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28 Magical Practice: The Law of Attraction Online Video Course

Do you want more from your life?

More Happiness? Better Health? Better Relationship? More Prosperity?

What if I told you that one thing could help you transform every area of your life?

Yes, It’s GRATITUDE. Just writing down 3 things you are grateful for each day, end up 10% Happier in 6 weeks late. Gratitude is an easy and effortless way of changing your life magically. That’s why I called it MAGIC OF GRATITUDE.

How’d you like to learn about a practice that will change your life forever?

Ever wonder how many wishes you can manifest within just 28 days?

There’s a way for you to raise your feelings and vibrations with Super-Powerful GRATITUDE Practice and the Law of Attraction.

Would you be interested in learning more about it?

You might be thinking, If I already knew about the Law of Attraction and practiced it, then how will this course help me?

This course is specially designed for believers in the Law of Attraction and those who are ready to manifest their dreams.

law of attraction course

Do you know why many people, despite knowing the Law of Attraction, couldn’t manifest most of their dreams?

3 Main Reasons:

1. You know that your thoughts and feelings create your manifestation, but if you don’t know how to stay happy and live with positive feelings, then you will not be able to manifest your dreams.

2. You believe that being happy is very difficult and can’t find ways to change these negative feelings.

3. If at all you can stay happy or positive, but it doesn’t last long. So you must get yourself into the habit of living with gratitude.

The 28 Magical Practice Course works as the best course in the Law of Attraction Training Arena.

Hey “Awesome AJ”, You know your 28-Day Magic Practice Program was just awesome, like you. It was a blessing in disguise for me. I was not happy with my average job and my mind was full of tensions and negativity and then god just came to rescue me from that situation through you…I did those practices religiously and guess for me, your practice of writing daily 10 good things about yourself daily worked well…Now I am so happy and full of positivity and got my dream job as well…in fact, I should be saying I got more than what I asked for…you are so well versed with the Law Of Attraction, that talking to you just makes me feel I am in vortex ..You are really wonderful Ajay. I have told you earlier as well that there is a sea change in me after completing this practice…and conversing with you was a real pleasure you come with such a strong positive personality….Keep doing this Awesome work. Zillions of thanks for showing me the pathway to success happiness and abundance -Divya, Delhi

Hi Ajay, I am really glad that I decided to follow the 28 days of magical practice with you. Your daily emails inspired me and motivated me to follow and complete the magic practice. I was going through a tough time, but the practice kept me happy and hopeful. Before the practice, I was job hunting with no luck, and my relationship with my boyfriend was over. During the 28 days, I got my dream job, and my boyfriend and I are in a better place. I appreciate you organizing the course and will keep practising the magic practice for different areas of my life starting with relationships. Thank you very much, and keep doing what you are doing. Thanks, Linda. USA

Do you want to know how these 28 magical practices have changed people’s lives?

Check the following links and read about success stories of magic people, who have changed their life with this course:

Are you ready for a life-changing experience? Are you committed to giving your best?

If your answer is yes, then join this phenomenal course.


Join thousands of other participants on  this magical journey 

“28 Magic Practice: Video Training Course”

Magical Practice Program by Ajaya Mishra


Just one thing to say about 28 MAGICAL PRACTICES Training with Ajay Mishra was a Mind-Blowing Experience. I did that in April 2014 with him I recommend it’s worth doing during the entire 28 days Awesome AJ stands by You like a rock…………i.e from start to end it’s really a magical journey under his guidance moreover I found it value for money……………. TY TY TY – Sushant, Mumbai

This life-changing magical journey is starting today.

Join this magical Journey to manifest all your dreams. Hurry up. Limited registrations only.

This course is a video course to infuse the superpowers of gratitude and the Law of Attraction to help you set your life in the positive mode and manifest all your dreams.

This course is based on the concept of The Magic Book, but this is a much more simplified and advanced version of the practice.

I have found this course so useful that I have started believing in myself. counting my gratitude shows self-importance and love. I can see so many blessings in my life that make me feel so rich with relations, materials, and love. I believe that everyone should do this course “28 MAGICAL PRACTICE” with AJ. I have lotteries in the form of respect, awards, trips and much more in just the last three times practices. – Meihol Jhaveri, Surat


This course is for you if:

  • You believe in dreams.
  • You are ready to manifest all your dreams and love to get yourself into a positive habit.
  • You may have failed before, but you are committed to your future self and ready to live a happy and abundant life.
  • You are practicing the Law of Attraction, know about it or are just new to it, but you believe in it.
  • You want to live your life phenomenally with happiness, love, a great relationship, a happier job, and massive wealth.

