Thank You, 2014: Year End Review Guide - FREE Download

Thank You, 2014: Year End Review Guide – FREE Download

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Today, you have completed another year of your life. While most of the people around you are ready to celebrate the new year and welcome 2015 with open arms, The Universe has chosen you to do something more.

You have celebrated this day, years after years, but this year I am giving you an Awesome Formula to make the Year 2015 – Your Best Year of Life.

Are You Ready to Make 2015 Your Most Phenomenal Year of Life?

All great journey starts with great preparation, so to take off your flight in 2015, you must review your 2014 and reward yourself for all your success and introspect for all your failures.

You must have achieved many of your goals and at the same time must have missed some of them. No matter you consider this year as your year of success or failure, I must tell you this is your Phenomenal Year. And the last chance to make the most of it is to review it and to understand why you have succeeded in some area and why you have failed in others. This understanding of yours will make a massive difference the way you will start your New Year.

Most people don’t recognize their dreams and success well. They just jump into the New Year with new resolutions and they live the same life years after years.

If you are someone like me, who are resolved to live his/her most phenomenal year, if you are someone who is ready to go from Success to Success in spite of few failures and if you are someone who is ready to make 2015 your phenomenal year of life, then be with me because I am giving you an action plan to transform your mind and soul to set you on the journey of success.

 Take Your Phenomenal Leap into 2015 with Two Awesome Action Steps:

1. Action Step One: Review and Reward The Year 2014

2. Action Step Two: Awesome Action Plan For Your Phenomenal Year 2015

  year end review guide


I strongly believe in reviewing our journey and then reward us for our success. This is one of the most powerful formulas being followed by super successful people around the globe. As you are ready to become Super-Successful, you must follow this powerful action steps.

I have created this powerful Review & Reward -2014: Your Year-End Review Guide to help you review the year 2014 and give you a perspective on what you have accomplished and what you have missed.


This guide will give you a detailed insight into your year and you must take one hour of your day to do your review using this guide. You must do this review today.

You will find ample of reasons to celebrate your New Year and reward yourself when you will complete this review. You must reward yourself to recognize your SUCCESS.

When you recognize and reward yourself for your success, you set yourself in a process of achieving more.

Many people go from one year to another just celebrating the New Year as a holiday and not as a day to celebrate their success and reward themselves.

If you want to become phenomenal in 2015, you must do something phenomenal, RIGHT!

How to use this Year End Review Guide?

• Download the PDF file of this Year End Review Guide, I have created exclusively for you.

• You can print the Review Guide and use it for review or you can use a notebook/journal using the Review Guide as a reference.

• Take about an hour time alone and relaxed to do your review for the years 2014.

• There are different sections for your review and introspection, cover all the sections.

• Once you complete reviewing all the sections, CONGRATULATE yourself for the Manifestations and Success you have achieved during the year.

• Time for you to REWARD yourself for all the success you have achieved. You must recognize your success then only you can attract more.

When you complete your review, be grateful for the year 2014 and say

“The Year 2014, Thank You for this magical journey of life. I have learned a lot and gained a lot. Now I am immensely grateful to you for giving me this opportunity to make my New Year as my best year of life. Thank You”.

When you become grateful for what you have, you will get what you want. Today you must celebrate your success of 2014 and reward yourself something you love. Anything you can gift yourself and while gifting, remember it’s not about money or it’s not about something big or small, what’s important is that you are rewarding.

Tomorrow, on the New Year I will gift you the Action Step Two: Awesome Action Plan for Your Phenomenal Year 2015.

Do your Review of 2014 today and Reward Yourself for your success.

Don’t let your failure overshadow your success. Let your failure become your stepping-stone to success. Count your blessings, collect your achievements and reward yourself for your success.

Be Grateful for the year 2014 for giving you the gifts of life and get ready for your Phenomenal Year 2015 to make it your best year of life.

I have prepared this Year End Review Guide for You. Please feel free to send it to as many people as you like to help them make most of their lives and to start their Phenomenal 2015

A Note of Gratitude To You

Thank you for all your love and blessings, for your gratitude, appreciations, and support throughout the year.

I express my Infinite gratitude to you, my friends, readers and followers of this blog for making it a true success.

Thank you for being a part of my life. I am extremely grateful to you for having your faith in me and participating in the Magical Practices Journey.

With All My Heart and Soul, I express my infinite gratitude to YOU.

I wish You A PHENOMENAL NEW YEAR, A Year of Happiness, A Year of Love, A Year of Massive Wealth, A Year of Happier Relationships, A Year of Great Health, A Year of Super Success at Work, A Year of Unlimited Joy, A Year Exotic Vacations, A year of Family Celebrations, A Year of PURE-ABUNDANCE.


Do share your view/opinion in the comment section of this post and the Year End Review Guide. Do share this post with your family & friends and help them create magnificent success in 2015.

Don’t forget to check my New Year Post.


Awesome AJ

Stay Motivated, Stay Awesome

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12 thoughts on “Thank You, 2014: Year End Review Guide – FREE Download”

  1. Thank you so much AJ for your awesome posts. I am so grateful I found your blog, & it’s been helping me immensely. Thank you, & the Universe :-) !!

  2. Thank You Mentor Ajay ( AJ ) – I am so grateful to read all yours day to day inspiring message & blog respectively . Indeed it does energies for further forward move with “POSITIVE ” attitude in turn . Yes ~ It’s been helping me immensely ..I must quote — with great abundance in all aspects of life ..which starting from Gift of Health , Best Relationship , Wealth in Abundance ( making me feel within – Rich * Successful ) , Abundance of Food , Abundance of Happiness – no matter what happens next , Awesome Job , Great Influence with my valued client with their affirmative notes always . Last but not the least @ end the day – Feel always Happy Within .
    My best wishes to YOU ” AJ ” for great booming ~ 2~0~1~5
    ~ Thank you ~ Thank You ~ Thank You

  3. I am grateful that I discovered the LAW OF ATTRACTION in the year 2014. I am all ready to enjoy the best year of my life i.e. 2015.

    Your post is awesome AJ, soon I will complete my review for 2014 and will make an action plan for 2015.

  4. Thank you so much Ajay ji for share best post. You are the best mentor & motivator. New year will comes with lots of new manifestations for all of us. All our wishes & dreams will turns into reality. Wish you happy new year to you Ajay ji. Once again Infinite Thanks to you for become your motivating factor. I think in year 2014 you are the best manifestation for all of us for for make more clear to all us about LOA principles. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.

  5. Thanks a ton AJ Sir for this awesome resource “2014 year end review guide” which you are sharing for free. You are such an inspiration, hope to learn a lot from your posts the coming year. Wish you a great year ahead, Happy New Year 2015!

  6. Thank you AJ for the year review. I came to your website in the middle of last year and I left. But yesterday accidentally I have noticed your website again and read some articles, which boost my confidence level and I made it clear that, this year I will be with you here.

    1. Thank you Biju for finding your way back to my blog again.. this year it going to be massive for all of us stay connected and make 2015 your most phenomenal year of life.

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