Law of Attraction: What is the True Meaning of LET IT GO

Law of Attraction: What is the True Meaning of LET IT GO

Let Go meaning

What is the meaning of “LET IT GO”

When people are getting stuck with something, may it be in their past or with some fear or insecurity in the present moment, they have usually been advised to “let it go.”

Your dreams are taking longer to manifest or seem difficult to come true. You said I am doing everything right, I am motivated, and I am applying the Law of Attraction well, but why is it not happening?

And people around you start saying, “Let it go.” “LET IT GO,” and when you ask them, What is the meaning of letting it go?”, they tell you so many things that make you confused.

Some people even suggest letting go of your dreams, and you ask yourself, “How can I let go of my dreams and desires?” Amidst all this, you start getting more and more confusing answers. Some people suggest just thinking of your dreams once and forgetting them, while others suggest just visualizing them once a day and forgetting about them. Even some of them ask you to forget your dreams in the name of letting them go,” and you start getting crazy, right? You ask yourself, How can I forget the desire I am keeping in my heart?

You may get into all sorts of confusion on “LET IT GO.”

You may be hearing this common concept, “Let It Go,” more often than anything else, but most people never really understand it.

It’s funny that you are here to manifest our dreams, and people are asking you to forget them by using the phrase “Let It Go,” which makes it clear that the person suggesting this doesn’t have an understanding of what “Let It Go” is.

Do you want to understand the simplest meaning of “Let it go?”

Here is your answer. Read On:

“Let it go” is not telling you to let go of your dreams and forget them.

If you have a dream and a loving desire, how can you forget it?

There is no way you can forget a burning desire in your heart.

The true meaning of letting it go is to let go of the negative feelings you have about your dreams and desires.

Most people have negative feelings attached to their dreams and desires. The typical negative feelings are desperation, impatience, getting worried about how much time it will take, and being fearful that they can make it true or not.

You may have doubts due to your experience; you may have failed before, or you have seen others failing in such dreams. Even some of you may listen to negative suggestions from other people on “why they can’t make their dreams come true.”

The first thing you need to understand is that whenever you start your journey of dreams or even halfway across the road, you may come across many negative beliefs and challenges, and you may face fear and insecurity.

These negative beliefs and fears are your greatest barrier to making your dream come true.

“Let it go” means you have to let go of these negative beliefs, fear, and insecurity from your heart and soul. You need to overcome these barriers and forget them to make your dreams come true.

You have to move in the direction of your dream with complete faith in the universe.

Don’t forget your dreams; don’t give up on your desires; give up on only one thing the negative beliefs you have; and let go of all your fear.

When you think of your dreams and desires, if you feel happiness, if you feel the joy of fulfilment, and if you feel the fun of getting them into reality without any fear or doubt, that is your true “let it go.”

You can overcome this negativity with happiness, affirmation, and love for your dream.

The moment you reach a stage where thinking of your dreams makes you smile and visualize them, it fills your heart with joy. You have no more worries or fears; this is when you make your dreams completely yours.

Let it go of the negative feelings is the true LET IT GO.

According to the Law of Attraction, this is the point where you complete the process of asking and believing and are ready to receive.

You can think of your dreams and desires as many times as you can, visualize them as often as you want, and be happy with them. You can also laugh a lot when you see your dreams in your mind.

Many people confuse one thing with another; it’s not their fault. They are also not clear about this concept, so they come up with a confusing solution.

Always remember that another great barrier in the way of the Law of Attraction is confusion.

So be calm, be confident, and be happy for no reason, and if you have immense faith, your soul will show you the path to the core of the universe.
what is let it go in law of attraction


  • Always remember, “Let It Go” means reaching the Ask & Believe state and letting go of your negative beliefs and fears, which are your biggest barriers on the journey of dreams.
  • Be happy, have immense faith, and keep believing in your dreams.
  • Think of your dreams as much as you can, and visualize them as often as you want with happiness and faith.
  • Smile whenever you think of your dreams and say thank you to the universe.
  • Remember, happiness, positive affirmation, and love for your dreams can make you ready to receive them.

Let go of all your past beliefs and limiting mindsets to create a joyful life for yourself.

Be happy for no reason, and bring a smile to your lips every time you think of your dreams.

That’s when your dream comes to you, without any doubt. This is what truly let it go.

Have a happy life and happy manifesting.

Thank You.

Awesome AJ

Stay Motivated, Stay Awesome.

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81 thoughts on “Law of Attraction: What is the True Meaning of LET IT GO”

  1. this is seriously the best explanation of let it go I’ve ever found and I am so happy to have found it THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR POSTING THIS

  2. Thank you!!! Best explanation I have come across!! Makes perfect sense…I can now finally let go and I now know my wishes will come true. :}

  3. Thank you Awesome AJ, I am truly grateful for all your posts, for your time, effort, energy, your positive vibes. Thank You Thank You Thank You.