Thank you so much for your guidance on LOA and magical practices……today is my 3 day of magical practice and let me tell you this is the 3rd time I am doing it…..thank you so much….I started this practice with your guidance and it has made it easy to understand and practice gratitude :):)…..you are amazing…..god bless you…. -Manasi

You are awesome Aj….I love your Aj tips & universe messages….I was lucky to do 28 Magic Practice under your guidance…..attracted many things…..I become more positive…..Thank you, Thank you and  Thank you for your support 365*24 – Sudarsan Rathi

Sir. I am heartily grateful for your constant support. Very easily you guide me in 28 Magical Practice Course. I have no words. I became very positive and confident. You are an angel to me. You are really awesome. keep it up, sir …..Thanks again and again…. – Shilpa

You have injected “The Magic” practice into every person’s daily life. All Ages of people irrespective of religion, nationality, sex, culture, language & etc differences. The Magic is the gateway to Heaven. The answer to All Questions is “The Magic” – Avinash Gudapati



Join thousands of other participants on  this magical journey 

“28 Magic Practice – Guided Training Course”. 

28 Magical Practice Program Awesome AJ

If you have any queries or want to pay by cash transfer, then please email me at aj@awesomeaj.com

A thousand people have already changed their lives; don’t you want to try this new way of life with magic?

Don’t you want to commit yourself to just one month for a life-changing experience?

Allow yourself to Attract Success and abundance.

Ready to Change Your Life Phenomenally? Not next month, not next week. ACT NOW. Join this course.

Zillions of Gratitude to You I would love to have you on board.

May the magic be with you.

Awesome AJ

Law of Attraction Coach and Motivational Speaker

129 thoughts on “Join Now The 28 Magical Practice: Law of Attraction Online Course”

  1. Hi AJ,

    I paid for this course however, i am yet to receive a confirmatory mail for the same.

    Can u please look into it?


  2. Hi aj, actually my cousin wans to join ur course. Bt she is nt well in English. Cn she communicate wid u hindi.

      1. Maulik Zalavadia

        Hello Awesome AJ,

        If you need any help in the creation of the course in Hindi, please let me know.

        Thanks & Regards
        Maulik Zalavadia

  3. Hi ajay,
    I have lot of neurological health issues post delivery,i am struggling with my health for 1 year, I have tried reiki,healings and so many things nothing worked on me….I need ur guidance in getting my health back…and also I want to know whether it is possible to get cured of any kind of incurable diseases with your process? please let me know the deatails ASAP

    1. Hi Saranya.. the possibilities are endless and we all have infinite power without body ..so far many people have changed their life and heal themselves from so many difficult diseases ..so yes I am saying its possible .. if you like to know more please let me know. thank you

      1. hello sir i want this course but i dont no how to pay and where i got the course .can i get the course in my mail by paying to my friend paypal .

  4. Hi Ajay,
    I have made a payment through payumoney and I have received a email from them and I am planning to release money. Please let me know when i will get a confirmation for the same.


  5. Hi Ajay,

    I have released the payment, but I have not yet received a confirmation so please do let me know for the same.



    1. Dear Chirag,

      Thank You.Please dont be worried. All the confirmation send at the end of the day to all registered participants. Your slot is already booked.

      Welcome to the Magical Journey.

      Thank You

    1. Law of Attraction is the way this Universe works. Whether you believe in God or Your Religion or simply Universe …it is same .. this world is the same creation by that source and LOA is the basis of its working. And LOA depend on you .. You say God or Universe ..he/she has already kept the Law at place ..how you will make your life the way you want ..So LOA now depend on you ..on your thought..on your belief ..on your emotions and actions.

      So are you ready to live your dreams with positivity, happiness and gratitude?

  6. Geetanjali Maurya

    Hi aj …I m facing breakup with my bf nd I want him to come back… I did everything .. will law of attraction helps me to get him back??

  7. Hi aj,i want to join in this course,when will be the nex please send me a mail.i want it bcoz i am struggling to get job.

