Why Law of Attraction Is Not Working In My Favour

Why Law of Attraction Is Not Working In My Favour

Why Law of Attraction is not working

You often heard the old saying “Everything happens for a reason.”

You hear it more often, especially when you face difficulties and obstacles in life. People who love you a lot and wants to console you at the time of your defeat and failure use this old saying to make you feel good. Whereas when you win or succeed in life no one says it.

The saying is eternally true.

Everything happens for a reason, and whatever is happening, it’s happening for your good only.

But many a time in life you find those bad things keep happening, and you can’t find any good in them.

Isn’t it?

In such moments, you start asking.

“What’s the reason for everything happening in my life?”

“Is it to give me more frustration?”

“Is it to make me taste failure again and again?”

When you failed in relationships, again and again, you ask.

“Is the Universe want me to become a living legend of failed relationships?”

Or when you failed in few businesses ..you ask

“Is the Universe expect me to become the tale of epic business failures?”

The truth is The Universe never wants you to suffer.

The Universe has given you the power to become the creator of your life. It has gifted you the omnipotent law that is working 24×7, the Law of Attraction.

Why Are You Facing The Same Difficulties While Applying The Law of Attraction?

As per the Law of Attraction “You are attracting everything into your life.”

But most of the time when you face difficulties and obstacles you started arguing that

“I didn’t attract it, then why is it happening to me?”

“I don’t want to suffer then why am I suffering?”

When you start this argument within yourself and try to justify that you are not the creator of your difficulties and obstacles, you miss the focus from the REASON.

You forget to find the reason behind your misfortune.

And the REASON is to absorb the WISDOM from the misfortune.

You can turn your Misfortune into your Good Fortune. But only when you will be aware of finding the REASON. When you will be ready to understand “why does it happen to you?” And when you don’t argue on “why the law of attraction is working against you?”

The law of attraction never works in your favor or against you. It is always there and working from the beginning of time.

How to Overcome Difficulties and Challenges in life using the Law of Attraction?

All the teachers and sages have understood this law, and they are making us aware of how to use it to our advantage.

Do you think they have learned about this Universal Law of Attraction without facing any difficulties or obstacles? The answer is NO.

Each one of them has suffered some extreme challenges. Each one of them had gone through emotional or physical or financial or mental pain and suffering. And when they went through their misfortune, they went through those difficulties and obstacles they seek the REASON. That’s when they understood how the Universe works. And help others to use it.

Same way every great business tycoon has found their REASON for his or her difficulties and obstacles. Once they found the wisdom they went from success to success. They become a super money magnet. They become extremely successful.

The Same way those who are living in happy and loving relationships are the one who found their REASON for many failures and frustrated relationships. They understood what was the key to a happy relationship. That’s when their wisdom of Self-Love attracted the true love of their life.

Same way every athlete and actor has a story of difficulties and obstacles behind them, every writer and teacher have a story behind them, and every successful person has a journey when they awaken to the REASON for their failure and absorbed their WISDOM.

That is why you heard the most common saying “Failure is the secret to Success.”

But the truth is, Failure can’t be the secret to Success unless you absorb the WISDOM from your failure.

How to Learn The Wisdom Of Difficulties & Challenges?

If you stop arguing that you are not the creator of your failure and start finding the REASON of ‘why did you fail,’ ‘what changes have to be made,’ and ‘how you can use the WISDOM in your journey ahead.’

Only when you absorb the WISDOM from your difficulties and obstacles and use them to your advantage in creating success, then only your failure become your key to success.

After that, you won’t fail very often in life because that’s when you set yourself on the journey from Success to Success.

But many people don’t find the REASON; they are not ready to learn the WISDOM and wonder why are they keep facing the same Difficulties and Obstacles again and again.

If you are facing same Difficulties and Obstacles again and again in any area of life, then first take the ownership of your failure. Know that you are 100% responsible for all your failure. Then find the REASON, why are you failing? And learn the WISDOM and start following your journey in a new way.

Once you absorb your WISDOM from your difficulties and obstacles, you become the Master of Your Fate and Captain of your soul. That’s when you will use the Universal Law of Attraction to your advantage in creating your Success, Happiness, and Abundance.

Always remember the Universe wants you to shine high. The difficulties and obstacles have been set up as a tool to sharpen your WISDOM. If you don’t learn the Lesson, you will be keep suffering.

It’s time for you to stop asking  “Why is it happening with me again and again?”

And start asking “What is the WISDOM that I have to learn?”

And “How can I start my Journey from Success to Success?”

Once you find your REASON and learn your WISDOM, your journey will become a Magical Adventure from Success to Success.

Go ahead Live Your Magical Life.


Love & Gratitude,

Awesome AJ

Law of Attraction Coach & Motivational Speaker

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