A Beginner’s Guide To Law of Attraction. Learn How To Use The Law of Attraction | Free Law of Attraction Training

A Beginner’s Guide To Law of Attraction. Learn How To Use The Law of Attraction

How to Start Using The Law of Attraction, Awesome AJ Law of Attraction Course

How to start applying the Law of Attraction?

I have seen “The Secret”, but  I have no idea where to start?

Can anyone guide me on how to use The Law of Attraction?

I have used “The Secret” or “The Law of Attraction” for a long time, but still, it doesn’t seem to work, why?

If the above questions seem familiar and often comes to your mind, then here’s your answer:

I have been asked such questions by many of my friends again and again. So, I decided to write this post for all the people who are struggling with these questions. These are the process that I am guiding so many people over a long period of time and it’s working magically for them to develop a process to start using the law of attraction or the secret.

First Step with Law of Attraction

First of all, I am grateful to all those people who keep writing to me regarding their queries related to The Secret or Law of Attraction to make their dreams come true. Also, these articles are dedicated to all of you who are guiding force and/or dynamic solution to others.

If you ask me what’s the first thing needed to use The Law of Attraction right or how to start using The Secret, then my answer is “GRATITUDE”.

The two greatest keys are “GRATITUDE” and “Bliss” (means “Being Happy All the time”)



Follow these 5 Awesome steps

1. Make Your Dream List:

Make a complete list of all your dreams as details as you can. Don’t put any deadline, just focus on the result or the final outcome. Don’t worry about how it will come true or when or who will help you realize it. Simply focus on the final outcome is your part of the job.

2. Be Happy All the Time:

Start living in a happy mode all the time no matter how easy or difficult life seems. Bliss will inspire your mind and soul to see what’s positive in life and as you start being happy, you will attract more happiness. Remember “Happiness is contagious”.

3. Practice Gratitude every day:

Let Gratitude penetrate into every cell of your body and your soul to create a miracle. Why is Gratitude needed? To keep you on the “Blissful” mode wherein you are always happy because as you feel grateful you shift your focus from problems in life to the things you are grateful for and that’s what needed the most.

4. Every morning writes about at least 10 things that you are  grateful for:

Make a habit of writing a gratitude journal every day. Write the gratitude for the things that you feel you are blessed with. It could be your friends, the money you have, the food you eat,  your education and for all the other big and little things that you have in your life. This is proven to become a very powerful and life-changing practice.

 5. Make A Habit of Reading Law of Attraction Books or Blogs:

In the Law of Attraction Free Masterclass (Law of Attraction Free Online Course), you will be reading tons of law of attraction materials and you will learn everything step-by-step process. Apart from this course in my blog, you will find more than 300 articles on the law of attraction and success stories. So make a habit of reading them every day.

Make a habit of reading at least 1 or 2 blog posts from this blog every night before going to sleep. You can read any post randomly. Make it a daily practice because negativity tends to attack your mind mostly at night prior to sleep. At that time, these magical posts prove to become an antidote.

Watch this video, it has explained the above concept in an easy and simple way:

I would suggest you buy books like  “The Power” and “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne if you do not have them yet. And read them regularly.

Follow the above 5 Awesome Steps regularly for ten days and see you will be learning a lot about the Law of Attraction. And I am sure you will be a changed person. You will change for the better.

If you feel too negative on any particular day, don’t worry and resume the process again the next day. Never forget that every day is a new beginning.

I will guide with more powerful content in the coming days and keep you inspired.

Also, keep sharing these articles with others because,  as you know, people usually don’t open up unless they see others using and benefiting from the Law of Attraction.

So, together we can help others make their dreams come true and spread happiness.

You can join our  Law of Attraction Free Video Program (Masterclass).

Please share in the comment section at the end of this post.

Always remember “All that you need is either already yours or on its way to you, you just need to align yourself with the Universe.”

Have an Abundantly Blessed Life.

Awesome AJ

Stay Motivated, Stay Awesome

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  1. this article came in the exact time,i needed it so much,thank you my awesome friend

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    1. Dear Awesome AJ

      I was looking for a mentor to teach and guide me the LOA and i am so grateful to find you as my mentor. Though there are 100s of courses online many of those were bit far for reach due to high cost in $. I trust this gonna change my life. Request your continued guidance and love light into our lives.

      1. Really the awesome and inspirational vedio which gives me immense strength how can be positive. thanks a lot and need one guidance how could I remain Happy if the situation is not happening according to what I desire?

    2. Thank u so much sir I am following you from last year and i am really very inspired form all your videos and post. thank you so much for helping me out to understand more things about “The Law Of Attraction” i am really blessed to have u as mentor. Tonnes of Thank you

    3. All that you need is either already yours or on its way to you, you just need to align yourself with the universe

    4. Thank you thank you thank you Awesome AJ
      You are blessing to me you just came like an angel in my life yess the Universe knows better what I needed the most
      Yess everything is already there in the Universe but the right thing only happens at the right time
      your words are like nectour
      I m swolling them n breathing them
      Yess all positive is happening around I just have to be in the happenings n your words are helping me to be
      Thank you for being the choosen massanger
      Love n gratitude

    5. Thanks a lot AJ sir.
      I’m the beginner and I’m sure I will jump to my new dream life from this dream with your help….so much thanks…..

    6. Gratiaen Hewa

      I am privileged to enroll in your most amazing and esteemed program since yesterday & just started to follow the 1st lesson “Beginners Course-Law of Attraction w.e.f today. I am highly impressed & entranced to do so by listening to a few Videos of yours on Youtube last night and appreciate the manner and the way you describe and explicate every detail for our benefit.
      Thank you Sir.-Rtd/Senior Gazetted Officer-Sri Lanka Police.

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  3. I am so grateful Awesome AJ for this guide. I just watched the secret for the second time and have read quite a bit, but was still unsure as to how to get started. I am anxiously awaiting your article on eliminating negative beliefs. I think my biggest issue is “believing” especially while job searching. I have spent most of my life not expecting much because I did not want to be disappointed and heart broken once again, but that has helped to erase my happiness and sense of wonder. My enjoyment of life has dwindled, but I want to change and to be a better person and I know that I will find that now that I have found you and your group, so I am thanking you in advance for your article and for helping me to find my bliss.