  4. Shraddha Mantri

    Thanks a lot aj today i got the real meaning of let LET IT GO
    People around us always say this n that is not possible you have to compromise
    your dream is so big how can you think like that ans so on………………………….
    Now i know i deserve all good things life has to offer
    All good things are my birth right I am the creator of me Law of attraction is a magnificent tool to create whatever i wnat in my life……………………………

  5. Thank you AJ so much for sharing this! I have been thinking about this “letting go” for days now since I sometimes feel stuck with my dream. I know my dream is about to manifest soon, but sometimes my fears just fills my mind so completely and seems to take me over. Not so much anymore as it did before so I know I’m going the right way.
    Well anyhow the way you wrote about letting go, that’s how I also got to understand it but I just had to look for more information so I could be sure if I understood it right. Thank you! :)

  6. Thank you. Thank you for post. Cleared my confusion a lot. There are so many times, I get frustrated and feel like my dream is not manifesting and I spiral down the negative path. But this post made a sense a lot. Tons of Gratitude.

  7. AJ Bhaiya thank you so much !! I really needed this article right now !! U have helped me achieve so much dreams,I also recommend ur website to my frends. U r so awesome, stay blessed :-) !! Thank you thank you thank you :-)

  8. Zillions of thanks to u Awesome AJ Sir..really it feels more gratitude to express thanku to u too Sir..universe is really started giving my wishes come true in front of eyes..its just amazing feeling …really i keep on thinking of dreams all the time n my lovely universe is just started giving great thanku thanku thanku.. :) :) :) :) :)

      1. As these days while writing my gratitude things i keep really feeling happy for every small thing or big thing it happened to me n write that gratitude notes..before i jst use to write very normal as i have to write it down..but now i changed my thoughts and feelings too..really feeling great ..very soon i would love to join your 28days magical course sir..:) i need more abundance of happiness strength wealth n all to make my Mother happy n around of me to be more happy..thanku thanku thanku Sir.. :) :) :) :) tons n zillions of positive vibes for you Sir.. :) :) :)

  9. Thank you Aj,todays topic is really awsome
    I am sure that after following this guidelines i will definetly reach my dream &now i have confidence that my dreams definitely come true
    Thank you once again with lots of joy&happiness

  10. Thank you sir aj..this is the answer i’ve been waiting and now i understand the true meaning of let it go. I thought i have to give up my dreams and never think about it but everytime im trying to forget my dreams my heart says no and flashes of scene i encountered in my mind about my dreams it’s just like an instant imagination which gives me faith to not give up on them..thank u so much

  11. Thank You so much Ajay. This is only something i did not know how to do.. You have made it very clear to me. I really had tears while reading it.

    Thank so much Ajay from bottom of my heart. God bless you.

    Uma Dwivedi

  12. Thank you AJ for changing our definition of “Let it go”. It is kind of big win. :)

    Now I know how to take people’s opinion and inner voice’s dilemma . :)

  13. Thank you AJ for good explanation about the meaning of ‘LET IT GO’. on my side was thinking let it go for the dream which didn’t manifest…………..This is awesome learning

    1. Thank you Aj
      Today’s post is an eye opener. You have taken a great weight off my shoulder and have revealed clarity. I was always troubled when people tell me ‘Let it go’, ‘Put it behind You’, ‘I don’t know what you are worried about’, ‘Forget it’…. I now understand their true meanings. I now know that I need to hold onto my dreams and to stop displaying negativity. Thank you, Thank you..Thank you for your clear explanation. You are an awesome guiding star.

  14. I have not met you but you have been like a pillar of support and a true friend for last 18 days.Thank you Aj , thanks a lot.There are so many times I feel fear creeping in but I just don’t want to give up on my dream job.

  15. Hello sir I am really sorry as I was not able to continue it as I was in some problems but would like to start again. Thank you Ajay sir

  16. Thank you AJ, now I’am letting my past go, and allow myself to a new present’s life. I’am focusing in present and my goals.
    I’am grateful to have you, learn this everyday.
    Thank you.

  17. Found this to be very eloquent and very true too.
    “The moment you reach a stage where thinking of your dreams makes you smile and visualizing it filled your heart with joy. You are no more worries and fear, this is when you made your dreams completely yours.”
    I have let go of my past beliefs and yes “I AM ACHIEVING MY DREAMS”

  18. Thanks a lot AJ
    You have cleared today one of my big doubt
    Thanks for your awesome post
    Thank you
    Thank you
    Thank you

  19. poonam shankarlal shivnani

    Nice post sir.
    Let it GO(get out).
    Its bit difficult for me.
    Thank you for being with me on this journey.
    Lots of Love & Gratitude Universe and Ajay Sir.

  20. Thank you so much for this blog. AJ u a truly awesome nw I knw what ut means to le it go. I am now letting the negativity go and start living my dream now. Thank you once again

  21. Thank you so much because of this amzing article . This was why i wasn’t able to attract what i want because i had dout and i wasnot happy when visualizing it. Thanks aganin this was most amzing thing i have ever heard about law of attraction.

  22. Thank you so much aj sir For this blog.. Really u have cleared my confusion… I am happy now… I am manifesting my desire… With God grace soon going to share my success story… Really greatful to have you.. Thank you thank you thank you sir

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