Law of Attraction Doesn't Work: A Response to this Negative Argument

Law of Attraction Doesn’t Work: A Response to this Negative Argument

law of attraction doesn't work Well, every now and then we hear some people saying “Law of Attraction doesn’t work.” Even some advice us not to believe in Law of Attraction because it doesn’t work. And according to them, there are many other things that work.

If you hear such advice or arguments then you must read this post. You will get to know what is the truth.

How to respond those who say “Law of Attraction doesn’t work”

When people ask you not to believe in Law of Attraction because there are other things you need to know to become successful or manifest your dreams, you must ask them “What are those other things to become successful or to achieve our dreams?”.

You will get some or all the following advice or arguments.

Here is my response to all such claims.

I have made a list of the standard argument or advice people will give you when they claim that “LOA doesn’t work.” And I am very sure they just make the argument without understanding how really LOA works. That’s why I am giving the clarity in response to every argument you will hear. I believe after reading this post you will never get worried about such negative arguments ever again.

So here is the list of arguments and the Truth as our response.

#1. Advice / Argument: Law of Attraction doesn’t talk about Goal setting

They will tell you that to become successful in life you must know your dreams. Be clear about your dreams. Plan your dreams with a comprehensive strategy including goal setting and other tools.

My Reply: If you know Law of Attraction, then you must have known that the very first step in LOA  is ASK.

Ask your dreams and goals clearly from the Universe to achieve them. This is the beginning. They are not suggesting anything new, it’s already within our Law of Attraction philosophy and we practice the same.

We always ask for our dreams.

#2. Advice / Argument: LOA is not about believing in Yourself

They will give you the biggest advice “BELIEVE IN YOURSELF and IN YOUR DREAMS”

My reply: Oh Yes! As per Law of Attraction, believing is the Key and it exists from the beginning of the time. There is nothing new when anyone is talking about it.

Law of attraction says, “Believe in Yourself, Believe in Your Dreams and Believe in The Universe.”

#3. Advice / Argument: Law of Attraction is not about Mindset

You have to have a winner’s mindset and they talk all about mindset.

My reply: Law of Attraction is all about Mindset. If you have heard these phrases “THOUGHTS BECOME THINGS” and “LIKE ATTRACTS LIKE” and “YOUR MIND IS A MAGNET”. Then you know that we are talking about mindset more than anything else. The Subconscious Mind is the command center of all Attraction and Manifestation and it is the core of our LOA belief system.

#4. Advice / Argument: Law of Attraction means No ACTION

They advise you to take action like this, that and XYZ to realize your goal or dream.  And they say, Law of Attraction never talks about action. It’s all about thoughts and imagination. That is why it does not work.

My reply: Well, those who think Action is outside of Law of Attraction are living in the illusion. Everyone is taking action every moment of the day. It is not just when you go to work or be in your business but every second, even while you are sleeping, eating and relaxing, you are taking action for your success and a better life. And during every moment of action may it be you are working in your job, business, studies or just relaxing & playing, what you are thinking and feeling is the key. That’s why INSPIRED ACTION is the core process of Law of Attraction and every manifestation. Inspired Action is an integral part of the LOA framework.

#5. Advice / Argument: Law of Attraction is only about getting money and not happiness

You are advised to “Enjoy the journey, be happy in the now, happiness is the key to success.”

My reply: We love all these ideas because you know this is the key to the RECEIVING mode. Be happy and joyful to receive all that you desire from the Universe. You can not get anything to the fullest without being in the receiving mode. Success, happiness, and all the abundance will follow you when you will be in the receiving mode happily and joyfully. Law of Attraction works on this principle from the beginning of time.

#6. Advice / Argument: Law of Attraction is only Wishing & Not following Real Techniques

When you ask them, what are the methods to ‘believe in yourself’, to have a ‘winning mindset’ and to become successful or to become a great leader and then they will tell you, keep yourself recharged and stay motivated and follow some rituals?

And when you ask them more about how to do it, they will tell you to use auto-suggestion or affirmation or incantation or imagination, visualization, dream board, writing stories, practice, motivational inputs, following rituals, and tons of more things like habits of successful people, reading success stories etc. The list goes on.

My reply: If you have really understood the Law of Attraction and power of your mind, you know these are the basics of LOA to keep the power of attraction at the peak. Continuing these rituals keep you motivated, happy and magical to achieve all kind of success and happiness and abundance. These are the tools and methods used by people from the beginning of the Universe. These are the integral process of Law of Attraction in manifesting your dreams.

master key to success

The Truth: Law of Attraction is the Law of the Universe

In short Law of Attraction is the Law of the Universe, whether anyone believes it or not. The key is the same process are being explained and mentioned in one or another form in all the ancient scriptures like Upanishads, Bhagwat Gita and the Bible. If you read the autobiography of any successful person, you will find they follow the same process consciously or unconsciously.

