Top 10 Motivational and Law of Attraction Posts of 2014

Top 10 Motivational and Law of Attraction Posts of 2014

top law of attraction post

Top Motivational and Law of Attraction Posts of 2014

2014 had been a phenomenal year and 2015 going to be a super phenomenal one. I am sure along with me you are on this journey to make this year your best year of life.

Many of you are missing a new blog post here on for some time, but now I am back in the flow. In the next couple of weeks, you will read super awesome posts with magical insights to manifest your dreams. In last few months, I am busy working on some new resources that will blow your mind and will take you on a new adventure.

Before we move on to the phenomenal journey of 2015, I love to share the Top 10 Motivational and Law of Attraction Posts of 2014 published here on Awesome AJ blog. Many of you have read those posts, but I am sure you love to read them again and again.

I post you the Top 10 Motivational Articles of 2014, but before that, I love to share the magical achievements of your favorite blog Even before I list down these achievements, I must tell you the credit goes to YOU.

Yes, you have made it possible. You are not just a reader or follower of this blog, but you are an integral part of this blog. This is not just my blog, it’s your blog too. This is not just my journey, it’s our journey.

Infinite gratitude to you for making this blog one of the top personal development and law of attraction blog around the globe and keep growing it massively. This blog has made an identity of its own for being extremely simple and to the point while loaded with soul-inspiring wisdom.

For me, this blog is a gift from The Universe and nourished by YOUR LOVE.

Thank you, thank you, and thank you.

5 Magical Milestones We Achieved in 2014:

#1. The Awesome AJ community is 15,000+ strong now with subscribers from all over the globe.

If you haven’t subscribed yet then subscribe now and join the community of 15,000+ Awesome Dreamers. Upon joining you will receive motivational posts right in your mailbox but more than that you will get Law of Attraction Course for FREE.

#2. Awesome AJ blog had more than 0.5 Million Page Views alone in 2014.

It means all of you have read this blog almost half-a-million times collectively. We have readers from every single country on the planet.

Sharing an image below from my analytics tool. Every country with a color other than white has readers of this blog. Except for very few countries, we have readers from all over the world. Major reader base countries are also listed. Thank You, everyone.

best Law of attraction blog

Let’s share this blog more and more with our family, friends, and networks to reach 1 Million Page Views in 2015.

#3. Our Facebook fan page has grown from almost 1,000 at the beginning of 2014 to 4,600+ and ready to touch the milestone of  5000 fans.

Time for you to invite your friends to like the Facebook page because I am working on a super awesome E-Book, that I will gift you for FREE on reaching the milestone of 10,000 Facebook Fans.

#4. Started 28 Magical Practice Course at the beginning of 2014.

Hundreds of people got benefited by doing this course and changed their lives magically with a simple gratitude practice. You can read their magical testimonials.

#5. Our Facebook community dedicated to 28 Magical Practice has grown from little over 1,000 members to 13,000+ members in 2014 and continue growing.

So far, several thousand members got benefitted from this group and each other.

Infinite gratitude to you for all your love and blessings to this blog. Now here are your Top 10 Motivational and Law of Attraction posts filled with motivation, inspiration, and the law of attraction wisdom:

Top 10 Motivational and Law of Attraction Posts of 2014

#1. Law Of Attraction: Why Your Dreams Are Not Coming True

why my dreams not coming true

This post unfolds the secret of why many people struggle to achieve their dreams. So far, thousands of people got benefited from this law of attraction wisdom. This is a post you can read at times of doubt and desperation.

#2. How to Achieve Phenomenal Success in Exam using the Law of Attraction

exam success with law of attraction

This is an all-time favorite post of students around the globe on awesome aj. So far, students in every field and every country got benefited from it. This is a pearl of rare wisdom that you won’t find in any other law of attraction website or books because no one else focuses on the student’s issues. Every day I receive gratitude emails from students around the globe for this post.

#3. 25 Negative Affirmations Stopping You From Becoming A MONEY MAGNET

Negative money affirmations

This post is like hitting a nail on the head for many people. This post presents the rare insights to the subconscious block about money. These 25 Negative Affirmations about money are the real eye-opener for many. It reveals what stopping you from being super rich and abundant in life.

#4. Law of Attraction: How Long It Will Take For Your Dreams to Come True

how to attract dream job

Here I have answered the most popular question: How long it will take for my dreams to come true? Looking for an answer, there is no better place than this blog post.