    1. THANKYOU….Hi Aj u r realy awesome person, u guided me the 28 days magic of gratitude, today i am the happiest person in the world, Gratitude penetrated each and every cells in my body, when i think about money the money flowes wow!!, Negative thoughts wanished magically and came to know how to ask my desire things to the universe. Now universe is with me and watching me wow!!. Tons of thankyou to Ajay mishra and Rhonda. THANKYOU ALL.

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        Thank u from my geart

  4. Every time I read The Secret, The Power or The Magic, a new perspective comes to me which did not come to me.

    And every time I read The Secret or The Power, my vibration naturally increases. They are that powerful.

    I thank Rhonda Byrne for The Secret because it changed my life for ever,

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    With abundance gratitude.

  8. Awesome AJ, THANK YOU VERY MUCH for the amazing post you write which is helping millions of people just like me around the globe. I have been reading and listening to many motivational audios and books; and in addition I love reading your post as they are so simple to apply in my daily life. And the best part is your post is exactly what I am looking for. Once again, THANK YOU VERY MUCH for your post on A Beginner’s Guide: How to Start Using The Law of Attraction or The Secret. May the Almighty Lord bless you abundantly in every aspect of your life for spreading your messages to around the world. Best wishes always, Myra

  9. Hi..like any other typical indian family my family also wants me to get married..but I want to get a dream job n then to marry my dream guy..n need it to be done asap..can it happen?

  10. Ankita Chandurkar

    Thank you so much awesome AJ I m really waiting for dis suggestions from sm1 …Thank you so much…:) :)

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  12. Thank you AJ so much. I have read The secret book months ago but was not able to start, then
    I came across to your website and finally I got someone who will guide me throughout my journey. I hope you will.. Thanks.

    1. U’re giving me tones of good and positive energy I am already addicted to you and to your videos .
      Thank u from my geart

  13. Aditi Bhattacharjee

    Thank You Ajay Mishraji for sending me A Beginner’s Guide. I had already practiced 28 Magical Practice on myself. But still I am afraid about my health as I am a cancer survivor. I want your guidance to overcome this fear and to live a healthy life for a long time. I also want to achieve a better job (as a teacher) than that of my present. Hope you will guide me.
    Thank you
    Aditi Bhattacharjee

    1. Thank You Aditi ji. I would suggest you to read my self-healing post and that will remove your fear and keep you healthy and healed forever. Also if you like to take your feelings of magic and gratitude to a much higher level then do join my 28 Magical Practice course, you can check how the course is changing lives. Thank You.

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  16. aparna chakraborty

    Thank you so.much, awesome ajay ji, to make people optimastic towards life, i removed all nagetivity from my mind .. and started living life again, now i have a dream to take my own house and i know it is going to happen asap. Thank you awesome aj…
    Regards aparna chakraborty

  17. Akshay Chatrani

    sometimes I anger because of my past and sometimes I am happy with all I have.
    I don’t know how to get rid of anger.

  18. dear AJ, very nice article , i have read and practicing Rhonda Byrne ‘s Magic, but the problem of mine, how support other ppl through this , especially young ones , not showing interest ,reading in secret book , i bought and give , not showing much interest in their studies , give some advice how can i change their attitude .

    1. Dear Pam.. you cant convince people to follow this. The best way is to practice so much in your life that your life will become magical and then people will ask you what is the secret and then you should tell them.

  19. Thank You AJ. Always have been in the planning mode..But this time for sure it’s from today. Thanks for inspiring.

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  21. i just wanted to know that, will setting a deadline for a wish or desire will have a negative effect or delay on the wish or desire?

    1. If you are a positive person and don’t usually get overburden with a deadline then you must have a deadline. But if you are not that positive yet and keep working on become a truly optimistic person then don’t set a deadline because in such case deadline become a deadweight on your head and it will hamper your progress.

      Thank You

  22. dear aj

    i knew already(6 months ago) about law of attraction..due my continuous failure , i am afraid about life.. i feel always sitting like in a pressure cooker…i read lot of inspiration posts & article ..i can maitain positive energy at that time alone.. i can’t maintain that stamina for a long time.. my mind things negatively..it suspects everything & question everything… please tell me how to come out from this probs…

    moreover i feel always looser of everything… i lost my 3 well wishers unexpectly.. so it creates some depression always… kindly tell me how to reprogram our mind… i know of things… but i can’t follow it regularly..

    help me to solve all my issues….

    1. Sree.. knowing is never helped. It the applying and taking action that change life. If you continuously apply and use then all the negativity will be gone and your life will change. Also remember that what happening to others is what they are doing or believing. It is painful for you but you can ask why law of attracting is happening like this. Your first purpose you to change yourself, your life and then others around will also change. Best way start practicing the process in this post or join my 28 Magical Practice Program.

  23. Thank you so much AJ.I grateful to you as I am going to learn something new .I am really excited to know more on this.You are awesome.

  24. Dear AJ,
    This is a beautiful post. I have read The Secret, The Power and The Magic. I have couple of problems:
    1. Getting anxious easily, worrying n panicking. D moment I am faced with a problem, I get anxious about worst outcome possible. I think “Be positive. Don’t worry” But not able to quieten my mind.
    2. Continuing with the practice daily. I start a program, then stop the very next day. Busy schedule etc etc. Enrolled in 21 Days LOA course, hoping that would let me stay committed.
    Please tell me what can I do to eliminate fear, anxiety and panic

    1. thank u and follow this 21 days course and it will help u overcome these. Plus follow this post and make a habit. Success and happiness are habit. You can make a habit of reading these positive post on a daily basis.

  25. Give gratitude and first become positive.. desperation will not going to help you. Once you become positive all positive things will happened in your life.

    1. thank you thank you thank you for this amazing video sir. today its my First day of this course and i am really happy to begin this magical journey of my life. thank you so much

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  27. Thank you very much AJ for your generous initiative to offer this course for free. It’s really motivating! I hope that by the end of it the better me will be there to stay! :)

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    Zillions of gratitude!!