Anyone who wants to be successful, happy and abundant then they have to understand and follow the same process whether they call it ‘Law of Attraction’ or any other name. But the concept is always the same.

We respect every method people are following or teaching others to become successful and happy. Because we know whatever name they may use for their philosophy, such as ‘Habits of Successful People’ or ‘Becoming Effective Leader’ or ‘Success Philosophy’ or ‘Law of Success’ or ‘Law of Productivity’ or ‘How to become a Great Leader’ or anything else, its all part of the Law of Attraction Philosophy and nothing else.

Don’t get disheartened with Negative Criticism of Law of Attraction

For those who claim that Law of Attraction doesn’t work or not useful are the people who either do it purposefully just to oppose this idea so that some people may like it or haven’t really understood the Universal Law.

I am writing this post because of every now and then, those who believe in Law of Attraction get to see such negative arguments. Though we don’t believe in explaining anyone anything, this post is for people who get confused because of such advice from others.

This post is for my friends and readers who understand the Law of Attraction or have an idea about it. Any concept or idea that make your life better and make you successful, happy and abundant is within Law of Attraction and nothing outside of it.

Ask these Questions to those who say “Law of Attraction Doesn’t work”

When someone says the Law of Attraction Doesn’t work. Blah.. blah..blah. Ask them the following questions:

– Can someone achieve their dreams even without knowing or asking their dreams?

– Can they teach you to achieve your dreams without ever believing in your dreams or yourself?

– Do they have a process to become successful and happy in life by being sad, negative and depress every day and without coming out of it?

– As they talk mainly about action, can they achieve success just by taking action, action, and action even without worrying what kind of action it is, even without being positive and inspired while taking action?

– Ask them just action is enough or really need to take inspired action?

– Ask them if they can overcome fear and doubts without Faith and Courage?

– Check with them if they can live in happiness without appreciations or being grateful for being happy even before achieving their dreams?

– And if they can achieve much more in life without changing the way they think, feel and act?

– You can ask many more questions inline with the above.

If they have a YES response to all the above questions. And saying someone can become successful living their life with a YES to above questions then they do not have any idea about Success, Happiness or Abundance and how to achieve them.

Better to let them live in their self-created illusion and you must move ahead in your journey of manifestation.

The Universe make your dreams come true

Keep  Believing In Yourself, Keep Believing in the Law of Attraction

It’s a quite long post but for all my friends and readers who constantly face these arguments or unwanted advice, regarding not to believe in LOA, this post will work as a point of reference to keep things clear.

Also, it will become a guiding light for those who get confused amid all such counter advice on Law of Attraction and started wondering whether to believe in it or not.

Do not get confused or misled by people who haven’t understood Law of Attraction well or just want to oppose it for no reason.

Believe in yourself, Believe in the Universe and Believe in Law of Attraction because you are the creator of your life. The Law of Attraction always empowers you to unleash all the greatest power within you so that you can create your Happy, Successful & Abundant life.

If you haven’t achieved desired results after knowing the Law of Attraction then you need to learn and understand it more. You have to practice the methods and tools and techniques on a regular basis. You don’t need a new philosophy to change your life, you need to understand this philosophy happily and implement it sincerely to see more and more magical results in your life.

And all this is possible because the Universe is always working in your favor.

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If you love this post then share it with others. Because together we can help more and more believer of LOA to stay focused and manifest their magical life.

Also, let me know what are some of the advice or argument you hear from people who say Law of attraction doesn’t work. Write them in the comment section so that I will help you understand it better.

Love & Gratitude,

Awesome AJ

Law of Attraction Coach & Motivational Speaker

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11 thoughts on “Law of Attraction Doesn’t Work: A Response to this Negative Argument”

  1. The post is really very good. Can you please explain the law of attraction in the light 9th quantum mechanics theory and he is enter uncertainty principles? As suggested by many physicist and meta physics

  2. Hai Awsome Aj,

    Thanks a zillion..!

    In case of any competition or work which depends on two persons or more, in that point of time other persons dream or his/her LOA is also working right?, at that moment how can we overcome with two peoples LOA to win or attain our success.
    Simply every person have their own LOA. How to win over it.

  3. Always loved your posts/blogs/mails AJ sir, coz they somehow come at the right time. Just when i feel like dwindling or giving up on a dream, I get some kind of push or inspiration. And your blogs n mails are just one of them. The route MAY be long or bumpy but i always trust that whatever i asked for, i have got it. And it works all time – both positive n negative. Titles like “hold on…” “Keep faith”, “Your desires are on way”, “u will be amazed how your desires getting manifested” just start popping up. And for me its like a gentle reminder “ITS DONE….HAVE PATIENCE”.

  4. Hi Ajay,
    This post is very interesting, but I did not get any negative arguments about this. Since I believe in LAW OF ATTRACTION, its inspiring me to do my best. All the credits goes to you. Thank you so much Ajay. Tons of thanks. Thanks a lot.
    Zillion Thanks,

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