How to Follow Your Dreams? The Door Way To Your Bliss

How to Follow Your Dreams? The Door Way To Your Bliss

Follow Your Dreams

You know life is a journey but how often you walk on the path to find your bliss. You know finding your bliss is only possible when you Follow Your Dreams.

Then the question is “Are you following your dreams?”

If your answer is YES, then you are on the journey to find your bliss and uncover the treasure of life. Don’t stop until you find them.

But if your answer is NO, then you must take a pause and ask yourself “Why am I not following my dreams?

There may be one of these two reasons.

–  One, you don’t have enough courage to follow your dreams.

–  Two, you don’t know what are your dreams.

1. You Need Faith to Follow Your Dreams

If you don’t have enough courage to follow your dreams, it means you are getting paralyzed with FEAR. Maybe Fear of failure is stopping you. Or you have been telling the story that you don’t have enough time, money and resources.

If you are getting paralyzed with fear, then you must know that it’s an illusion, you have in your mind. You must let go of all your fear and worries to start your journey.

When your mind is full of fears, doubts, and worries, you lose all your faith. Faith in yourself, faith in your ability to overcome obstacles, faith in the Universe for helping you on your journey.

Faith is the antidote to your fear. Have faith in yourself because you are the magical creation of God. Have faith that you have an infinite power to overcome any challenges and obstacles. Have faith that the Universe is making all the arrangements for you to achieve your dreams.

Also, remember ‘the Universe wants you to follow your dreams.” It doesn’t mean that there won’t be any challenges or obstacles. There will be challenges and obstacles for sure. Because from time to time they will show up to test the strength of your faith.

If you truly can hold your faith high, then impossible things will become possible.

Like it is written in the scriptures…

Let the weak say “I am Strong.”

Let the poor say “I am Rich.”

Let the blind say “I can see.”

These are the powerful examples of how faith can move mountains. If you bestowed your faith in yourself and the Universe, you can go beyond all impossible things to create new possibilities.

Your Faith is Your Fortune

Whenever Fear starts paralyzing you, know that your faith is your antidote.

Say yourself loud “My Faith is My Fortune” and moves forward in the direction of your dreams.

When you move forward with your faith, you will see a ray of light even in darkness. You will witness rain in the desert and you will find friends in a stranger’s land. With your faith the possibilities are endless.

Even if you have some fears but you know what are your dreams then you are still far ahead than the people who haven’t found their dreams yet.

You need to only strengthen your faith to remove your fear. Because Your Faith is Your Fortune. And in the journey of following your dreams, your faith is your fuel that keeps you going even on the most difficult roads.

But if you don’t know ‘what are your dreams’ then first you have to find them.

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2. To Follow Your Dreams, You Must Find Them

If you don’t know what are your dreams then you are too confused or too comfortable in life.

Yes, you are so confused that you don’t want to find what you really desire. Or you have become so comfortable that you don’t really want to go for any adventure.

If you don’t know your dreams then you must learn ‘how to listen to your heart.’  You must take the time to find what excites you. You must find what makes you feel passionate 24×7.

If you are not able to find your passion then…

– Either you are too fascinated by other’s life.

– Or you are too pressurized by people around you that you have no time to think about your life.

Now is the time, when you must disconnect yourself from other’s pressure and fascination, and ask yourself…

“What is that makes me feel alive?”

“What is that keeps me excited all day and night?”

“What is that  I can do every day without worrying about time, money and responsibilities?”

If you find the WHAT that can keep you blissful without worrying about the name, fame, and fortune then that is your ANSWER. That is your PASSION. It’s time for you to explore WHO you want to be by living your passion. You have to create a passionate picture of your dream life.

Break your confused or comfortable habits to create a new you.  And start building ‘A New You,’ who must have a compelling vision of the magnificent future and an absolute commitment to build it.

Once you open yourself to new possibilities then new doors will open. That’s when the Universe will whisper in your heart that “It’s Possible to Achieve Your Dreams.”

Also, you will face a lot of fear, difficulties, and obstacles on the journey further, know that those obstacles are secondary. Finding your dreams is the primary goal.

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Are you ready to follow your dreams?

Once you find your passion and build your faith, here is the Keys to Continue on the Journey

If you are ready to follow your dreams and having absolute faith in your heart then share it in the comment section below. I would love to hear from you.

Life is a Journey not to stop but to keep going and keep exploring. You must have magical dreams so that your journey will continue with more magic, happiness, love, joy, and adventure.

And the Right Time to Start Following Your Dreams is NOW.

Always remember, “Your Faith is your Fortune and only when you Follow Your Dreams you will open the Door Way to Your Bliss.”


Love & Gratitude,

Awesome AJ

Law of Attraction Coach & Motivational Speaker

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    Thank u so much sir.

  2. OH YES!!!! I would love to hear from you. Your teachings have been great boosters in my life. i have been trying to manifest my dream job for close to 13yrs now to no avail and it seem God has jus kept mute about it. Your teachings have opened my eye to seeing what i was to do all these while. im so excited and grateful for these revelations that have always been before that i was blind to. I am already attracting positive behaviours from people around me and their responses to me is amazing especially from those that have belittled me before. I am so grateful. Thank you so much.God bless you for your good work

  3. Rajanikant Bhalchandra Khedekar.

    Yes Iam ready to follow mydreams having faith in my heart. My faith is my Fortune.
    Thank you thank you thank you.

  4. Yes yes yes aj..zillion percent faith universe and mostly on you AJ I desire to achieve all my dreams and goalsThank you for one more wonderful article

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