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    That’s what I desire to learn.. Thank You :) :)

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        Today first day
        I followed as per your instruction
        Thank u very much
        I am from Tamil Nadu now I am working at uk
        I will call u after 21days
        Thank you

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    Wonderful post. Im feeling blessed by joining this course my soul is rejuvenated with all the awesome words.

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    I have read the quotes from paul coelho from The Alchemist which are shared by you and which inspired me alot .
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    and yes more excited for this course.
    Thank you…

    1. Dear Jacky.. Loads of gratitude and happy to have you on this journey. Thank you for loving the Paulo Coelho post. Thats life changing. Enjoy the journey.

  34. Thank u thank u thank u so much AJ for inspiring me to steer my life in the right direction. I am definitely going to follow ur every teaching. And yes i am going to manifest my every dream and aspire to be more grateful each new day.
    You’re Magnificent..! :)

    P.S. Everyday holds new Magic..!! :)

    1. Loads of Gratitude Shaina.. I am super happy that you are full of excitement and ready to enjoy it to fullest. Magical Vibes to you and yes everyday holds new magic for all of us. Thanks to the Universe.

  35. Dear Awesome AJ
    I have gone through the first article from the 11 days free training you are going to part with me. I am dreaming success fro the very first article.Thank You, yes awesome Aj I will surely meet you personally as I become a master in LOA

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    I am very much excited to have a awesome sleep tonight after having a awesome anti dote.

    Thanks a lot

  37. tanushree kadian

    AJ… you are gem of a person… I’m so glad and feel fortunate enough to be able to get in touch with you :-) you are ready to help always….I’m damn sure this 21 day course would add more lightning to my knowledge… thank you for putting up this for everyone… thank you thank you thank you

    1. Loads of Gratitude Tanushree.. It’s a pleasure to have you on the course and definitely it will be a life-changing experience. Thank you for always showering your gratitude and blessings. Stay Awesome Always.

  38. Thank you for this 21 day course. I have been listening to “The Power” for the past 2 weeks. With your course now in my hands, I know I am well on my way. Thanks again and I will be posting more soon.

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  41. I have been listening to The Power on USB for the past month. Running into your 21 day course is just what I needed. Thanks again and I will be posting again soon.

  42. Hi AJ ,it’s really helpful.I am a firm believer that nothing is coincidence so if u came in my life ……May be it’s time to change…..hoping for the best….vasudha
    Thanks a lot

  43. Hi AJ,

    Thank you so much ,

    After reading your first day course material my first doubt got cleared,that’s about the deadline . i used to write a deadline date after every dream that it will be done with in that date. Thank you so much for all the guidance and looking forward for 2 day course material.

  44. Sagar B Meshram

    Tons of Gratitude Sir..this program Was just what i needed..U Are absouletly as called Awesome AJ.

  45. I subscribed for the 21 days program yesterday and since morning I have been soooooo eagerly waiting for your guide/articles to pop into my inbox.. And finalllyy.. m soooo sooo thankful AJ!

  46. Dear AJ
    Thank you for making this course free because I was so much interested in joining it, but due to some reason was not able to join..
    I am feeling so much happy and enthusiastic about the things that I will learn from you.
    once again lots of gratitude.. : )

  47. Dear Awesome AJ,

    I have been practising LOA for a year and I must say it really wasnt easy being happy and grateful in the midst of problems but I always try my best to steer my thoughts towards being positive. I guess i have been looking at how my dreams come true rather than focusing on the end result.
    Thank you once again! :)

  48. Hey AJ, Thanks for this incredible initiative. I’ve always loved doing magic practices with you. I know I deserve much more and I’m happy to be aboard again on this wonderful journey. You’ve always been the best mentor I asked for from the universe. Thank you. I’m very very veryyyyyyyy happy. :O)

    1. Thank You Mancy ..Pleasure to have you on this journey again and you are one of my best student and I am proud of your effort.. the seeds are waiting for you.

  49. Hello Awesome AJ,

    Thank you for the course. It really is awesome. I needed the reminders. What I have learnt is that without exercise and meditation, my head, eyes and whole ache by mid afternoon and this easily spirals in worry and negative thinking. But with little yoga and meditation, my body feels great so it is very easy to have positive thoughts and be happy. Sometimes I get lazy and stop but as soon as I start again, I feel good and start manifesting little things. I have had The Magic since it came out but I haven’t been able to finish the whole 28-day practice. I am always having to start over. On my second day today. So for the next 20 days, I am going to use this comment section as my journal so that I can be more accountable. Hope that is okay with you.

    Thank you.

    1. Yes .. Edwina.. I can understand your situation ..many people struggle to be consistent. That is why primarily I am offering this course for FREE.. to keep people on the consistency with my email ..so every day you will get emails ..so you can push yourself ahead. And then like you said ..everyday use the comment section to share your feelings and excitement to keep you accountable. Also, you get the chance to read other people’s experience in the comments section so that will keep you in the motivation. I am sure this journey will be your biggest journey so far.

      More success and happiness to you.

  50. Thank You AJ for this initiative. I subscribed to this course yesterday and I look forward to learn more in the coming weeks.
    Infinite Gratitude to you …

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    feeling zealous

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    I am very very happy and grateful with some of my life aspects has change for better and I am looking forward to improve more.

    My motto: My life is always moving forward magnificently!! Thank you, thank you, thank you AJ!!

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    Looking forward for this 21days course which will bring enormous positive change in my life.

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    Thank you AJ.
    Really it has changed my thinking process today. I will follow it 100% without failure.
    I need my dreams to come true.

    Thank you very much AJ

  62. sir,i missed the 2nd part of the course.actually i accidently trashed the mail i got from you.but i guess i can still continue from the 3rd .and as for the 1st i m putting all my effort in following it.thank you so much sir for showing me the right path to become awesome .

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    Thank you Ajay!

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    I feel so motivated. Let’s do it!!!

    Thank you so much.

