Choose Endless Hope Over A Hopeless End

Choose Endless Hope Over A Hopeless End

Choose endless hope over hopeless end.

Life is a Magnificent Adventure but every adventure has its own ups and down. And life has its ups and downs too. However, there is something strange about this adventure called Life.

The strange thing about life is that there is no fixed number of ups and downs. And how many ups and downs you have always depend on YOU. Unlike an adventure on a mountain that presents you an up after every down and a down after every up, life doesn’t work like that.

You can have many ups one after the another or many downs in a series. But when you don’t understand life well you feel like lost in this adventure. As you started going down after down you feel overwhelmed.

You experience emotional downs, mental downs, financial downs, physical downs. And you wonder “am I the most unfortunate person on earth?” “why am I facing all this?”

If this is what happens in your life then you must have reached a point where you feel like there is no way further. And in all such moment, you gave up on the last thing that you have ‘Hope.’ Yes, hope is the only thing that can keep you going in spite all your difficulties and downs in life. But the moment you start giving up on hope is the moment everything stop moving. That’s what know as a Hopeless End.

Heading for a Hopeless End

When you reach a hopeless end there is no more desires or dreams to take your life back. There is no mood to see the sunshine after the dark nights. There are no possibilities of light at the end of the tunnel. Because you stuck yourself in a dark place and have no hope for light anymore.

But your life’s adventure is not like a physical adventure on a mountain but it’s an adventure within. And this adventure is defined by how you think and feel every moment of the Journey.

Law of Attraction is working for you

Everything in your life governs by the Universal Law of Attraction. This law of attraction is always responding to the thoughts in your mind and feelings in your heart.

You can have a magical adventure with success, happiness, and abundance if your thoughts and feelings are positive and happy. But if your thoughts and feelings are negative and sad then you will have more difficulties in life.

It means you are attracting your Ups and Downs in your life as a Magnet.

You may also be knowing that you are the magnet. You may also believe that you are the creator of your destiny. But you may be thinking “How can I feel positive when I am going through so much of difficulties?”

Well, the answer is HOPE.

Choose Endless Hope

Hope is the light at the end of the tunnel.

Hope is the blinking star when you lost your path.

Hope is the lighthouse when your ship lost in the storm.

Hope is the vitamin that can let your dying soul move ahead in spite of difficulty.

Hope is the only power that can give you the strength to fight a terminal disease.

Hope is the only thing that can keep you strong even when your heart is broken.

When you desire to change your life, when you determine to create a magical life, when you ready to move mountains, you need to have Hope. And not just HOPE for a moment or two but have ENDLESS HOPE until you see Sunshine after the dark night.

When you choose ENDLESS HOPE, your life will change phenomenally.

When you choose ENDLESS HOPE, your mind will fill with positive thoughts.

When you choose ENDLESS HOPE, your heart sing with feelings of unlimited possibilities.

No matter where you are, whether you are in ups or downs in life or in between, choose HOPE.

Be the creator of your Destiny and choose ENDLESS HOPE over hopeless end.

The Universe


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9 thoughts on “Choose Endless Hope Over A Hopeless End”

  1. Hi Ajay,
    For me hope has caused so much frustration. How to avoid that? What is the difference (subtle one) between expectation and hope?

  2. Thanks Ajay, for giving me this HOPE. Yes, the Universe is working always and is responding. I agree and I believe that. I understand. You did it. Thank you Thank you Thank you.

    A Zillion Thanks,

  3. Lakshmi Narayanan

    Thank u aj….ur words are very powerful…n inspiring!!
    I’m happy n grateful that u r my mentor!! Thanks to Universe…..

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