How to Deal with Guilt and Start Living a Great Life

How to Deal with Guilt and Start Living a Great Life

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How do you feel most of the time? Guilty or Great.

You must be thinking that there are many other feelings I have which are neither Guilt nor Great.

Yes, you are right, you have many other feelings. But most of the time you feel either negative or positive. There is no neutral state.

Either you feel guilty, sad, angry, frustrated, depressed, lonely, negative or you feel great, excited, happy, blissful, loved, positive.

Beneath it all, feeling guilty or great are the two emotions that dictate everything in your life.

Most people are living with the feeling of guilt. And this feeling of guilt is much more dangerous than anything else in life. Because it causes much more damage than anything else.

Why are you feeling guilty?

When you feel guilty, you feel unhappy with yourself. And this feeling makes you feel like a loser; even at times, it may make you hate yourself.

If this state feeling of guilt stays with you for long, you try to cope with by finding an escape from it. In this process, either you start hating others, get angry with them and make them responsible for all your problems. In the worst case, you may get addicted to alcohol, drugs or other intoxicants to escape from it. But eventually, everything starts eating your life like a virus.

You know the Law of Attraction and you know that ‘Wherever you focus on, it expands.’

So if your focus is on guilt then you will have more such situation that will make you feel more guilty.

Now you must be thinking, “I don’t want to feel guilty but what about all the mistakes I have done?”

Yes, you have asked the right question.

Why are so many people feeling guilty?

The big reason is that they make mistakes in life.

Well, who don’t?

Everyone makes mistakes. Successful or failure, rich or poor, single or committed, happily married or divorced, spiritual or atheist, everyone makes mistakes in their life. Everyone take decisions at some point in life that makes him or her feel miserable. Everyone trusts someone who betrays them. Everyone follow a dream that may not goes right. Everyone struggles to be who they actually want to become.

What differentiates the person who becomes Happy, Successful and Abundant from all others are that he or she who focuses less on the mistakes made. Hence they feel less guilty and more good about their life. As they feel better they attract more goodness into their life.

What others do, they keep carrying these negative feelings. They keep feeling guilty about their past. They keep feeling guilty about the mistakes they are making. And by doing so, they do the same mistakes again and again. Because their life gets consumed with more and more negative feelings, there is no place to do anything positive. With so much of guilt and negativity, how can their life become positive?

How to overcome the feeling of guilt?

If you are feeling guilty about your past mistakes, about some past decisions, about some adventure you followed, about some relationships in the past or even broke because of you, then it’s time to Forgive yourself. You must know that it’s OK to make mistakes. It’s ok to be human. But learn from your mistakes and focus on the positive opportunities in life.

If you are blind with the feeling of guilty then how can you explore the Greatness waiting within you?

Stop Feeling Guilty and Start Changing Your Life

If you are feeling guilty for not keeping good health and not following healthy habits, then stop feeling guilty and start following good health with baby steps.

If you have made many career decisions that went wrong then stop feeling guilty about it and get up and see the new sunshine waiting for you.

If you are feeling guilty for breaking relationships then stop feeling guilty and start focusing on building positive and meaningful relationships for a lifetime.

If you are working on a job or business which is not progressing and you feel stuck? And you are feeling guilty about it then stop feeling guilty and ask yourself ‘what can I do so that my life will start moving forward?’

If you are working on a dream for years but not seeing any result and many times you feel like giving up. If this makes you feel guilty because your efforts are not showing results then see the possibilities waiting for you. Regain your energy and focus on exploring what makes you great. If you are doing the right thing then stop feeling guilty and start feeling great for the success waiting for you.

Guilt is a toxic emotion. When you release guilt from your heart you will see all the great things waiting for you. You must understand that if you have already done some mistakes in past then feeling guilty about it is not going to change anything. And carrying guilt further certainly spoil your present and future.

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Forgiveness is the Key to overcoming guilt

Remember that only when you forgive yourself for all the wrong things that you have done and when you will be ready to let go of all the pain in your soul, you will be able to see the rising sun of possibilities on the horizon.

Know that ‘Every warrior was once weak. Every saint was once a sinner. Every rich family was once poor. Every happy man was once sad. Every successful story was once an epic tale of failure.’

When you remember this you know that ‘Guilt is not the fuel that can drive you towards your destination but it is the brake that keeps you stuck in the past.’

If you want to reach your destination, if you want to live a legendary life and if you want to explore the treasure of life, then throw away these feelings of guilt and get ready with the feelings of greatness within you.

Awesome Action Plan to Overcome the Feeling of Guilty

#1. Introspect Your Past and Find the Mistakes that make you feel guilty.

#2. Remind yourself that past mistakes are not your baggage to carry but your learning lesson.

#3. Forgive yourself for all the past mistakes because ‘Forgiveness is the key to forwarding movement in life.’

#4. Remember the Law of Attraction, ‘Whatever you focus on, it will expand.’ So do not focus on guilt because that will attract more situations to feel guilty. Focus on feeling happy, positive and great and you will attract more goodness in your life.

#5. Be grateful for all the good things in life including all the lessons you learned. When you practice gratitude, great opportunities will flood in your life.

Once you reprogram yourself with Great feelings, your Grand adventure will give you the life you desire.

Burn all your guilt now, forgive yourself and attract Greatness into your life.

Love & Gratitude,

Awesome AJ

Law of Attraction Coach & Motivational Speaker

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  2. Thanks a lot awesome AJ. This stuff is commendable. Your approach towards these critical aspects of life not only motivates but forces a person to actually live in present which we can carve out for a brighter future.
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  3. Elizabeth Littrell

    Great advice. I find myself looking forward to your morning email with such joy! Thank you, the love you put out into the universe travels far!

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