    Forever grateful,

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    I am super excited and motivated. Let’s do it!!! (smiley)

    Thank you so much.

    Much gratitude,

    PS. This is my second post. My first one seemed not to be successful. My apologies if this would appear twice.

  70. Nikola Milosevic

    Thank you so much for your course and for this article, LOA couldn’t be more real and more precise as this is just the thing I needed at this moment. I am so grateful for all of this, thank you again :D

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    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.
    Awesome Aj

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    Thanku sir for giving us this opportunity to make our life best n fulfill our all desires..
    Thanku so much..

  74. Happy greetings to you, Awesome AJ.

    Thank you Thank you Thank you, for the first book material I received today. I was exactly looking for reading such books on LOA for free. So surprised that I attracted it via ur programme. Feeling totally blessed to have you as my LOA coach. Your help has come to me at right time now. I know for sure this is going to transform my life. Thank you loads.

  75. The words in the article were written in such a way that even if you are casually reading it… it goes directly into the subconscious mind. Thank you for the noble work…. you are making people alive…. Today is my first day…I hope I can focus and think positive because I think too much useless stuff, not about what I want but how other people think … m really confused…. Hope to get clarity in coming days … Thanku for this course…. stay blessed, stay happy :)

    1. Loads of Gratitude Ankita. You loved today practice, stay tuned and amaze how everything will be crystal clear on this journey ahead. Wishing you massive success and happiness.

  76. Hey Ajay,
    I am already getting feeling that my life is changing thanks to your Free course,you are ssly awesome person that you r sharing universe best secret at free of cost ..!! now i will follow this awesome 5steps everyday .Thank you so much :)

    Love & Gratitude,

    1. Loads of Gratitude Neha. Life is meant to be magical and I am giving this amazing course for FREE because I know there are many people who couldn’t afford my chargeable course. But it’s my gift to everyone wants to live their dreams.

  77. hi awesome ajay sir,
    i already read secret,magic,hero, and power and realy changed into positive minds but i coming to loa i was trying for many days but cannot succed and now i start 21 days course sir i am so excited that this 21 days will surely change my life into dream land….or dream world and surely i wil see in soon with my wonderful success stories…thankyou thankyou thankyou for the great help ……

  78. Thank you for the amazing motivating job you are doing and making me a part of this 21 days course…

  79. M.Prasanna Kumar

    Hi AJ,

    Happy to be part of this 21 days course. Hope i will transform more and more day by day by applying Law of attraction in my day to day life.

    Thanks to you for your guidance.

  80. Hello Sir,
    Thanks a lot for your blog. I am a true follower of The Secret and The Magic Rhonda Byrne. I had started following the Magic twice in past 6 months But the problem with me is that I am not able to continue to more than 15-16 days. And currently only I got married and came to mumbai, now from past three months I am searching for job, but everywhere written aptitude becomes a problem for me. Please tell me what to do and how to get my dream job. Thank u :)

      1. Minal Suresh Kaushalya Ghorpade

        First of all Thank you Awesome AJ to introduce us to something sooo wonderful as the Law of Attraction course… I feel delighted to receive it.. Today I feel very excited and positive about this course and I am sure I will be able to attract all that I want and need… I am sure I will align myself perfectly with the Universe under your guidance.

        Thank you AJ… Thank you… Thank you..

        God Bless you.


  81. Hello AJ,
    It is a great gesture from your side.. I am very grateful to you. Looking forward to amazing results at the end of 21 days.. I am sometimes feeling a kind of negativity and doubts in my expectations from Universe. Though I have been blessed with every good thing a female would desire to have but wishes are endless for self and for others. Wish to overcome the inherent fear in me during the course. Thank you Mancy for introducing me to the course.

  82. Hello AJ,

    Thanks you for allowing me to join your course. It’s a wonderful article. I had some prior knowledge of LOA and I used to practice it some time with visualization, but I had left it after some time. I just was thinking I was missing something or what I was doing just did not seem complete. And a few days ago, I found your blog and just decided to join your course. I plan to continue your course for 21 days. Also what is the difference between 21-day LOA course and 28 Magical Practice course. Will 21-day LOA course be enough to manifest anything that we desire ?

    Again I thank and am grateful to God and Universe for sending you to my life.

    Thanks and Regards,

    1. Thank you for joining. The 28 days Course z much advance than the 21 Days Course. And the 21 days course is best to start with law of attraction.

  83. Hi Ajay, thank you for this course. I think I apply law of attraction, but still i’m not getting what I want. I hope in this course, I’ll find where I was lacking. Thanks again.

  84. Thank You very much AJ this came at the exact time as i am going through the low phase in life and i exactly need the same to come out of my negative thoughts and want to gain my confidence and will power back. I believe that by the end of course i will start achieving my Dreams.

  85. I always wanted to be successful in my career but by some or other reason I am still at the starting point. My most imp dream is to get job in managerial level. I want to take that challenge and prove myself. I just need an opportunity of getting selected.I even got a call from abc co and he confirmed he will send job offer letter to me and post was of managerial level but he didnt. I even reminded him, he said he will send it but he didnt. I was really disturbed as it was very big opportunity for me as I am in very ground level of my career even after working for 7 years.

  86. Hello AJ,

    I’m looking forward to this experience and I’m keeping an open mind for everything that’s on my way. I’m grateful for this course, where hopefully I’ll learn many things about LOA.

    I’ve been practicing LOA for a few months now and I can say that I’ve manifested many things so far, one of them was very important one and I never though I would have it, ever. I’m expressing gratitude every night before going to bed for the things I’m blessed with. However, I still have a little problem with being patient and letting it go, but I won’t quit. I’ll find it’s solution eventually :D

    Best regards

  87. Hi AJ;
    Thanks a lot this post is really awesome and I hove got benefit from it. But look, I have already read The Secret and The Power and I haven’t started The Magic yet, so can I start it while taking this course?