  8. nimish srivastava

    Ajay sir a warm welcome you and will grapes lots of valuable information from you sir i made the payment through payumoney i didnt get the conformation from your official mail plz help in
    nimish srivastava

  9. Hii ajay sir….
    I have released the payment for 5 th April magic practise slot but i don’t get any confirmation…
    Plz do needful..
    Thank yoy

    1. Vasim ..welcome to the magical practice. Due to some technical issue the confirmation was delayed but I am happy now you are on this journey. Enjoy to fullest.

  10. Divya Vishwanadh

    Hey AJ,

    Thanks a lot for all the articles. It has definitely helped me a lot. I wanted to join the 28 day magical practice slot as I tried to do it on my own but failed every time.

    Also, I have missed the deadline for the April slot. It would be very much appreciated if the dates for the May slots are given. Thanks a ton and God bless you!!!

    1. Hi Divya,

      Thanks a lot for reading all the articles and your interest for joining this course. Though the batch on 5th April already started but if you like you can join the course today itself. I have made separate arrangement for people who missed the day. So no issue with that. You will miss nothing and if you join today the course will start from the beginning for you from tomorrow itself.

      If you are interested, please make the booking through PayUMoney button above in the post and the course will start from tomorrow for you.

      Thank You,


  11. HI Ajayji,

    I want to join this course but I believe I am late by few days. Can I start this course from tomorrow or else I have to start this course from next time when is the next course date?.

    1. Hi, Kamini. Thank you for your interest in the course. The next batch is starting from 19th April but if you like you can join the course today itself also. Do register today, and the course will start from tomorrow itself for you. If you have any more questions, please let me know. Thank You.

  12. Hi AJ,
    I would like to join this 28-day magical practice course. But I have my apprehensions. Sorry for being so blunt, but how can I trust that this is indeed a genuine one? Suppose I pay but what if I don’t get anything in return? This is going to be a purely net-based course, and you know anything can happen on the Internet. I ask this because I want to get what my money is worth. Is it possible for you to accept money after the course is done? I am just asking, since that’s how it works everywhere. You pay after you get what you want. I really would love to take part in this course, but I want to make sure that my hard-earned money does not go wasted for nothing useful. Am sorry if I have offended you. You are doing as an awesome job helping people!


    1. Hi Priya,

      Thank you for raising your concern, and I can understand it. No way it offends me because it’s up to me to take it as just another question or something negative. Let me answer you point by point:

      1. This course is genuine or not? – The genuineness of this course clearly reflects from the 100s of Testimonials and Success Stories I have on this blog, where everyone is again and again reinstate their faith in the course. People from all over the globe are doing this course from more than a year.

      So it is not about the genuineness of the course; it’s about your faith. If you have faith, join me, if you don’t have faith then take your time when you feel like joining then only join. Even I don’t want anyone to join my course if they have negativity or doubts about the course.

      2. If I don’t get anything in return – Again it’s a pure case of doubt. If so many people are getting for more than a year this course, then you will also get the course.
      But if you are asking you will get the result or not, then my answer is..I will show you the path, and you have to walk on it. If you don’t walk on the path and if you don’t practice with utmost dedication even GOD can’t give you any result. That’s why they said “God helps them who help themselves.” If so many people have great results so far, you will also get the result only if you follow the process with dedication like them.

      3. Net-based course and anything can happen on net – If this is the belief you have about internet, then I am sure you are not using Facebook and Gmail also. Because most of your data are under threat and probably your bank website is also not secure enough for high-level hacking. Please move on and see the possibilities, the world has changed, and everything is on internet only. Probably you have never done an online course, again if you like then you can join, if you have no trust then please read books and follow them.

      4. Money worth this course or not – If you take my opinion the kind of course I am offering and the help and support I am providing all through the course worth a million. Still all the people who have done the course says I should charge 10,000 rupees instead of 2000 because they feel what I am offering is worth 10K.

      5. Possible to accept money after the course – Yes its possible but what if I give my best and you don’t give even 1% of your effort. Then you will fail, and you will not pay for the course. I put the same question you asked me, isn’t it?
      Unless you pay, you will never give your commitment. Unless you pay, you will never give your best. There are so many free articles on my blog if you read even one article daily and implement in your life; life will change. But for bigger transformation you need bigger commitment and when people pay they put theirs heart and soul to get the best. That’s when you value my service. So I won’t let someone join the course for free specially who have a lot of doubts.

      Moreover when you buy a book you never say “let me read the book, if I love the story then I will pay”, even when you buy a pizza you never say “Let us take the pizza home and eat, if we love the taste then only we will pay it.” If you do not do that then why you are expecting a personal development service to be free or on a credit basis.

