Most Important Conversation in Life is SELF-CONVERSATION

Most Important Conversation in Life is SELF-CONVERSATION

I have two important questions for you.

What is the most important conversation in your life?’ and Why is it so important?

You must be wondering many things at a time.

Is conversation really that important in life?

Oh yes, Art of conversation is important, that is why we have been trained in this since our childhood. I know what is he asking about? I know what and how to talk when it comes to my business deals. I need to learn how to prepare myself for my love-relationship because communication is very important in a relationship. I am learning job interview skills.

These are some obvious thoughts, that might be coming to your mind.

This is because we have been trained like this by our society. We always focus on the external world. Conversation means we look for someone outside.

However, this is completely wrong. And the below video will discuss this important fact of life. How come we completely forget the most important aspect of life and ignoring it in totality. Watch this video first:

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Now, you must have understood, why I was asking so many questions before?

Blame it on our education system or the civil code that made us outward focused rather than inward focused. There is nothing wrong with the ‘Art of Conversation’ that teaches us to be polite and persuasive to get desired outcomes from the outer world.

Do not forget the basic rule of Conversation

However, in this process, we should not forget the basic rule of true conversation. The most important conversation in life is Self-conversation. Because that made us talk what we want to talk and that produce the real results in the external world.

This is so simple. When we make our inner conversation perfect, everything will be magnificent in the outer world.

Always remember, our inner world makes our outer world. So if we have to produce a positive and phenomenal result outside, we need work from inside.

Love & Gratitude,

Awesome AJ

Law of Attraction Coach & Motivational Speaker

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