Facing Difficulty In Doing Meditation. Learn How To Do It The Coolest Way

Facing Difficulty In Doing Meditation. Learn How To Do It The Coolest Way


You are trying to do mediation but are not getting an idea of where to start.

You want to start, but you got all such advice like “You have to wake up early” or “You can do only if your mind is calm” or “You need to have a good Guru, then only you can do,” and within all such advice you get confused.

You want to do it with comfort, the simplest way, but people start telling you about too many forms of meditation.

Ultimately, you ask…

Why is practicing meditation so complicated?

If all this happened to you and you are about to get convinced that “doing meditation is not your cup of tea,” I say hold on. Meditation is super easy, and it’s the coolest of all.

You have to understand the basics and go ahead. You love doing this. That’s for sure. Time to READ ON

I am writing this blog after reading posts by many of my friends on Facebook communities regarding the difficulty they are facing in doing meditation. Most of them are not able to do it regularly due to their busy work or study schedules, or many of them are not able to concentrate well, so I thought to share the fact.

Here is your answer, and remember, “Meditation is the simplest and most powerful activity on earth to connect yourself to your mind, body, and soul, and ultimately your soul to God and the universe.”

Those who are thinking, “What is meditation all about???”

Just to be brief in the simplest way “Meditation intensifies the energy aura that surrounds your body with the calmness of your mind. It can create the strongest connection between your mind and your soul and make a direct hotline connection to the mind of the universe.” (of course, you can find millions of pages and books on Google on meditation, but this is the simplest way I can explain.)

If you are having difficulty doing it, then don’t be worried, don’t put too much pressure on yourself, and don’t try to do it with a candlelight concentration method or pointing towards a single-point method. There are many forms of meditation, but there is no need to do all these higher forms while being a beginner.

Then, what should I do?

You should resolve your difficulty emptying your mind and achieve calmness.

The best way to get into the flow is to chant “Om” 21 times, feel the vibration in your body, or play soothing light music on your headphones. You can find many such pieces of music on the internet. Download any of them and just listen to them. Sit calmly and slowly, letting your mind listen to the music or the Omm chant coming from your mouth. These are very powerful, and they hardly let your mind go away.


If at all your mind wanders, let it wander for some time. Why?

Our mind works like a glass of muddy water. If you take a glass of this water from the ground or a drain, initially you can see the mud particles roaming endlessly in the water. Let the glass be still for a while, and you can see all the mud settle down at the bottom of the glass and the clear water remains above that.

Our mind is like that; if it is full of random thoughts, give it some time, and slowly all thoughts settle down and you have calmness.

That’s all I needed, my friends; that’s all.

So, now you must be thinking, “When to do?” and “Where to Do?”

Always remember that meditation is not meant to be done only when you wake up in the morning and do it in the evening.

If you are having trouble waking up early or getting time in the morning or evening, you can do it anytime.

Any time you feel free, you can do it. There is no need to be stressed about getting up early. Of course, if you do it in the early morning, it’s great, but what’s most important is to keep doing it rather than when.


Where can I practice meditation?

If you are the kind of person, who keeps running the whole day, may it be due to work or study, and feels like you never actually sit at home to do it,. Here is your answer.

You can do it sitting on a bus on the way to college or the office; you can do it in your classroom or your office.

You only need to free your mind for at least 5 minutes.

But meditation requires me to close my eyes and sit in the folded-leg position. How can I do it in class or in the office?

Even without closing your eyes or sitting in a meditation pose, you can still do it

It’s all about freeing your mind, letting your thoughts settle down, and feeling that inner peace.

But how long should I do it every day? Everyone asked me to do 30 minutes a day; it seems impossible to me!!!

From the beginning, you should start doing 10 to 15 minutes a day.

If you are not able to do it for 15 or 20 minutes at a stretch, that’s also cool; do it for 5 minutes 3 or 4 times a day as per your convenience.



  • First, understand that meditation is very simple, and it’s not rocket science.
  • It’s all about emptying your mind and feeling calm.
  • If at all you wonder, give it a while, and it will settle down.
  • “When to do”, “Where to Do”, and “How long to do” Don’t get worried about these; you can do meditation whenever you want, wherever you want, and for however long you want. It’s on your mind, so it works in your comfort only.
  • It’s the coolest action you can take to empower your mind and make your power of manifestation super strong.

Guys, all of you will be surprised by the power of meditation. I am sure this article will help you do it more freely in the coolest and most awesome way.

Meditation Help in Law of Attraction for High-Speed Manifestation.

Thank you, Universe!!!

Awesome AJ

Stay Motivated, Stay Awesome.

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32 thoughts on “Facing Difficulty In Doing Meditation. Learn How To Do It The Coolest Way”

  1. Bernard champagne

    Hi AJ, I was asking those questions earlier this week and I round you on inexplicable Way on m’y FB. The univers always responds and give us what we always asking for. Just find between the Vortex and the feeling. Whit you extroardinary simple explaination everything seem to be eassy as 123. Everything si clear now and it will be easier. So grateful the God put you on my Way. Very grateful and sincerly blesse. Oh your God or you Univers bless you. Thank you thank you thank you AJ. Have a very good night. Talk to you soon. Bernard

    1. Rightly said Bernard “The Universe Always Respond”. I am so grateful to you for your kind appreciation an finding this so simple like 123, really its a great appreciation. Thank You

  2. thanku so much for this post. i was actually struggling with ol these myths. zillions of thanku :)
    and plz i am eager to know “How Meditation Help in Law of Attraction for High Speed Manifestation”.

    1. Tons of Gratitude to you Guneet for your valuable input and I am extremely happy this article help you out. Very soon I post about how to use meditation help you in High Speed Manifestation.

      Stay Motivated, Stay Awesome

  3. Thank you so much AJ …… Every time your inspiration helps me …thanks a ton buddy ….ur awesome aura makes us shine too …thank u …so great ful for this…

  4. I have found this course so useful that I have started believing in self. counting my gratitude shows self importance and love. I can see so many blessings in my life make me feel so rich with relations, materials and love.

    I personally believe that everyone should do this course.

    I have got lotteries in form of respect,awards, trips and many more in just last three times practices.

  5. Tons of Gratitude Kshitij for once again reading this post and finding your answer. What I love the most about your comment is the way you catch the essence of the post. Thanks a million for the same and the high-speed manifestation post will be published soon. Thanks a zillion. Happy Meditation.

  6. Sir
    Reading your articles makes my day.
    It brings light into my otherwise dull life.
    Thank you very much. I am grateful
    to you.

  7. Thanks a ton aj for your useful updates…I’m doing meditation since a year now and I feel really good after doing this…but one problem I’m having is that I get lots of resistance when I do it in the morning .I want to do at this time only because I feel this is the best time for me…but my mind wanders so much that half of the time is gone in calming my mind only..plz guide

  8. Hi Ajay,

    Its a great article for the meditation and easiest way for a people like me having busy schedule. It will really helpful to me. Now, I just wanted to know if you have posted the article which you mentioned.
    Soon I will post about, “How Meditation Help in Law of Attraction for High-Speed Manifestation”.

    Thanks with Gratitude,


  9. Thanks so much sir….I was so confused for meditation process u made it so simple….. It seem as Universe send u for our help….thanks thanku thanku

  10. The most difficult points explained in the simplest form… This is the line I would sum up your blogs in. Thank you so much aj

  11. Every time I read your post, its like new refreshing juice to me which charges my body, you are awesome and soon the world become awesome with your words…..Thankyou…

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