      6. Spending hard-earned money – if the money you spend is hard earned, then running this blog and writing these articles and making this course is the effort of blood and sweat for years. What about the effort I put into work, what about the money worth of all these work and efforts?

      Priya.. I replied to each one of your doubt because this course is about teaching people to take a leap of faith and become grateful for everything in advance. I can understand all your fear and doubts it’s because of the negativity you have carried so far in life.

      Now it’s a choice up to you that whether you want to remove these negativity and try a new way of life with faith and gratitude or not? If your answer is YES .. then join the course and take a leap of faith.
      If NO, then take your time we have no issue with that. If you don’t join this course, still you can read tons of stuff here, and I am grateful that you are reading it, but one advice these negative thoughts will never make you an abundant person.

      Pease remove these negativity and fear from your heart and mine, and starts trusting life, and then life will offer you lot more than expected.

      All the best and Thank You,


    1. Hi, I can’t see your registration at my end on PAY U MONEY platform. Can you please re-check at your end. And if you have completed from your end then you must have received an email from pay u money as transaction complete. Please send that email to my email id aj@awesomeaj.com and I will check with pay u money.

  13. Awesome Aj. Your course sounds awesome and I want to be a part of it. I had an interview for a job that I really wanted 2 days ago but unfortunately, I just missed out on getting it. I was gutted as for 3 weeks before the interview, I visualisation celebrating my success of getting the job, I visualised working at the job, I felt as if I had the job, acted as if I had the job, so I was so shocked when I didn’t get it. But I am not disheartened and I’m not going to give up. I believe there is a better job out there for me and with your course, I am going to manifest it. So I’m going to sign up for your next course on the 19th April and go for it and hopefully, in a few months, you and your members will hear my success story!

    1. Dear Andy .. Thank you for joining the course starting from 19th and your spirit is amazing. I must tell you the Universe is waiting for you, when someone possess this never give up attitude SUCCESS is the only manifestation they have and this journey will be super phenomenal without any doubt.

  14. Lakshmi Narayanan

    Im very much committed to your process and want to become rich but im yet to get rich to pay you Rs.2000 . Do you have any other suggestions ??

    1. Hi Lakshmi .. No problem ..In that case do read my Money Magnet Affirmation Post and keep doing the practic daily. Also, you can buy THE MAGIC book by Rhonda Byrne which cost only 300 to 400 INR and it will give you basic idea od Gratitude practice. If you practice that then you can get great reasult and improve your financial situations also. Apart from that all my articles are available for FREE here in this blog, read and follow them and you will get great result.

      All the success to you.

      1. Lakshmi Narayanan

        Thanks Ajay for your ideas and support. i will buy the book or search in internet and i will start my grateful journey. im particular about this because it feels good to feel good and get connected to god everytime i feel love and gratitude. Thanks anyway.

  15. Hello Ajay,

    I’m facing issues with the PayUMoney channel. Am I to ‘release payment’ after you get back to me via email? Or will I have to do it before so you know I’ve registered for the course? Please reply soon. :) Thank you.

  16. Hey AJ,I am wondering when your next course is starting, and how much time a day should we say will solely give into doing this? My schedule is busy this month and I am prepping for important exams. Do you recommend doing it at a time when we are free to focus in ourself and give time to self? Thanks alot!

    1. Hi Aishwarya,

      The new batch is starting on 5th July. You can register today itself. But if your schedule is too tight that you can’t even manage to get total in one hour in a day then join after your exam.

      Thank You,


  17. Hi Ajay,

    I have paid for this course and release payment option is with me , when the course will start so i can release the payment.


    1. Dear Parag,

      Welcome to the Magical Journey. The course is booked for you and you must have received the Booking Confirmation email now. The course emails will start from tomorrow morning. Please release the payment. Thank You.

    1. Dear Vinod, thank you for joining the 28 Magical Practice Course. Your booking is done and you must have received the Booking Confirmation Email. Thank You.

  18. Hi Ajay,

    I have paid for the course today and really believe that manifestations play an important role towards realizing our dreams. Request you to please enroll me for the course.

    Best Regards
    Neetu Jha

  19. sangita narvekar

    Hi aj i want to join the course when it stared i already reading book of the secret and power of subconcious mind it great books

  20. Dear Mukesh, thank you for being on the Magical Practice. The course has been booked for you and it will start from tomorrow. Magical Success to You.

