[OCTOBER] Awesome Adventure Monthly

[OCTOBER] Awesome Adventure Monthly

We are Awesome

Hello Awesome Nation,

I believe we are having an adventure on earth. Yes, it’s an adventure because we go up and down in life, we achieve success and failures, we conquer our fears and strengthen our souls. And on this adventure no matter what we take everything in a positive spirit. That’s why I call this as an Awesome Adventure. Because of you, me and everyone else is an Awesome Creation of the Universe.

From this month I am starting a new series


In this series, I am sharing my adventure through last month. I am sharing all the magical things that I learned, experienced and observed. Also, I am sharing any new habits I formed or any old habit I have broken. Not just that I am sharing any achievements or failure I have tested.

I believe this series will inspire you to reflect back on your own adventure of life.

So today I am sharing my adventure from last month OCTOBER 2016.

Quote of the Month

“Always Remember, You are BRAVER than You Believe, STRONGER than You Seem, SMARTER than You Think and Twice as BEAUTIFUL as You Ever Imagined.” – Rumi

Challenge of the Month (Building New Habit or Breaking Old Habit)

I stopped using messenger app WhatsApp all through October.

In this age of hyper-connectivity, we are hooked on all social media channels and mobile apps. While staying connected, we often get distracted from our own journey. That’s why I challenged myself to abstain from using WhatsApp.

Initially, it was challenging because this App has become our convenient mode of communication. But now I am totally comfortable and having more time on hand to focus on building new habits.

Book I Read

I regularly read a lot of Personal Development books because I loved them and learned a lot from them. Once I heard Bob Proctor recommending an excellent book that I have never heard before. And the book was Psycho-Cybernetics by Dr.Maxwell Maltz.

In this book, Dr. Maltz beautifully explained the power of imagination and relaxation to goal attainment from a scientific perspective. It’s a self-help classic published in 1960.

Movie I watched

I love inspirational movies a lot and especially if it’s based on real-life stories. Last month I watched Hindi movie M.S.Dhoni – The Untold Story based on the life of Indian Cricket Team Captain M.S. Dhoni.

M.S. Dhoni is my most favorite sportsman of all time. And this film showed his journey from being a lower middle class and small-town boy to become one of the most successful Captain of all time in the game’s history.

The key to his Massive Success and Legendary Life is his TEMPERAMENT through every moment of life. This movie is also a must watch for every parent to understand that if they let their sons and daughters follow their dreams then there won’t be any bigger gift in life, that they can give.

Blog post of the month

We have published many blog posts in October and I believed you have read them, but one post I want everyone to read is:

Law of Attraction Doesn’t Work – A Response to this Negative Argument

In this post, I have clearly explained why Law of Attraction is the Law of Success. The name can be different for different people but those who try to argue that LOA doesn’t work are the one who never actually understood it.

Video of the month

We are publishing our Transformational Tuesday Series on YouTube on a regular basis and receiving loads of love from all of you. Thanks a zillion for all your support.

In October I create a Video on Money and I believe you must watch this because way too many people are not following their dreams because they don’t have money.

In this video, I have explained why Money is NOT the most important thing to become successful and achieve your dreams.

Magical Gifts of the month

# I was featured as the First Guest on Curios Indian Learner Channel’s Success Series. Had an awesome conversation with Ahmed from CIL about my journey, motivation, success philosophy and much more.

The interview is in Hindi. I will write a blog post in English about the key points we have discussed in this video for all my friends and readers who don’t understand Hindi.

# Also this month we received a 5-Star Review on our Facebook Page from Vaishali.


I would love to see your feedback on our Facebook page.

That’s all from my end and I would love to hear about your awesome adventure in October. Share what all you did in the comment section.

Plus, I will be sharing my learning from Psycho-Cybernetics Book, M.S. Dhoni Movie and other events in upcoming blog posts.

Also, love to hear if you are planning to break any old habit or built a new habit in November.

We have only two more months to go. And I believe you will become more awesome than ever before to close 2016 with unlimited happiness, success, and abundance.


Love & Gratitude,

Awesome AJ

Law of Attraction Coach & Motivational Speaker

MYLA Manifestation Program

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