  88. Hi AJ

    Thank you so much for sharing your unique wisdom with me and so many others; I am looking forward to the next 20 days! I want to reconnect with the principles of The Power, and The Law of Attraction to help me achieve my ultimate goal in life and :)

  89. Thank you so much sir,I am very grateful to the almighty that i hv came to know about you…I am very much exited about this course,very eagerly waiting everyday for your mail.I am sure my life will be changed for better after this course…THANK YOU.

  90. Thanks and loads and loads of Gratitude to you AJ for starting this awesome course. I am excited to absorb everything.

  91. Sir! thank you very much for your posts!blog.Just love it.And really my life is changing day by day..I believe my dream job,salary and others is on its way. Thank you..its really awesome..

  92. Thanks alot sir. Before thanking to anything first I need to thank you alot for guiding to have a happy and succesfull life. Tons and tons of thank you from my heart. I really mean it. You are just awesome.

    1. Coincidence is today only I got the book ” THINK AND GROW RICH” and a today only you have sent a gift of the same book to download. I felt extremely happy. It was such a lovely exxperience. i felt i am getting connected to universe. You are really awesome.

  93. Sir,
    U r great and i am going to achieve all my dreams…and i am the most sucessful girl in this world in terms of career sucess, and in my love life….thank you thank you thank you so much….

  94. sahibjeet gharru

    I am very grateful to u for this sir …
    I extremely happy
    I feel bliss nd blessed Thank you Thank you sir
    Thank you for the gift nd ur blogs …..

  95. Thank u so much dear Ajay sir
    I achieve my all dreams fastly
    You r my best teacher
    Thank u for every help
    Loads of gratitude of you always thank you :-D :-D

  96. thanku so much aj…..I m really excited to c the miracles happening in my life….thank u thank u thank u so much….

  97. Sir I have watch the movie and I have read the books the secret and hero also but the things I am attracting were coming very lately or some conditions it happening quite opposite for example I am following gratitude every day to my body but I am suffering from diseases in these way … In these way it is happen ing negative ly in some cases. Please. Help meee

    1. You have lot of fear and I am sure you are not doing gratitude in the right way else you would have healed completely. Focus on gratitude and do this course it will change you.

  98. Thank you AJ. Very confident and looking more success. Thank you so much I tk u AS MY MENTOR going fwd

  99. i am truly thankful to you Sir… i feel extremely happy that i am in the journey of Law of Attraction for 21 days…Thank you so much Sir…

  100. Thank you sir .
    I am a very positive person and i am looking forward to achieve my goals .I believe in law of attraction . And i believe in you and my self.Its a very good blog and very simply you have mentioned the course of details .

  101. I am feeling confident and thrilled to be in this journey with you AJ ……. i am looking forward to achieving life of my dreams by learning the law of attraction. So Be It.. Thanks a ton.

  102. Really i have seen The secret movie and have downloaded too and i keep watching everyday also i watch video of Bk shivani.its really great help… I loved the beginning of our course AJ.I feel very confident and excited.
    Thanks a lot…

  103. Thanks my Frd suggested for this though I’m not vry high tech but trying ,nvr wrote or read blog but certainly going to read urs ,Awsm Aj

  104. Hiee.. I am doing CA and my inter exam are in a week. I am preparing hard for it and hoping for positive result this time. And also I have applied for 21 day course but I dont have much time for reading books .. But yes, I shall read it after exams. And really THANKS a lot for providing this wonderful platform and I am confident that I will soon be able to apply LOA in my every area of life perfectly.

  105. I’m so excited to learn more and utilize the power within. And your 21 day law of attraction course is amazing. I love this post and only being on day one and I’ve learned so much more about the law of attraction. Thank you

  106. Hi AJ,
    thank you for your blog, for this course and for the time you take to share this with us, with me. Thank you, I am really excited about this journey

  107. Hi Aj,
    Excited to begin the journey.Already feel the power in me..all the best to myself.thank you so much AJ

  108. Supritha Sandeep

    Thank you so Much Awesome AJ. I am so. I am ready to start this journey and bring my dreams true

  109. thank you sir

    i have joined 28 days magical course – iam very happy and positive now at the moment

    many thanks sir

      1. Thanks sir for your help for this magical journey I m so excited for this 21 day tour. sir can yoy please provide your contact number..

  110. Thank you thank you thank you Awesome Aj for giving me this course of 21 days … Hoping i will complete it this time and excited to resolve mah some disturbed relations and fulfill mah dreams and making mum proud… Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you… :) :) :)

  111. Quite excited and thrilled to start this course. I am hoping to learn a lot of things . Been going through a tough phase in my life, I already see that I have a lot of positiveness towards the issue. I hope everything works well!

  112. Hi, I am doing 21 days free loa course from today… i am hv signed divorce with my wife on 15th oct and our first councelling is on 28 Jan.. we both love each other but due to family conflict we are at this stage now… i want to change this so my dream is to get my wife back in my life… please guide me .. i will join 28 day course after this 21 days course… pls gv some loa tips to me.. i want loa to work for me anyhow…

      1. Hi AJ, thanks for your reply.. i am not sure if i should for this relation ..coz lots of conflicts bet 2 family… but i want to get stable from this situatation… i love her its a fact but still i m confused wht to do… how to go for relationship mentoring prog…

  113. Hello sir,
    I have started your 21 days course today….The first thing I got is ..gratitude and happiness….to have in our each nd every cell…I have read the secret.. The power…The magic….power of subconscious mind…..The science of getting rich…and all books…nd learnt a lot….but yours language is too simple…nd so easy to grasp….Thank you….Thank you from ma heart….

  114. Zillions of Gratitude to you AJ for such awesome first day material. Zillions of Gratitude to Universe and everyone for everything I have in my life. Love you all.

  115. Hello Aj

    my name is Levi and I have just enrolled with this program. I am 43 years old with nothing to write home about. I am separated from my wife and now homeless and looking for a way out.

    I will finish this course and I believe I will actualize my dream.

  116. I have a doubt sir, how long does this process takes, do we need to be determined about our goal all time to make it happen soon ??
    Can we focus on a particular goal for full time to make it happen soon??
    Kindly guide me,
    Thank you AJ
    You are really awesome to do such course to reach out all people, you are million time blessed soul.

