When It Come To SUCCESS, There Are No SHORTCUTS

When It Come To SUCCESS, There Are No SHORTCUTS

Success, Magical Practice, No shortcuts

“Success is the progressive realization of a worthy goal or ideal.”  – EARL NIGHTINGALE

And when it comes to SUCCESS, there are no SHORTCUTS.

Yes, it’s very true. Whether you realized it so far or not but it’s profoundly true.

We come across many emails where people share their challenges and ask whether using the Law of Attraction would provide them instant relief. Some questions it saying I have been using it and not getting success and some says it works for me in small things or it worked in situations where I applied for others, but not seemed to be working in my own case, etc. etc.

When we asked them whether they really believe in Law of Attraction, and how did they learn about it, are they using the right methodology or have they gone through any of our free/paid program that teaches the Law of Attraction in a very systematic, step by step, easy to follow ways. Most of the time,  we do not get any reply. We feel proud to help 10000s so far with our free and paid resources and 1000s of them achieved their goals and dreams. It gives us a sense of fulfillment and pride for sure and encourages us to help as many people possible so that everyone will be able to live there dreams.

The point is, Law of Attraction brings phenomenal success into peoples’ lives magically. We share a lot of success stories where people achieved impossible things with the Law of Attraction.  These are the believer in the Law of Attraction who took a leap of faith in the ‘Attitude of Gratitude’ and achieve phenomenal success and inspired us in multiple ways.

If you go through these stories, you find some common points such as:

  • Each one of them has decided to go for something, They had to deal with a unique set of problem that seemed extremely difficult to achieve
  • However, every one of them persistently follows their goal/dream/whatever want to achieve that they want to achieve. This is determination.
  • They choose a path of that itself looks difficult to follow. This is discipline.
    All of them were single-mindedly followed their goal. This is FOCUS.
  • Believed in the positive power of the Universe and in turn they start believing in their own power. This is self-belief.
  • Then start believing in the method they were following. This is faith.
    Did everything that it took them to achieve it. This is called INSPIRED ACTION.
  • And trusted the power of Magic, the Universe that they are going to make it. This is called faith.

And at the end, they did it. When we read their story, the journey seems easy or smooth, but trust me the points mentioned above are not easy. That is why they say ‘When it comes to SUCCESS, there are no SHORTCUTS’.

Therefore, decide on what you want to achieve this year. It is obvious that you will face difficulty, however, your determination will take on your challenges.  Be disciplined, be focused, trust yourself, believe in yourself and in the power of the universe, and take inspired action towards it. Trust me you will achieve it. Have faith in your action and on the power of the universe.

Take the help of 28 Magical Practice Program, it will help you to achieve whatever you want to achieve because it will make your day happy, positive, focused, productive, and disciplined. These 28 Days are going to the defining 28 days of this year and create a positive difference in your life.

Take a leap of faith with us and see the change.

There are no SHORTCUTS but there are SURE SHOTS!

Now time to take some inspired action, so that the year would not slip away.

To your success.

Love & Gratitude,

Awesome AJ

Law of Attraction Coach & Motivational Speaker

MYLA Manifestation Program


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7 thoughts on “When It Come To SUCCESS, There Are No SHORTCUTS”

  1. Paramjeet Kaur jaggi

    Dear Ajay Ji hello today is my fifth day of magical practice programme.Really I am feeling some magic is happening in my life.I am dead sure universe is going to change my life For all this credit goes to you.Thank you Thank you Thank you Ajay Ji.

  2. Thanks a ton for regular doses of positivity. You are doing an excellent job. Very few people think about others. God Bless you!

  3. Hello Ajay,
    As I always said, you are always timely. When I started reading this , in the first few lines itself, I have got goosebumps!. And I started crying because you wrote what is there in my mind. You are really awesome. The Universe chose you as a mentor for me to achieve my dream(s) job. Loads of gratitude to you and the Universe. Words are not enough to say my gratitude. Thank you Ajay. Tons of thanks. Loads of thanks.
    A Zillion Thanks,

  4. Trying to Gratitude.Try to be Happy all day. Smile with everyone..Feel better than yesterday.. THANKS… Awesome ..AJ… Thank you. Thank you.. Thank you…!!!

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