Take Responsibility for Your Failure and Become The Creator of Your Success

Take Responsibility for Your Failure and Become The Creator of Your Success

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Message From The Universe For You

A man can create his own destiny.

You are the divine creation on this earth. And you have been given all the power to live the life of your dreams. But living your dreams is not a coincidence, its a process to align your mind and soul with your action to go on the journey until you reach your destination.

On this journey of life, you will find joy and sorrow, you will find support and obstacles, and you achieved success and failure. But every time you find happiness or success you feel great but most of the time when you come face to face with adversity, you want to run away or blame others for the same.

Many people make their parents, partner, family, friends, employer, and society responsible, for their failure. While doing so they don’t own the responsibility and dump it on someone else. It may give you a moment of satisfaction that you are not responsible for your failure but someone else it. There are people who spend their life making other people responsible for every misadventure of life and project themselves as a victim of destiny.

If you are doing the same, whether you blame others or situations for all the failure of your life or you put responsibility for some of them on others, no matter what you do, I have one question for you: “Is it going to give you happiness and the success you desire?”

Certainly, the answer is NO.

But still many people do it and become so habituated that they keep telling the story of their misery to others again and again.

I must tell, if you have even tiniest of desire to live with happiness and success then own responsibility for your life. Take 100% responsibility for even 1% failure of your life.

You must be thinking “why should I take responsibility for others misdeed?”

Every situation and every person you have in life are what you have attracted to you. Sometimes you do it consciously and sometimes unconsciously. But the true transformation happened when you understand that you are living like a magnet in this universe and the law of attraction is sending you everything you are asking without failing.

While taking ownership of all your failure you may feel like a loser who have made all the mistakes to create this misery, but that’s not the wisdom that I want you to remember.

When I asked you to take 100% responsibility for your life, I want you to see the true wisdom of life and that is:

When you accept that you are the creator of your pain, misery and failure then only you can believe that you are the only creator of your success, happiness, and abundance.

When you make others responsible for your failure then unconsciously you wait for their permission and action to make you happy and successful also.

But when the shift happened and you take 100% responsibility for even 1% of your failure, that’s when you know that you are the 100% creator of your dreams and happiness.

Now is the time when you stop blaming others and situations but resolve to start a journey of your own. Now is the time when you must take yourself to a level where you know that you are the architect of your dreams.

Take 100% responsibility for your life and become the creator of your dreams.

The Universe

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14 thoughts on “Take Responsibility for Your Failure and Become The Creator of Your Success”

  1. Dear Sir, I would like to ask you if you have yet not received the payment for the course?Actually it is the first time I am dealing with payumoney so i am not very sure how it works.Thank you Ruchi Ph.D student National Institute for Research in Reproductive Health Mumbai

  2. hi aj… I have recorded affirmations which u have give 20of them in my own voice and i listen to them. Each is repeated 10 times. Bt whenever go to listen it i am awake for first few bt aftet that i go to sleep.. What i can do for dat? Is it okay if i sleep in between. Shall i reduce no of affirmations? M taking affirmations dailu from last 2 weeks. Need ur suggestion. Thank you..

    1. Madhavi, thank you for asking this question. Even if you fall asleep while listening it’s totally fine, coz only your conscious mind fall asleep not the sub-conscious one. So listen even after falling asleep is still powerful.

  3. really awesome AJ.. Its true and surely I will take responsibility of my failures to make my life more successful and full of happiness. Thank you thank you thank you a lot…

  4. Sir thank you so much for ur teachings…. I feel thanks is a very small word to be grateful to you… Lots of magic dust shower on you sir.

  5. awesome aj i had very strong fear inside me but it is not now when somebody helped me and also getting alot of motivation when i started this free course.my question is that can u help me take me out of hopelessness of anything inside me like in studies and also in life??

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