  117. Ajay Bhaiyya ,

    It’s me again :D . Excited to start this journey again as I have set new goals after achieving some in the past .
    No one better than you as a mentor for my new journey …

    Regards and lots of gratitude


  118. I am very excited to change myself and my situations under your guidance . feeling Blessed that I come to know about this course yesterday I joined immediately.

  119. Hello awesome Aj,
    i am very happy because i feel through you i wll find a way out of my sorrows
    my life ia miserable at present. too many problems. i want peaceful happy life and i wish to make others also happy
    will you pray for me

  120. sir i do practice gratitude and bliss but then some problem arises which makes me unhappy . why do struggles sorrows keep coming my way though i think positive???
    i was a lady who was known for a smiling face then why my life became miserable i don’t understand . please help me out

  121. Hi! Awesomeaj! First of all, II feel this is a not less than any miracle that one day I found a opportunity to have a free course, which is really precious, but we got it free, at our door step, isn’t it a miracle? & should not we to be grateful for this opportunity? So I m very much excited to join this course, hope I will get benefits out of it. Most of all, I need to improve my relationship aspect, then financial abundance, then get rid of fears (many type of fears). Thank u aj, for getting us such a good support rather empathy, which we really needed.

  122. Thank you, Sir I am on the first day of the journey. I am indeed grateful for the free course n books…..

  123. Hi Awesome Person….
    Lots of Gratitude from my side to the Universe that I landed up on your website…. I knew everything about Law of Attraction but was finding it difficult to apply. After reading the first day article suddenly my energy is shifted towards positive side of my life. There is so much in life to experience that we have no time to waste and we fret on useless things in life which would hardly matter after a span of time. Now, I will make sure that I am happy all the time and be grateful for everything I have and the things which are on the way, meant to make me happier and happiest person on earth.

  124. I was about to give up on a dream which means a lot to me… Results were showing but suddenly I started to doubt…I dont even know why, I guess I am so used to be unhappy and negative. I was thinking about giving up and I accidentally saw this free course.. Well what can I say… You gave me hope and restored my faith. Thank You Sir, You are awesome☺

  125. Thanx AJ m feeling good after writing my all wishes(may be not all).M excited for next 20 days,thank you.

  126. hello, AJ sir,
    For quite some time i have been going through a lot of tough times and somehow my friend strongly recommended me to join this 21 days course and now i m very much grateful to him . although i knew about the secret and the subconscious mind but i was unable convert my positive thoughts successfully but now i sense a positive vibes inside me by reading your couple of blogs and the comments. it’s really motivating me..Today is my 1st day and i m really keen and excited to make my dream come true. thank you AJ sir, you are awesome..

  127. Thashalini Sivagnanam

    Hey AJ sir,

    I am so excited about thus journey and I am grateful for what I have and what I am going to have in future. I felt so freshed after wring my dream list.


  128. I am so much excited at the moment.. Thank you so much .. Hopefully looking forward for those exciting 20 days..

  129. I am starting ’21 days law of attraction course’ today and i am very happy and excited about it. I have been searching for something like this for long and universe gave me the course today.. thank you.. thank you.. thank you…

  130. Thank you sir,i got first email of 21 days today december 31,next month will be completely difference due to this course,from tommorow not only new year will be started for me,new life


  132. Ty fr coming to the rescue, iI had been searching for a platform lik ds fr a long time..really looking forward to 20 magical days and many more coming ahead.

      1. ashwini j bachulkar

        Thank u very much awesome ajfor teaching us such avery useful taskwhich will give us a magical life. Feelig blessed.

  133. Thank u so much AJ. You’re doing a great job by creating awareness about LOA. It’s my 1st day n looking forward for the rest. Thank u once again.

  134. let me see how it works out. have heard lot of promises but hope i change in the correct direction

  135. THankyou very very much Sir , I feel ” AWESOM” and so Excited to learn more& more…………

  136. Thank u AJ.

    It’s really great help to have entered into this 21 days course. I have a great dream of becoming successful but time n again I was meeting obstacles which made me so drawn back in life. But now I feel I can do it. I will make it there. Thanks a lot AJ. Always I had a problem with motivation .though I start with enthusiasm it dies down half way. But this time I know I will do it at all costs.

  137. Thanku so much MR.AJ for ur articles
    Seems like m being so excited to continue the rest 20days. Good day

  138. Karthick Janardanan

    I am Excited to start the 21 day Law of attraction Course. I want to become a changed person at the end of this course.

  139. Helloo sir
    am so grateful.you are such a blssng for lots of people. I alwys try to give gratitude to the universe even i make a note regularly about my wish and give gratitude like its already completed i hope am doing ryt.
    thnk u
    God bless

  140. Hey AJ,

    I am really feeling awsome after reading your articles of “Law of attraction”. One of the greatest thing i will take away is “being grateful”. Never knew just by developing feeling of gratitude changes your life a lot. I am actually going through a turbulent time of my life and after going through this my feelings are changing. Thanks a ton.

  141. Hello sir
    am so grateful to u.u r doing sch sch great job.u r a blssng for lots of people
    am tryng to gv gratitude for everythng as i make a note regularly for my wishes and give gratitude like its already completed.i hope am doing ryt..
    thnk u
    God bless

  142. hello sir
    am vry greatful to you. you r doing such great job.am tryng to give gratitude as much as i can.even i make a note regularly for my wishes and give gratitude like its already completed.i hope am doing ryt.
    thnk u
    God bless

  143. Thank you very much for providing a platform for LOA..
    I have seen and trying to understand the LOA, sometimes it works very easily and sometimes not at all.

    With your help and guidance, I am sure, I will improve myself..

    Thank you very much, once again,

    Love and regards


  144. Thank u so much aj Sir I am grateful for u I really struggling with.Loa and secret for 2 years I can use tis in exam but failed in weight loss plzz help me

  145. This is my first day and I already feel better. This feeling that I will get a call from the company I want to work for is getting bigger and bigger. Today I walked into their shops because I want to work at H&M and I felt so good. I felt like I was part of the team!

