MONEY Is Not The Most Important Thing for Success

MONEY Is Not The Most Important Thing for Success

Time and again Money considered to be the No # 1 hurdle for success. You must have heard this one; Lack of Money is the most effective justifications of all. So many people give this justification that because they don’t have money that is why they are not following their dreams. Also many attribute the lack of money as the cause of procrastination. And especially at times failure “Lack of Money” become the No#1 Reason. And many people buy it as well. If you also believe the same then you must watch this video.

Money is not the most important thing for success

Though MONEY seems to be the No#1 thing to become successful, that’s NOT TRUE. It might convince you for some time but close evaluation indicates something else. Therefore, I strongly believe that Money is NOT the most important thing for success. Those who believe that Money is the primary obstacle, give a break. Get out of that illusion. It’s a completely false case against your chance of success.

Yes, it’s absolutely true that Money is one of the important resources among all but it’s not the only reason for not following your dream.

You must have seen or known many who do have enough money to pursue their dreams but they don’t. You must have heard many stories where people got all the resources, including money but they still fail because they could not take it in the right direction. And you also have seen people without any resources get success after success. You must wonder how?

Motivation is more important than Money

When you are motivated, you have the right mindset, you have that drive to follow your dream, create something for yourself that is worth creating, pursue your dream with a vision that when you arrange all the resources, including Money. Now, the scenario is such, you will get all the resources, but what you do not get is MOTIVATION, the DRIVE, the MINDSET. Because all these things are internal, you have to nurture it by yourself and you have to keep it in continuation so that you will be able to achieve whatever you want to achieve.

When you are full of Motivation, you will do whatever it takes to fulfill your dreams. Without that it’s nothing. So do not fool yourself with these excuses. You have much better ways to realize your dreams.

Recently we have published one Law of Attraction Success Story, where a girl from Delhi wanted to become an entrepreneur and started her own business. And she achieved success without money, without any contact. What made her a winner was her single-minded focus on her dream. She was so affirmative about her dream project that she was only working on that ‘day and night’ without bothering about anything. She was struggling with various resources like money, projects, connections, office space etc. But her believe in herself and right mindset land her in a place where all her wishes got fulfilled like a miracle.

So anything and everything is possible if you set your intention right.

To your prosperity,

Awesome AJ

Law of Attraction Coach & Motivational Speaker

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