  21. Hi,
    i hv js booked the 28 magical practice cource and released the payment too.kindly confirm and whn does the cource starts…Thanks

  22. Hi aj sir as u know I works in pangong lake Leh where no network for internet so can I still join this course? Can I see my mails during my leave .

    1. Dear Sourabh, Thank you for joining the course. We have received your payment and your slot is booked. However, you will get the Booking confirmation email tomorrow as the next batch is starting from 28th August. So we will register all participants in one batch tomorrow itself. But your booking is confirmed so no worry with that.

      Welcome to the magical journey.

  23. I am from Bangladesh… I took 21days free training.. My way of thinking totally changed…now I understand.. How things happen in our life…its really nice…I want to take part in 28 magical practice… From when I can start it??Sir..pls waiting for the info…thank you thank you thank you…

    1. Dear Jibon thank you for changing your thought process and magically ready to start the 28 Magical Practice course. You can join the batch today itself as it it date flexible now.

  24. I am currently following your 21 days free course I want to join the 28 days one after completing this!! When is your December batch starting????


    thanks Awesome AJ. I am interested but need to know in which other way one can pay up for the Course if the one does not have a valid international Visa Card.

    Just wondering if Money Transfer would do.

    Be so blessed.

  26. Sir is there any other way by which I can pay the fee as with pay u money I m not able to can I pay through my card.pls let me know.

  27. Thank you sir I got d details and have joined your 21days free magical practise and after completing this I would like to join the 28days magical practise too.

  28. Hi,
    I just received your free 21 days of Law of Attraction course. I am also interested in joining 28 days magical practice course. Once I sign up and make the payment, do I start receiving emails from the following day or is there a wait time. Please advise. Thanks.

  29. Kasha McKinley-Cross

    Hi there,

    I have just made payment for the 28 Day Magical Course.
    When will this start?

  30. i now have millions of fans. the whole world loves my music. 90% of the world’s population are now buying my songs. Thankyou universe. Thanks AJ :’) i hope i would buy this course but i m 15 yo i dont have money for this.. please email me if you can give it to me for free..
    P.S – i think you already know that what my dreams are and they will come true that i know.. but just think my life would improve so much and i would donate crores so just think according to law of karma.. u wont beleive how much it will benefit yyou .. indirectly aap bhi croro logo ki madat krenge

  31. Hello AJ,
    I paid for the course but have not receive an email for this. I checked the spam folder and it is not there either. Would you please check this for me please? Much appreciate it.
    Sherry Howe

  32. Hello AJ,
    I paid for the course through PayU Money but it shows transaction cancelled. Would you please check this out please so that I can start with my course asap.


    1. Hi Sudhakar, it shows you have done 2 transactions. 1 Successful and another you cancelled. So as one is successful, we get the money and we will register you for the course within an hour. DOnt worry on this. And welcome to the magical journey.

  33. Dear Liz,

    Kindly recheck from your end. Because we have not received any notification from PayPal so far. Further, request you to kindly mail the PayPal reference no and receipt copy. We will initiate the course if it is.

    I can see you have register for the 21 Days Law of Attraction Course for FREE.

    Looking forward to hear from you.

    Thank you.
    Team Awesome AJ

  34. Hello AJ,

    I have completed your 28 Magical Day course, it’s great to focus on and realize all the great things in our lives does bring the feeling of being blessed. However, I have not been able to have the manifestations I desired at the beginning of this course. Can you offer additional mentoring? I would really love to be one more of your success stories.

    Thank you so much!!

  35. Hello sir,
    When will be your new batchfor 28 days is going to start …is there any last date for that or i can join it anytime

  36. Hello sir,
    I just made payment for 28 days course by pay u but didn’t receive any confirmation mail from your side.
    My id-115893998

  37. Hi ajay,when is your next course of 28 days magic practice starting? Is registration going on? Can I join it? What is the last date to join?

  38. Hi Sir,
    I want to Join 28 days Magical Course now. Is there any new batch starting.
    Please reply asap.
    Thank you.

  39. Dear away,I had enrolled in your 28days programme and it’s awesome. Today is day 3. Kindly guide me to follow it and let me get a good job. I also would like to know if I.can have job affirmation downloadable

  40. HI Ajay,
    I know about the LOA,but i am unable to apply it.so just tell me should i have to complete the 21 day course and then join 28 day magic course or else i can directly join this 28 day magic course.i am unemployed and looking for a job in corporate field.

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