  146. surrounded by negativity every moment..I came to know about your blog from one of my buddy..hope it will change my mind set

  147. Thank you Ajay sir.
    I have deep faith that this time i’ll definitely be successful in achieving my goals using loa. thanks for being such an awesome mentor for all of us here…I’m really grateful of being on this 21 day journey…thank you sir…:) :)

  148. Thank you AJ. I read power & secret & even I manifested few things through LOA. But I feel so lazy to follow it daily and then I could see negative thoughts floating to my mind..was thinking how to put this gratitude practice effortlessly. Then I found this site & today is the first day.. Feeling so happy & grateful. Thank you thank you thank you

  149. I’m so grateful have found these articles and joined 21 days course law of attraction. I can’t wait for the next 20 days. It must be wonderful and I’m very optimist my life would change for better as well as my career and family. Thank’s Aj

  150. Hi AJ, I’m going to start this journey with you, very excited to do this, really I want to see myself positive and acceptance ( not resistense ) of things in life, and want to be a happy person and make my surrounding happy always, this is my formost wish. I hope I will.
    Thanks for your motivation. God bless you.

  151. Dear AJ, I am looking forward to getting to know you and your course content over the next 21 days. I am very excited to be learning about life from a completely different viewpoint and feel like this could be the piece that I’ve been missing. Also thank you for having us email your our big dream. For some reason that was scary. I’m glad and grateful that I took the first step. Many, many thanks and blessings, Sara C.

  152. Oh i feel i have now found what i always wanted for along time. It’s just day one but already it’s like i know where i am going. This is going to be attended with passion. Thanks awesomeaj

  153. Thank u AJ. It’s really awesome to get first day material from you

    I have been practicing LOA and have manifested quite a few things.

    I have a dominating negative imagination or desperate feelings when it comes to The Most Needed Thing in my life.

    I am trying to be desirable and happy Nd mostly and up being desperate. Why is that so.

  154. Thank u @awesomeAj. I feel gratitude towards the universe and you. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  155. Great work and a great website Sir,
    your work is truly awesome,
    you are a boon to the society,
    keep up the good work and keep inspiring more people for the good.

  156. Hi awsome aj.

    Thankyou .. i feel motivated by reading your blogs and the articles .. thankyou
    You r doing a wonderful job.. lots of blessings and love ..
    Thank you

  157. Thank You AJ. Feeling super excited after reading your article. and feeling much confident i ll cherish what i have wished for.Again thank you for making life beautiful.

  158. Hai sir,
    My name is Ramesh B K am from Bangalore, I started my law of attraction journey from today. But really I am little scared about say thank you or Greet them for their success as ia not at all familiar with. And I am little scared after years i have not greeted nor said now If I say what they will think how to go aheed?
    Ramesh BK

  159. Hello,
    I have started this course because I feel defeated. I realized that this is battle between myself and my mind so I know it would be hard but Im hoping that everyday I learn how to counter things and become the person I always knew I can be. I hope to learn alot from this course

  160. Hello AJ,
    Today is my first day of the course.Thank you for providing the material and the books.
    Thank you , Thank you, Thank you.

  161. good job i really want these books which are u provided free of cost great i am so happy i attract these books thank u thank u thank u

  162. Hi Mr Ajay…Today is my 1st day….i am really really excited and happy after reading your article and feeling more confident.Thank you for providing the material and the books. Feeling just start a new journey of life…Thank You Thank You Thank You very much

  163. Hello sir I m very excited for my journey and as its my 1st day of it so really very excited and very thank ful to you for adding me in this group.thank you thank you thank you

  164. Hello sir I m very excited for my journey and as its my 1st day of it so really very excited and very thank ful to you for adding me in this group.thank you thank you thank you

  165. Awesome AJ- the name says it, you are awesome! I already have an amazing and blessed life, but I have allowed fear to creep in. I have a miraculous gift of an unexpected pregnancy at the ripe old age of 46, and I couldn’t be happier! All around me though, people are saying it won’t last because of my age. That is how I found you- I have been reading and rereading your blog on the power of our bodies to create our own health and imaging my womb bathed in healing white light. I know that the loving Universe would not give me this gift only to take it back and I have to be vigilant about my gratitude and not let the negativity of others impact me. I am hoping to find some other loving folks who share my faith and are pulling for my perfect happy healthy baby to make her arrival! And of course if anyone wants to send me some healing, that would be AWESOME. Thanks again for being a source of inspiration and a force for good:)

    1. Tons of Magical Light and healing to you Amy. You are destined to become a mother. Practice the gratitude and magical way of staying positive consistently and create your manifestation. The whole Universe is with you. Thank You.

  166. Its an interesting blog but its v difficult to append law of atraction or to be happy everytym. I tried many times to follow law of attraction but at the time of negativity nothing is being followed no matter how hard I try.

    Will try to follow what is been sai din the blog as things are not going great at my end.

    1. Its time for you to follow this course and you will see your life will change drastically. 10,000s of people across the globe have changed their life through this blog.

  167. Thanks a ton Awesome AJ for your amazing guidance. Came across this course just at the right time. I am about to restart my life from scratch and nothing better than law of attraction and gratitude to build my new life. thanks a lot for helping me. God bless You AJ. Thank You Thank You Thank You.

  168. Thank you so much AJ for your awesome blogs. I have started my journey towards my dreams from yesterday. I found your Dream Planning guide so useful. I was just at the end of hope but now new ray of hope have come to me by you. Thank you so much

  169. Hi, I am from Serbia and my english is sucks but I hope you will understand me. This cours is my last chanse and I musn’t even think what will happend if this doesn’t work. I trully hope i could be able to get out from hell and came my dreams came true.

  170. Hello Mishraji,
    I have been using LOA (or rather trying to use it ) since one year… I even got minimal success but never satisfactory.. My biggest problem is loss of focus. My focus is usually scattered to million different places at a single time.. NO focus means NO result.. but I can’t help it.. Can you plz guide me how to deal with this??


    1. Shubhit .. use it in your life and create success and happiness… dont go and try to convince everyone ..first become an example and everyone else will follow you.

