving it , my dream job is here only and looking me. And now i am ready for it”.

  31. Thanks a lot AJ. I want to attract my dream job mainly as manager. I am now creating my vision board in my laptop .Let see. Will keep u updated.

  32. Hi Aj,
    Wow only today I mentioned about your magical 28 day course and also mentioned my goal of looking for a new job…hey presto your daily blog you send out daily for us is about getting your dream job…..hooray loving this
    Sanjay Parmar…wooohooo

  33. Thank you Awesome Aj.. It’s super duper awesome.. I just loved it.. Thank you.. You are totally amazing in ur posts.. They are full of strong motivational and inspirational doses

  34. Thank you AJ. You are awesome!!! This is very inspirational. Thank you for sharing all this information with us. God bless you.

  35. thank you sir thank you you are awesome like me………you inspired me a lot to attract my dream job .on this journey i feel i am already achieved all my dreams thank you aj .

  36. Hello awesome Aj.I want to know how to make a vision board if you wanna start your own counselling as health profession for multiple firm and at your own clinic.

    Please guide.
    Thank you

  37. Actually iam feeling happy and thank full to have this 21 days course universe made me a way to all my doubts through you AJ thanks a lot to you and universe ….special thanks to universe fir everything I have and for all my blessings…

  38. Hi Ajay,

    I would like to know about the vision board for the job and what to include in the vision board.
    Can we also create the same board for other dreams as well.
    Thank you!

  39. really awesome tips to achieve anything in life.
    please guide meSir to make relations open and healthy. i am blamed for no fault of mine. i am abused for no reason.

  40. thank you do much ajay.. you r really awesome.. can you please guide me how to use law of attraction religiously…

  41. Its a beautiful story that teaches us all a lesson,a lesson to be grateful for life.. I have a friend i would always teach her to be grateful for everything.A she was really upset about some family issues and about her not getting along too well with her mom.. her mom would always find faults in her and always talk rudely with her,one day the brawl went across her tolerance level and my friend decided to end her life WITH A PAPER KNIFE . as she was going to slide it on her wrists sudddenly her mind told her to stop! be grateful for the life you have,even the greatest of technology can not give back what you have LIFE! be grateful for your manifestation ,be grateful for every darn thing!and soo she gave up the whole idea and after her mom called her up to come back home.things became calm and she lived happily ever after …:)
    MORAL:your life is too precious to give up over anybody’s judgement..


  43. Thank you !!! Thank you!! Thank you!!!

    I’m feeling awesome to have a friend like Akshata.G who introduced me to this concept…Thanks A Ton Akshata:)

    And a big thanks to AJ:) for en-lighting our lives,

    A big URJA to you-U R Just Awesome.

  44. I was having a terrible day at work and was just so fed up with the people here, especially my annoying manager. So I thought to google how to attract my dream job and this was the first link that came up. After reading everything you wrote, I realized what I was doing wrong, I was letting my current circumstances control my mood instead of just focusing on being happy. Just this thought completely changed my mood and I feel awesome again.

    Thank you so much.


    I am feeling Awesome to get to know your 21 days course. Feeling great & awesome that Universe is working for me for all those things I want & deserve.
    A big Thank to Awesome AJ! You are just Amazing & Awesome

  46. deepika tripathi

    Thank you so very much Ajay sir…you explain everything in such a simple way that just after reading it anyone can very easily become on the happy mode…thank you so so so very much sir…just at the verge of starting my career…and I’m ready in advance because of you…thank you :)

  47. Thank you so much sir. I am really inspired by your post specially the dream job. I am searching my dream job and I am believe that it is on way. this post is really helpful for me to get motivated and be positive all the time. before this post I hate my current job but now I am really thankful to my current job.

    Thanks for your post

  48. Hello Ajay sir I am very happy and enjoying my journey of magic days and it’s just possible due to your guidance . Thank you Sir


    :-) :-)


    “Bangalore is the land of opportunity, I am totally loving it, my dream job is in Bangalore only and looking me. And now I am ready for it”.

  51. Thnx AJ for such a marvelous guiding
    I think abut job which i want but did not know the way to got it. Now after reading today i am sure to get it.

  52. Thank You AJ for helping me and keeping me focus on having a gratitude and being grateful for a dream JOB. I love my pay at my Job but really would love to work in a business helping my husband. Thank You, Thank You for me and my spouse dream JOB!

      1. Hello thank u Aj for helping me focus on my dream with happiness something I often losses hope on it because no one to take me they but I believe after this 21 days law of attraction practice the universe will take me they thanks Aj

  53. Thank you Awesome AJ. I am currently following and applying your 21-day law of attraction. I must tell you that
    I am re-energized and I manifest that I deserve the best in my life filled with abundance and prosperity. I AM MANIFESTING that I now have my dream job and I am ready for it.
    Thank you for sharing your positive energy with the world.
    Stay awesome and blessed!