#5. Law of Attraction: What is the True Meaning of LET IT GO

meaning of let it go

Another rare insight I put into writing after many people asked the true meaning of Let It Go. Let it go is one of the most suggested wisdom to the law of attraction practitioners and one of the most confusing one also. That’s why I put the true meaning of it in this post. This post has helped many people and I got suggestions to write a book on this topic itself. Surely you will read a book from me on this topic very soon, for now, read this post.

#6. Story of Perseverance in spite of Rejections: WhatsApp Success

story of perseverance whatsapp story

This success story of WhatsApp founder Brain Acton is a highly inspirational one and packed with motivation for anyone rejected in a job interview. The old tweets of Brain, when he was rejected by Facebook and Twitter inspire people to never give up. Later Brain become a Billionaire by selling his company on Facebook made his story unique and highly inspiring.

#7. Law of Attraction: How to Attract Dream Job

dream job with law of attraction

One of the most discussed topics on the awesome aj blog is Dream Job. Every day I share this post with at least 10 people through email or social media because this is what they are looking for. That’s one of the reasons most of the success stories published here are of Dream Jobs only. Remember this concept works everywhere. If you on the quest for your dream job this post is your answer.

#8. 50 Best Weight Loss Affirmations To Get Your Perfect Body

best affirmations for weight loss

The most shared article so far because it addressed one of the most common challenges of today: weight loss. Not only this post talks about 50 Best Weight Loss Affirmations but it gives you an insight on why affirmation works and the truth behind it. This is a must-read for anyone trying to lose weight.

#9. 5 Quick Manifestation Principles That You Must Remember

how to manifest dreams with law of attraction

Everyone loves quick manifestation. Yes, quick manifestations happened but understanding the process behind it is most important. Through this post, I have shown the 5 Quick Manifestation Principles that are truly eye-opening for many. Of course, the Chinese Bamboo Story speaks a lot for itself.

#10. Stop Chasing People And Let Them Fall In Love With You

law of attraction love relationship

Last but not the least on this list of Top 10 Motivational and Law of Attractions posts is about a relationship issue. Many people stuck in their life because of difficult relationships, many of them even forget themselves and their dreams, and keep chasing the other person. Time to fill your heart and soul with positivity and gratitude to manifest your dreams and create your abundance. Get busy in manifesting your dreams and let love find you. This post is a must-read if you are stuck in a relationship.

I believe the above list of Top 10 Motivational and Law of Attraction posts filled your mind, body, and soul with motivation and inspiration while giving your better understanding of the Universal Law of Attraction.

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Wishing you massive success in 2015 and I am sure you will love all the new posts and new resources I will give on this blog very soon.

Recently I received an anonymous note which I have shared on my Facebook timeline. Love to share with you here:

Hey AJ, you stand in the middle of life. You’ve built yourself an existence and are enjoying the benefits of it now. You’re awesome, strong, independent and curious. You devote your time and energy understanding the secret of success and happiness. You are always pro-active in helping and guiding people in achieving their dreams. Additionally, you have the guts to embark upon risky projects and are highly successful. Your fellow men admire your eagerness to help and positive attitude towards life. You take every day and solve conflicts and setbacks quite well. You look to the future beaming with joy and work every day because it is awesome. Your passion is traveling. You want the world to explore its wonders.What an awesome note. Thank You.

Thanks a zillion for being a part of this blog and awesome aj motivational & law of attraction community.

Have you liked my Facebook Page or not? If not then please like the AwesomeAJ Facebook Page here.

Do tell me which are your favorite posts here on Awesome AJ blog.

Thank You, thank you, and thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Awesome AJ

Law of Attraction Coach & Motivational Speaker

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  1. Dear Ajay Mishra Sir,

    It is really nice and inspiring to read all your achievements of 2014 in this post as it motivates us that that every flight to success starts from ground level only. You have devoted your life for such a noble cause of spreading the light of happiness , enlightenment and to make the people feel empowered with their own power of love of which they were earlier ignorant. I have read all these ten posts and I found them totally marvellous collections of inspiration and motivation. I just wish you zillion times magic dust that whatever your dreams are, they all come true and God bless you infinite success in your ongoing mission of helping people .Thank you from the core of heart for being such a nice ,helpful ,generous human being.You are like a jewel in the crown,people like you are rarely found.


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