  172. Aakanksha Yadav

    Thank you Ajay . feeling blessed and happy. Thank you rhonda ,secret and universe for all the things. very excited now to see and fulfill my all dreams into reality. thank you so much

  173. Very inspiring. I am grateful for this article. Knowledge is power. Thank you for some very insightful information .

  174. I am so much excited to start dis course, I always wanted to do it under the supervision of faculty, but I was unable to do it because of the fees. But I always desired it and yesterday I got a link to join it for free… M so so so happy, thank you AJ…
    But still Der is 1 doubt in my mind, I read a story yesterday from suicide to sunshine, in this I came to know if that person does not meant to be for us our frequency will not match, but still I want to ask can we get them back? Bcos every now and then it makes me feel low dat I will not get him, though he does not deserve me, but still somewhere I want him.

    1. Shalu ..attracting someone or not attracting is all secondary ..first you have to work one yourself ..once you become strong, loving and positive from within rest all will fall into right place.


    Hi! Aj i started my 21 days journey by first thanking you for making me the part of this journey. By reading the first installment of 21days i already came to the conclusion that further journey with u will be very amazing & beautiful.

  176. Ranjit Kumar Singh

    Hi Ajay,

    I have been reading “The Power” and “The Secret” for some time , the dream planning guide provided by you is awesome.
    I had written down my dreams without including “WHY” and “What I am developing” to achieve that.

    Thank you so much for the amazing structured dream planning guide.Its going to be easy with your guidance.


  177. Thanks for everything. …I feel awesome after read all steps. …I will follow all step next 21 days with full of energy and happy. ..I don’t have any word about this because I can’t explain my feel with words. …Thanks so much

  178. Anupam chowdhury

    Really it helps a lot. Thank you so much aj. I really grateful to you for such an awesome guidance to make our life fruitful.

  179. I’m new to LOA and I am excited about learning from this 21 day challenge and I will give this program my all and all so I can achieve my dreams and goals thanks for sharing!

  180. Hi AJ,
    have been following secret from quite a long time now, but still at times in fact most of the time i get distracted.
    Thanks to your 21 day course to guide me once again and get me on track. .
    feeling more happier , confident and focused .
    Thanks :)

  181. dharmesh pandya

    I m very happy and excited for this course……….Thank u …..Thank u……Awesome AJ…..thanks for helping me to improve confident for 1 day …..

  182. Really excited about the beginning of this course!
    I have started doing religiously the steps you suggested.
    waiting for the results which I am sure will happen!
    Thank you AJ for participating me in your course.
    Thank you Universe.

  183. Day 1 has been good. I need all your encouragement to keep me on track and help me through
    these 28 days. I can’t thank you enough for holding my hand. May God Bless

  184. Thnkuuuu….Very excited for course…..upcming 21 days…Thnkuuuu so so much..

  185. I am feeling grateful that universe has taken me to this course. I have a question, ” can i apply LOA for someone else’s success ?”

      1. How? I mean i want that the person for whom i am gonna apply LOA, get his dream job. The person too is LOA believer ..
        But what affirmations should i make to attract his job ?

  186. Thank you for developing it more deeper. I am excited to live this journey . Thank you for offering it and giving it :)

  187. Dikhshita Sarmah

    I am ardent follower of the Secret website. The real life stories of people found there never cease to amaze me and that’s how I came here…. And the moment I entered this site I knew that all my dreams are now for sure going to come true. There is so much of positivity in my inbox and its absolutely great to find a mentor so dedicated to help others find the way. Ajay sir, you are the light to my dark tunnel and I know that I shall reach the brighter end soon. Thank you so much and I’m absolutely looking forward to the next twenty days!

    1. I am immensely grateful Dikhshita you found your way and this is the journey that going to change your life in an awesome way. Stay Motivated, Stay Awesome!

  188. thanx ajay .i believe its gonna be a beautiful journey ahead .Now i am sure i shall develop faith in the process and would be able to manifest and produce all that in my life tat i much wanted from long before . keep us guided

  189. Hi sir,

    i am really excited after joining this 21days course. Thanks a lot. This also must an outcome of some positive energy that i found you by pure luck and we are now together in this journey. I am really excited and feeling positive. Sir, just one thing, iam still not very clear as what exactly i have to do on this firs day. can you pleae clarify it for me one more time? thanks

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    Thank you sooo much Awesome Aj :)

    Loads of Gratitude

    1. Pranali, loads of success to you. Be focus more on your dreams and strengths. Remember the law of attraction, whatever you focus on it will expand. So focus on your strength and not on others. This course will help you stay on the journey.

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    After falling out and in and out I’m ready to take another step towards the person I was. I was in complete bliss aj. I was dancing and singing… Which I never did….ever lol.. My style of music changed to uplifting ..motivating songs and lyrics… I had Tons of energy… I was awake when I needed to be awake and slept when I needed to sleep. And I let the people around me take it away. Time span …. Complete happiness for 3-4 weeks…and one day to destroy it. I was shocked and felt so weak.
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    1. It is the right time for you to transform your life and we ask you to go for your dreams and it will come true. You can register for our 28 magical practice program for massive success.

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    Many thanks AJ.
    I would really like to meet you in person.
    Drop a mail if you come to Vadodara :).


    1. Thank You Ankur for all your magical words and I am glad that the video help you connect better. Soon we will be conducting our workshop in Mumbai and Ahmedabad .. so you can attend one of the workshop also. Tons of success to you.

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    Thank You

    1. Hi Raj, if your mark is 82 and you are sure about it and the cut off is 90 or above and again you are sure about it then you can’t do anything thing. In this case you should follow the Exam Success process and prepare for next exam to be at your best level. But if you know that your marks may come higher and the cutoff is not fixed then you can focus on clearing the cut off and it may happened.

      1. Dear Sir,

        Actually the cutoff mark has not been fixed by Public service commission it is an assumed cutoff which were told by my friends
        in this situation is there possibility for me to make the upcoming situation into my favor. Please advice.

        Thank You.

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