  54. I love these so much ! It feels like magic when I repeat the affirmations but I have the biggest block on the first step. The thing is I know I want my dream job,I know tha characteristics; my co workers,my boss,my pay,what time a day I work,what days of the week ect. BUT and this is a big BUT for me bc i feel like I litterally can’t go anywhere without knowing exactly WHAT it is that I want to be doing. I don’t want a job for the wrong reasons like the “how” for making money. I genuinely love working,I love learning new things and experiencing a great enviroment with people that inspire me and empower me of course i would like to make more than enough money as a bonus to doing something that I look forward to every morning so my main question is where do i go from here if I’m unsure of what it is that I want to do ?

    1. Hi, if you are not sure what do you want in life then you should join our Goal-Setting to Goal Getting program which has all the necessary tools and processes to help you find what you desire and how to achieve them.

  55. You are really great Dear….:)
    You have explained it in a very simple language…..which touched my heart.
    I am looking for my dream job as Network Administrator in Gurgaon.
    Now I am fully confident that my dream job is on the way.

  56. Thank u. Thank u. Thank u. Its been a tough job to keep people around less desperate for me, since am looking for job. I have already written it down and am happy n relaxed too. In fact i used to respond to people “job will come looking for me”. And thats exactly how you have mentioned it in todays inspiration. I have been receiving so many job related mails though none are of the profile that i am wanting. Yet am positive and happy too.

  57. Chetan n chauhan

    Good morning sir thanks I am chetan n chauhan from ahmedabad.I am insurance advisor in lic since 2007.on 18 April my birthday.I am applying your advice everyday I got benefits thanks.I want to achieve my target on my birthday I am sure I will definitely but I want your suggestion please guide me thanks

  58. This is the land of opportunity, I am totally loving it, my dream job is here only and it is looking for me. And now I am ready for it.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you AJ for all of this. I am so happy..

  59. Anne – “This is the land of opportunity, I am totally loving it, my dream job is here only and it is looking for me. And now I am ready for it”.

    Thank You! AJ

    This is really inspiring and brought a large smile to my face.

  60. Hi AJ!!! Feeling so good and positive after reading your blogs!!! Suddenly my confidence has boost up in these 9 days…..I had never be grateful in my lyf…And this is one of the best things i have learnt from you…Suddenly I have found peace within myself. And yes I am too looking for my dream job..Following your guidance and hopefully will surely find one soon…Thank U So Much!!! You are indeed doing an amazing Job. Blessed to have found Your Blog :)………

  61. Thank you so much for this post Ajay. I know this post is going to help me a lot. & I am going to manifest my Dream Job. Today is the 9th Day of Practicing law of Attraction course. My day has started with all positive thoughts. & I am religiously following whatever you have mentioned in all previous posts & your blogs. But by the mid of the day to night, all negative thoughts started coming back to me. I want to manifest my dream job, & i want to focus on it. But somehow, my not so working relationship with my BF, & his thoughts started coming to my Mind. Please guide me.

  62. Ajay,
    This technic is awesome and if we practice results will be seen automatically. You made my day. Thank you Ajay

  63. thank you so much awesome AJ sir .
    you r really doin’ great job
    you have created millions of hopes inside us ..
    thanks to universe(god) too….


    “This is the land of opportunity. I am totally loving it, my dream job is here only and looking me. And I am ready for it.”

  65. Hi aj sir. I mailed you about my problem before 7 days. I read your posts and I get motivated at that time but when day passes I felt again negative thoughts. Right now I am in major troble I said you in mail. Help me to get out of my problem.

  66. “This is the land of opportunity. I am totally loving it, my dream job is here only and looking me. And I am ready for it.”“Yes.. everything is possible…Yes!!! Yes!!! Yes!! I am destined for my dream job”

  67. Thank You Thank You Thank You AJ
    You Are An Angel Sent My God To Me

    Thanks A Zillion Universe For Thought Of My Dream Job
    yes yes yes iam manifasting my dream job..My Dream Is Already there waiting For Me

    This is the land of opportunity.and Iam totally loving dream job is here only and looking for meand now iam ready for it

    Magic Dust On Each And Everyone

  68. Hi AJ,
    Thank you, Ajay, for sharing this practice. I have been jobless for 6 months. I have been regularly using the affirmations and try to be happy no matter what. I applied to a lot of jobs in Dubai but nothing materialises even when I have the required experience from India and in Dubai. Is there anything I must do differently, please help me.

  69. Thank u Sir. I’m so excited after reading this blog.I watch ur videos every day. Sir I want to be a English teacher. It is my dream job.But still I’m studying English language. So can I menifester that job??

  70. This is land of opportunities. I am totally loving it. My dream job is here only and looking for me . And now I am ready for it.
    Thank you thank you thank you
    Universe and awesome aj

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